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Bikecentennial - 1976, Trans - America - Trail

A 4,250 miles, 6,838 kilometers, bike-ride from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia.

Bikecentennial the grandest touring event in the history of the bicycle.

More than 4.000 bicyclists from around the world took part in this majestic journey
to inaugurate the TRANS - AMERICA - TRAIL during the summer of 1976,
the 200th anniversary of American Independence
and the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the bicycle to the United States of America.

This gallery is a little photo-impression, mainly black and white scanned pictures, of the trip,
taken part by 5 persons (Mart Versluys, Aad Wolvers, Fia van Rijn, Marion Sprünken en Marjan
Schavemaker) inhabitants of a little town Warmond, near Leiden in The Netherlands.
more biketrips:
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Bikecentennial badge TAT 1976 The trail De Volkskrant
g12/14/415814/3/170365149.yf2fJpCo.jpg Map of the trail g1/14/415814/3/110058574.i5k4KPRL.jpg g3/14/415814/3/110058575.o8lfg78X.jpg
g1/14/415814/3/110058576.sAQzr7U0.jpg Bikecentennial Trip Confirmation   1901 g12/14/415814/3/170365161.pZoTg5sd.jpg g4/14/415814/3/138031911.7zCZH27Y.jpg
g4/14/415814/3/91646611.j74PdSM6.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365163.WHZYx37p.jpg A souvenir g12/14/415814/3/170365151.NhIRMUw2.jpg
g12/14/415814/3/170365150.4vbAYWlM.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365162.U6sj5FnM.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365165.0VaXC1DL.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365164.XrXuWb1r.jpg
g12/14/415814/3/170365153.e7Byx659.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365154.lpr02vGo.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365155.rqky91YN.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365156.TYjhyWab.jpg
g12/14/415814/3/170365157.i7bRpMu0.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365158.qgYas0ns.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365159.Md6ulK6W.jpg g12/14/415814/3/170365160.JKPYryYZ.jpg
Ach mijn lieffie... , vertrek van Schiphol Peeling potatoes/Piepers jassen! Sycamorestreet The final check!
Fia en Marjan Fia is starting her diary Start from the Sycamore St. Somerville, Massachusetts Aad
Aad Eight miles to Amsterdam g4/14/415814/3/91646628.xJHa0sgC.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646629.TqvFTY8B.jpg
Enjoying the American hospitality g1/14/415814/3/109899460.LmJLudz5.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646631.HBV3WnEy.jpg Fort Stanwix, Rome, NY
One of the many logtrucks Another puncture, Wolvers! Mart Versluys, Aad Wolvers  en Fia van Rijn Mart Versluys, Aad Wolvers  and  Fia van Rijn with June Haskell
Bike troubles Niagara Falls 24 hour restaurant g3/14/415814/3/91646640.WQFZTErf.jpg
That's the result! Heading for the top Portland, start of the  Bikecentennialtrail Getting ready! Just met up with Marion, who flew in later
From this old schoolbuilding the trip started Marion Aad Where did these two guys go!!
Fia Marjan Aad, Fia, Marion and Mart having breakfast Fried eggs and wet shoes
g4/14/415814/3/91646612.vEoHqX4X.jpg A real good breakfast That's how we parked our bikes Exercise, man!
g4/14/415814/3/91646638.xEZqqO2q.jpg Aad g4/14/415814/3/91646632.p5ggAMRr.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646639.ZwaWhUqm.jpg
Oregon State Park Aad Wolvers frying an egg No idea what we were eating!! Sticky stuff! g3/14/415814/3/110018294.aF69USrn.jpg
g9/14/415814/3/110018288.WH2nN5bY.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646624.vktBOVBy.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646622.8eDizCjV.jpg The first hills in Oregon
Time for a break Aad Wolvers and  Mart Versluys in Oregon g3/14/415814/3/110020775.1ddnRLjm.jpg g3/14/415814/3/110020772.ATRe2vhC.jpg
g1/14/415814/3/110020766.zus8OBLR.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110053612.KALUj2rw.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110053611.hrdUXn2U.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110053610.0Io7N4TX.jpg
Cowboys Be careful, bikes on the road! We slept in this barn, owned by a couple from Friesland, the Netherlands. Wyoming Truck
A ghosttown Coffeehouse Drying the tent A ghosttown
Bikecentennial hydrant General store A flat tyre A long way to go
Bike route sign Bike route g3/14/415814/3/31624705.a1hGwqte.jpg Boxturtle on my front-pannier
Yellowstone Nat. Park g9/14/415814/3/164217791.oDvoSdug.jpg Yellowstonepark g1/14/415814/3/109862180.IJISmlsR.jpg
Yellowstone Skeleton and Bitterroot in Yellowstonepark g3/14/415814/3/110022231.t4FTpmgw.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110022229.0soNlJLK.jpg
g1/14/415814/3/110022227.Cp74T9GM.jpg Fountain paint pots Geysers Geysers
Geysers Geysers g1/14/415814/3/110022213.0CJeuCi8.jpg g3/14/415814/3/31624774.er66Njz7.jpg
Bison Yellowstone bison Dit was een hert Thirsty
Continentel Devide A real good spot to pitch the tent Along the road Grand Tetons
g9/14/415814/3/164217792.MfKJkPRt.jpg Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park  Mart Versluys en Marjan Schavemaker
g3/14/415814/3/110022584.03OqNjLn.jpg g3/14/415814/3/110022578.3B4AMAdd.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110022238.06RJgN7H.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110022236.iw1p8TaS.jpg
g1/14/415814/3/110022234.OUCW2o6M.jpg Lake Solitude Snow in the Grand Teton Mountains Bike Centennial
Snake river Snake river g1/14/415814/3/110053613.f1Jl67sf.jpg Ferryboat to Illinois
Gravelroad Louie Schultz Hoosier Pass, elevation 11.542 feet Keep America clean !
g3/14/415814/3/31624722.mkjY6Pjp.jpg Kansas, Midway, USA Last hill today Dragonfly
Locomotief  Bikecentennialbike Alcyon-Bikecentennialbike Lower Blacktail Rescue Creek Al Good's General Store
Mart Versluys on a dirtroad Je bent er een van de melkboer of niet! Wyoming Big Skies Mart through the cornfields
What are you doing with that broom! Hold my bike! Op weg naar een achtertuin/Looking for a camping Ranch
Tobacco shed Tobacco shed g3/14/415814/3/31624760.8Ui0nOmi.jpg This lady offered coffee and tea for the cyclists
Watch out for bicycles with brooms! We camped behind that church Let's air the tent! Welcome to Idaho
Welcome bikers in Kansas g3/14/415814/3/109896890.5yMxUVuQ.jpg Wyoming Badlands Wyoming Badlands
Wyoming, Big Skies g3/14/415814/3/31624769.nUi5AeRn.jpg g3/14/415814/3/110054826.28Kv9XEX.jpg Lubricating the chain
g1/14/415814/3/110054828.CGUyb11S.jpg g1/14/415814/3/110054830.IlZ5dpfd.jpg Just over the top! g1/14/415814/3/110054831.WNC7e2ov.jpg
Boxturtle Boxturtle g1/14/415814/3/110054836.A0aotFW8.jpg g3/14/415814/3/110054837.m63eQSCf.jpg
g3/14/415814/3/110054835.WLzc0bqD.jpg Blue Ridge Pky Cricket The finish, the Atlantic, Yorktown
g9/14/415814/3/150888616.JO1yzhcJ.jpg g4/14/415814/3/91646618.ne383Faq.jpg 40 years Derek Jennings, since 1947 member of The Becontree Wheelers
Bikecentennial sign nowadays Pics of short biketrips
:: Pics of short biketrips ::
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