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Tracing Your DNA, OLLI USF

Instructor: David Boyett
Topic: Tracing Your DNA: The Amazing Journey of Your Ancestors
Location: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, USF, NEC

What are the 4 Types DNA? | Genetic Genealogy Explained by Andy Lee

YDNA: STRs and SNPs – Are STR Markers Still Useful for Y DNA? by Roberta Estes, Dec 3, 2021

Ancient DNA:,0
SNP Tracker:
FTDNA Public Haplotree:
FTDNA Haplotree about:

BIGY Testing:
FTDNA, 2022, BigY, The Tree of Mankind Age Estimates
Janine Cloud, 2021, Family Tree DNA
Understanding Haplotree, SNP's and Branches, FTDNA BigY:
FTDNA BigY Help Pages:

FTDNA: Info Updates:

Title: Using BigY SNP Testing & STRs to enhance a genetic genealogy research project.
John Cleary 2016 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

DNA and Genetic Genealogy:

An Introduction to Family Tree DNA - A Segment of DNA, By Family History Fanatics (Family History Fanatics, excellent and updated)

BigY Results & Matching Guide:

Ancestry Autosomal DNA:

DNA Testing Labs:
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA): (all types of DNA testing and YDNA Projects)
Ancestry: (Autosomal Testing, Family Trees and Records)
23andMe: (Autosomal and Health)

Types of testing:
YDNA37: Standard testing for Male Surname Testing
Most Advanced YDNA Haplogroup SNP (Big Y Test, Family Tree DNA) YDNA Haplotree
mtDNA FGS: Female Full Genomic Sequence Test
Autosomal: Chip Based Male/Female Chromosome Test

Big Y Test (SNP Testing), Always check with project admin prior to ordering test

International Society of Genetic Genealogy: See “For Newbies” Link

FTDNA, Glossary of Terms, Books and Videos:

YDNA Migration Map:
YDNA NatGeo Map:

Family Finder and Population Finder (FTDNA):

User Guide, Handbook and Webinars:

I Have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy Test, Now What?

GEDmatch: Autosomal Tools

Autosomal Raw Data Transfer:
Transfer your raw data to Gedmatch:
Updated link 2019:

Autosomal DNA transfer from Ancestry, 23andMe or Family Tree DNA to GEDmatch
Create a free GEDmatch account:
Follow upload instruction for your DNA data file.

Family Finder Autosomal DNA:

X Chromosome (found in the Autosomal DNA test, how to locate source of this X):
OLLI, USF, Tampa
OLLI, USF, Tampa
YDNA Mirgration Map FTDNA
YDNA Mirgration Map FTDNA
MTDNA Migration Map FTDNA
MTDNA Migration Map FTDNA