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Ballard DNA Surname Project

FTDNA RootsTech 2023:

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If you are a Ballard male or think you may descend from a Ballard male, a YDNA can confirm your direct male line as YDNA is passed from father to son only. The advanced BigY is the best test, but lower resolution testing is also an option.

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BigY Group Tree: (select your group/s on the left)

August 2023: Select GlobeTrekker in Discover Reports.
Globetrekker estimates geographical ancestor locations and migrations across the world based on the largest database of high-coverage Y-DNA sequences, ancient DNA results from archaeological remains, and user-reported ancestral locations.

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The New Globetrekker Feature Will Also Use Earliest Known Ancestor Locations
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New for 2023, Ballard BigY Group Tree: (best on computer monitor, select full screen)
2023: PLEASE READ Advances in YDNA Testing (BigY SNP Testing):
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(Best test is BigY Y700, only males have YDNA) YDNA Testing since 2004 (US,UK, AU, CA)
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Facebook: Ballard Family History and Genealogy

June 2022: The Ballard project continues to grow with 285 members and 15 different unrelated YDNA lines. Of the 15 groups, 6 share a distant (back thousands of years) common ancestor in the Haplogroup R1b. R1b is the most common group for all surnames from England, Ireland and Scotland (British Isles). The other group is Haplogroup I2a. Each group has taken additional testing to confirm deep history back to Anglo, Saxon, Viking and other early tribes. We also have some families with Haplogroup F (now known as H2) that goes back from the Virginia Colony to England and perhaps France.

NC Land Patent Database:
IOW/Nansemond Patent Map: (Map Located below "This file is huge")

DNA Surname Project: Training Guides
Project Results:
NOTE: Due to recent security changes only project members who are logged in can see ALL of the test results.

Ballard, Balard, Ballarde, Bellard, Billard, Billiard, Bolard, Bollard, Bolyard, Boulard, Bullard, Ballord
Please let me know if you have additional spellings for the Ballard/Bullard surname
Ballard's of Virginia:

Vintage Ballard Book Extracts:
Virginia Colony Ballards:
Bullard: (Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA) abt 1639
William Ballard Families of Monroe, Co, WV:;view=1up;seq=1

Other Ballard DNA Surname Project Pages:
Family Tree DNA:

Ballard Message Board:
Allied Families: Boyett, Langston, Hooks, Howell Family DNA Surname Projects from the Virgina Colony 1600ís Namsemond Co VA
UK DNA Map Anglo Saxon Briton Ireland
UK DNA Map Anglo Saxon Briton Ireland
R-M269 Haplotree, All Ballard Groups that start at R1b SNP M269
R-M269 Haplotree, All Ballard Groups that start at R1b SNP M269
Ballard DNA Lineage I
:: Ballard DNA Lineage I ::
Ballard DNA Lineage II
:: Ballard DNA Lineage II ::
Ballard DNA Lineage III
:: Ballard DNA Lineage III ::
Ballard DNA Lineage IV
:: Ballard DNA Lineage IV ::
Bullard DNA Lineage V
:: Bullard DNA Lineage V ::
Ballard DNA Lineage VI (UK)
:: Ballard DNA Lineage VI (UK) ::
Ballard DNA Lineage VII
:: Ballard DNA Lineage VII ::
Bullard DNA Lineage VIII
:: Bullard DNA Lineage VIII ::
 Ballard DNA Lineage IX
::  Ballard DNA Lineage IX ::
 Bullard DNA Lineage X
::  Bullard DNA Lineage X ::
Ballard DNA Lineage XI
:: Ballard DNA Lineage XI ::
Ballard DNA Lineage XII (UK)
:: Ballard DNA Lineage XII (UK) ::
Ballard DNA Lineage XIII
:: Ballard DNA Lineage XIII ::
Ballard DNA Lineage XIV (UK)
:: Ballard DNA Lineage XIV (UK) ::
Ballard DNA Lineage XV
:: Ballard DNA Lineage XV ::
Ballard Lineage XVI - UK
:: Ballard Lineage XVI - UK ::
Ballard DNA Lineage Other
:: Ballard DNA Lineage Other ::
Ballard Lineage XVII
:: Ballard Lineage XVII ::
Ballard Family Documents
:: Ballard Family Documents ::
DNA Surname Project: Training Guides
DNA Surname Project: Training Guides