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Christopher Wheeler | profile | all galleries >> New York City >> New York City Anti-War Protest Marches >> Anti-War Signs from 2003 and 2004 New York City Protest Marches tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Anti-War Signs from 2003 and 2004 New York City Protest Marches

Ron Moron No Gulf War Kerry Sucks Less Bush Can Kiss My Black Ass!!!
Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Ashcroft as Pinnochios Halliburton War Criminal.jpg War Is Like Pouring Gas On Fire.jpg
The Real Terrorist Here Lies Bush Two Turds Flush Both [Naked Bush]
Make Love Not War Wanted For Mass Murder Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492 Mr Bush, You Owe The People Of Iraq An Apology.  Signed, Kathy From Brooklyn
Debt?  What Debt? Bush Is A Bad Public Speaker Stay Gone You Horrid Little Man Repent Neocon Scum
The Only Bombs We Should Be Dropping Are The Ones In Our Diapers! [Fuck You] & The Pachyderms Your Rode In On Impeach All The Rotten Bastards And Jail The Bush Crime Family Drunken Frat Boy Drives Country Into Ditch
Bush Pull Out Your Father Should Have.jpg Liar Liar Iraq On Fire W, We Cant Stand U Fucking Us Up For 4 More Years Yee-Ha Is Not A Foreign Policy
Bush Is A Punk Ass Chump [Banana] Republic No War Just Conversation Bushie Farts Smell Like Oil
Corporate US Flag.jpg Go Back To Drinking... Wow I Really DO Feel Safer If I Only Had A Brain
Lets Solve The Real Intelligence Gap 14000 Dead -- Whos Pro-Life Now? I Really Really Really Hate Bush Al Qaeda Recruiter Of The Year
Go Back To Texas Cowboy We Dont Like Republicans No Blood For Oil Bring Our Children Home
Hate Lies Fear Hate Lies Fear (Looped!) Who Would Jesus Bomb? Eat My Shorts Bush Newly Poor ? Uninsured?  There's Always The Army.
Impeach The Idiot Lying Usurping Weasel We Won't Get Fooled Again