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Cheryl 14-Jun-2019 07:08
good to know. Thanks, John
Guest 21-Feb-2019 22:51
Sorry for not responding sooner.

I can understand that about Kelley. Jessie got like that eventually too.

John Fiedler26-Nov-2018 15:54
Thanks Cheryl. We are OK. Kelkley is just getting old and not wanting to hike. She prefers to lie in the yard and watch the world go by.
Cheryl 11-Nov-2018 22:10
no posts lately.
hope both you and Kelly are okay, John.

PAhippo from CD forum
John Fiedler13-Jul-2017 15:05
Me again - the pictures from yesterday are now in the hiking 2017 section
John Fiedler13-Jul-2017 14:42
Hi - it's John I was sending you to my blog thanks for info. others make comments on the pictures here and I get them as comments.
Clare Cole 13-Jul-2017 14:13
Hi Jim: we met yesterday at the City Forest. It was nice talking to you. My Facebook page regarding the Bangor City Forest is called "Flora and Fauna of Bangor City Forest". Is there a way to comment on some of you pictures? The purple one where you ask if it is a flower or weed is a wildflower called Selfheal. It is in the mint family.
John Fiedler22-Dec-2016 14:16
I was having pictures stolen to sell seeds. Got tired of the battle and just took them down. My visits dropped to a very low level.
Guest 20-Dec-2016 15:58
Hi John. Where have all the peppers gone, if I may ask. I miss them.
John Fiedler02-Apr-2014 10:59
Hi Gretta- It was hard for me being inactive too. Once I started hiking I found I had to rebuild my muscle strength but had no problem with the broken bone and it has been fine ever since. Good luck to you and get back out there.
Gretta McDermott 31-Mar-2014 14:22
You have inspired me to know that there is hiking after a broken ankle! Am into my third month of healing, and the slowness of this is driving me crazy........slowness and craziness both age-related, I'm sure! Spring is coming, dogs are restless, I long to be hiking, and will continue to enjoy your photos!
John Fiedler06-Sep-2013 22:27
Yes, you may Wendy. But I must tell you it is hard to identify from pictures as many are very similar. I will be glad to look though.

wendy 06-Sep-2013 17:30
Hi John, I came across your page in my quest to identify some peppers that I have grown. You seem to have quite the extensive knowledge of peppers and Im hoping you can help solve my mystery. May I email you some pictures of my peppers to see if you could help identify them? Thank you!! Wendy.
John Fiedler31-Jul-2013 23:34
Ciao Giuseppe-- you are welcome
Giuseppe 30-Jul-2013 07:26
Ciao John.
Ti ringrazio per i semi che mi hai inviato.
Sei stato molto gentile.
John Fiedler25-Apr-2013 00:04
Thank you E. Forby. I have sent you an email.
John Fiedler15-Mar-2013 12:48
Thank you Ralph. Not interested in selling anything- I enjoy them for themselves. I am on Facebook but post hiking pictures instead of peppers.
Ralph 13-Mar-2013 21:37
John, you are class act. Can't thank you enough for continuing providing us with photos and infos on your pepper plant success. You have a loyal person always appreciating what you do. You should start your own business. Facebook is a good marketing tool
John Fiedler14-Feb-2013 13:11
Thank you Joel
Joel Deckler 13-Feb-2013 16:55
I've said it before and I'll say it again[& in the future]; great photos.
John Fiedler01-Jan-2013 11:49
Thank you cor20d
Guest 31-Dec-2012 01:47
Beautiful work.Thanks for sharing!
John Fiedler19-Apr-2012 10:11
Thank you for your nice comments Alice
Alice Lennard 17-Apr-2012 12:12
John, came across your site and just what a wonderful collection of photos and chili species documents. I am only 'starting' to learn propagating & discovering the world of chillies. What I missed and so pleased with discovering your site. Thank you so much for all the information
John Fiedler12-Nov-2011 11:07
Thank you Kathy
Kathy 10-Nov-2011 12:35
John - Just went to your blog - beautiful pics, and that snake looks like it means business! Maine is gorgeous, and I miss it lots. Your peppers have been a hit in my family thanks for all you do.
Wishing you all the best,
John Fiedler27-Apr-2011 12:37
I sent you an email
Rande 26-Apr-2011 16:05
Hello John,
I landed upon your photos of the pepper flowers so was hoping you might be able to help me figure out what is growing in my garden. From NH, but this is our garden in Northern Florida. I have gobs and gobs of these plants that just sprung up earlier this Spring in my front gardens. Everyone says they are pepper plants. They are now starting to flower, but all the flowers are a rose-red color, which I did not see in your photos. Do you know if this is a specific pepper, and are you aware of "wild peppers". I have never planted peppers here (only been here for a year), so have no idea how they got here!

John Fiedler22-Mar-2011 15:32
Thanks for your comments. The blog is here
CherylI(PAhippo) 22-Mar-2011 00:28
don't know it it's my puter ot the website but found this instead of hiking pics. And I'm glad-well sort of. Still want to see the hiking pics-but you are a really really good photographer, and with a green thumb! Love the succulents.
John Fiedler18-Sep-2010 10:40
Thank you for your kind comments, Raul and a hug back to you.
Raul 17-Sep-2010 11:30
Congratulations on your beautiful collection of peppers, lots of photos and important information, like a lot and I'll be following all the changes,
A big hug from a friend who likes peppers.


Raul F M Neto

St. Vincent
OuvirLer foneticamente

Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado
John Fiedler09-Aug-2010 15:55
Hi Judy

I sent you the story in an email.
Judy 08-Aug-2010 23:07
I think you aare definitely back into your photography. How did you ever get into peppers? The most peppers I have ever seen have been in Thailand, Bhutan, and Burma. They cover their roofs with them.
John Fiedler28-Jun-2010 00:46

Thanks for your nice comments. The jalapeno I got from a pepper buddy who found it at a farmers market and gave it that name. It was late to mature and fairly hot. The extreme corking is, obviously, what sets it apart. I don't have extra seeds now but am growing it this year and may have some later.
John Fiedler19-Jun-2010 00:10
I grow too many varieties to try to isolate them all. Many times they come true without isolation but if I want to be sure I bring plants inside in the fall, strip them of pods and flowers, and let them produce pods inside away from wind and insects. I am not trading now but you may check with me this winter when I have more time. The giant rocoto was grown in one season but the plant was brought inside in fall and pods did not ripen until November--so, a long season.
Guest 18-Jun-2010 13:51
I noticed you grow your peppers in containers. Do you have any problem with cross-contamination? How do you protect your pure breeds so the bees don't create hybrids. Are you interested in seed swapping? That giant red rocoto you have is very impressive. How long did it take you to grow that one.
John Fiedler18-May-2010 18:43
If I want to add heat my favorites are jalapeno and serrano. There are several sweet peppers I like including the Hybrid Spanish Spice, Orange Bell, Super Shepherd, a Spanish frying pepper called Pimiento de Gernika, Kallman's Hungarian Tomato, Golden Treasure,etc. etc. They all have a nice flavor and most have thick flesh.
Guest 17-May-2010 13:03
What are your favorite culinary peppers?
John Fiedler13-May-2010 09:58
Yes, all the varieties are interesting to grow but not to eat. But I have plenty of takers for the peppers I grow but don't eat.
Guest 12-May-2010 21:37
Finally I have someone who I can talk reality with. It seems like everyone is so interested in growing Hot Pepper varieties like the Ghost Pepper that takes your head off its so hot. Whats the point? Hot peppers are a spice and intended to be ENJOYED. How can you enjoy a pepper that makes you suffer? I want varieties that compliment food and allow me to enjoy them. Yes I am growing several varieties this year. I have about three hundred growing under lights in my home. Its nice to her from you John.
John Fiedler10-May-2010 01:31
Hi Joel
I am growing some hot (mostly jalapeno and serrano varieties- I don't really like to eat the very hot ones and don't care for the flavor of the chinense ) and more sweet than usual- a lot of varieties from other countries. I have also cut back the numbers to save time. How about you?
Joel Crescentini 09-May-2010 00:18
Hi John,
Dont know if you remember me. We swapped seeds years ago as SSE Members. Are you stll growing Hot peppers this year?
John Fiedler29-Mar-2010 17:33
Thanks Dean. I like yours too-especially the Raptors and Owls Gallery
My Blog
Guest 29-Mar-2010 13:38
very nice site
John Fiedler24-Dec-2009 21:06
Hi Lyle

Thank you for your kind comments. It's nice to hear that the peppers are appreciated. Best wishes for the new year.

Lyle 22-Dec-2009 22:52
Hi John,

I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your pictures and pepper seeds (the last two years). As a teacher of grades 7-8 in a small school, I was able to get raised bed gardens started at our school. The pepper plants have been a special passion with many of the students that I can attribute directly to you. Many of my students have started their own gardens at their homes and mainly due to their excitement about peppers. I even overheard an 8th grade boy talking to another boy comment, "Wow, that is a beautiful Bhut Jolokia" as he walked past one that I had growing in the window at school. (Yes, we are very careful about the peppers!) You would be proud of the knowledge that some of by students have concerning peppers and it is all sparked by your generosity and passion. Great pictures and Merry Christmas. I miss your comments on Gardenweb. Lyle
Marylou Cassese 23-Oct-2009 17:29
Hi John,

Remember us? Rick and Marylou from Cape Cod....we met you and Kelley on top of Parkman Mountain in Acadia a couple of weeks ago....October 8th. We have two photos that we took of you and Kelley which came out great (!) and we would like them to e-mail to you, once you e-mail back....also, you took a photo of the two of us....our e-mail address is loved our encounter with you!
Greg Allen 05-Jun-2009 18:31
Hey John....Thanks for responding to my post on gardenweb in regard to Jolokia - Blistering leaves. I have sent you an email with pics and hope you can help as none of the local nuserys or Aig extension people seem to be well informed concerning peppers.
snake grower
John Fiedler25-May-2009 19:39
I sent you an email.

Rob 24-May-2009 21:21
Hi,i was given some some chilli seeds recently,they are scotch bonnet,cayenne and jalapeno.Please could you send me some tips on growing these,as i am more at home with hammers and spanners than compost and seeds..Many Thanks, Rob
Guest 14-Apr-2009 22:29
Thanks. As you know, I'm not knowledgeable about chiles; but I love browsing your photo galleries. The blossoms are remarkable. I've grown my share of the mundane bell peppers in my garden, but had no idea of the immense diversity of shapes, colors, growth habits, etc. that you document so well. Keep up the great work!
John Fiedler14-Apr-2009 22:21
Hi John

You are welcome. I enjoy your blog and your photography and hope others will too. here is a link to it
John Wright 14-Apr-2009 22:09
Hello John,
Thanks for your comment on my blog about the similarity between the hen's egg photo and the paper-like seed containers of some chile peppers. Thanks also for allowing me to post a link to this PBase gallery of yours.
Connie Stanton 09-Apr-2009 21:18
Hello John. I got here via indoor aphids. I hope you can help me. Unlike other people's aphids, mine are not near any indoor plants. Those tiny soldiers are taking over my bathroon, which has two large windows that do not open (new houses-yuck!) and my 2nd bedroom (also 2 large windows). I found one dead ladybug in another room. How does one use ladybugs nside? Of course, I do not want to use insectisides. I would very bmuch appreciate you advice.
Drewculous 18-Mar-2009 22:15
Nice, very nice!
Really cool collection!
Virgínia Alencar 26-Nov-2008 23:42
John Fiedler, voce nos inspira a colecionarmos mais e mais pimentas, devido as suas fotos de plantas, flores e pimentas que são muito lindas! Isso é um dom de Deus! Parabéns e sucesso para voce!
John Fiedler19-Nov-2008 00:21
Hi Kathleen

I'm glad they did well for you and appreciate the feedback.

David 01-Nov-2008 12:01
Hiya John really nice to look back on all the plants you have grown over the years,Truly a stunning collection of all the capsicum variety's and hopefully we can speak and do a trade at some point.Keep up the good work.

Dave (Talas)
John Fiedler10-Aug-2008 22:08
In general I just do the radical prune in the fall just before bringing them in. As you can see from the pictures I cut them back--both top and roots-- very severely. Ususally that is all that is required but some grow faster and if they get to leggy they get another prune-but just the tops and not as severely. I lose a few but most make it through the winter. I usually have them in the house at regular temperatures but last year I attempted an experiment to keep them much cooler--say in the 40's but it got below freezing in the garage and I was forced to bring them inside as I didn't have another place to hold them at cool but above freezing temps.
John Fiedler05-Aug-2008 23:44

If you want to email me about specific pictures I will answer your questions. There are pictures from different years and some plants were pruned more than once while others only once.

Guest 01-Aug-2008 20:09
Hi John,

I'm looking at your gallery and have a question about your radical pre-winter pruning. I see some pics labeled "pruning" from September, then others from December. Do you prune in stages, or are these just pics of different plants?

Sartori 12-Mar-2008 14:02
olá , lindas suas pimentas....
Shelley 10-Mar-2008 03:48
Hi John-
Beautiful pictures, they have obviously inspired a lot of people. :) I have been looking for months for Aleppo pepper seeds. If you would be interested in selling me some, I would be so grateful. If not, thanks for at least showing the world what they look like.
Alexandra 07-Feb-2008 21:21
Hi John, I was just admiring your wonderful photos and am wondering if you sell the seeds. I have been experimenting with different peppers and am interested in unique ones with neat shapes and colors to add to my garden and culinary uses! Let me know what your policy is and I hope we can work together since spring is finally on its way! Thank You
John Fiedler30-Dec-2007 18:58
Email sent

Ellen 27-Dec-2007 13:56
Hello John

I would like to know if you sell the chili seeds of the plants you grow. I am a malaysian but have never seen the goronong chili. Admittedly, your photos are an inspiration. Do you grow them all eat/taste all of them?

Hope you can reply me on whether you sell chili seeds. Thanks
Jan Heitkamp 05-Oct-2007 15:00
Hello John,
Wow you have the biggest and prettiest pepper collection i have ever seen. I am a 16-year old pepper-grower from germany and collect peppers from all around the world.
I would like to swap seeds with you but the only varieties I can offer you that you do not own are German tomato pepper(sweet), german little yellow pepper( sweet)and polnish bell pepper.
Best wishes
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:33
Thank you for posting your pictures. They're a great inspiration to me.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:16
I'm the man, but you're the master. Master of beautiful pictures...
Mark McMullan 20-Nov-2006 06:58
Hi John,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email on behalf of many people on the UK's Chillis Galore pepper forum to thank you for your generosity & time you offer to everyone on the forum. Its a shame there arent a lot more John Fiedlers in this world!!

Your chile galleries are truely stunning (you know Im a fan of your flower images) and yours is one of the sites that inspired me to create the chileman database.

I feel a chileman guide to flowers coming on.........

keep up the good work

Mark (aka Darlochileman)
John Fiedler15-Nov-2006 23:45
I have grown most from seeds. here is my main source I have also beeen given a few cuttings and cacti that weren't grown from seed.
Chris 15-Nov-2006 03:01
You have a lot of nice cacti and succulents. Where do you find the rarer ones, like the baseball euphorbia? Do you grow a lot from seeds?
John Fiedler17-Oct-2006 13:17
I live in Bangor, Maine. I'm not actively trading right now but would possibly be interested in the rarer wild varieties or regional peppers from different countries
Derek 11-Oct-2006 13:46
I'm a chile-head and I love your pepper pics. Where do you get your more rare seeds? Do you trade? and if so what are you looking for?
James 07-Oct-2006 05:46
Hi John, I've just finished browsing your excellent photos. I envy your collection!

Just out of curiosity, where are you located?
mario 05-Oct-2006 21:10
hi from italy
what's wonderful photo and plants!!!!
would you trade with me for some interestings seeds?
i trade my naga morich seeds with your trinidad scorpion !!!
let me knbow

John Fiedler28-Feb-2006 00:36
Thanks for the nice comments, Steve

Steve in NY 28-Feb-2006 00:06
Hello John,
Another cold day here in Central New York ! Just perfect for sitting back with a hot cup of coffee and enjoying your wonderful photos! Best regards and thanks for the warmth!
John Fiedler03-Jan-2006 13:22
You are very welcome, Sebastiano. Let me know if there is anything else you are interested in. Thank you for the kind comments.

Guest 16-Dec-2005 02:38
I like your galleries
keep up the good work
Guest 15-Nov-2005 22:05
Hi John,

Very impressive collection you have, and I really like your enthusiasm and dedication to growing hot peppers.

John Fiedler14-Oct-2005 10:49
Tried to email you, Mike but it keeps being returned. Thanks for the link

Mike 03-Oct-2005 20:20
I love your website. I just found a new
website about Rare Tropical Fruit Trees,
which is very cool

Good Luck
Mary Thornhill 11-May-2005 03:21
Mr. Fiedler, You have a wonderful gallery of peppers here. I have been searching for a pepper that was grown at a friend's house on Sanibel Island. They called it a Chill Pateen Pepper but it looked very much like your Texas Wild or the Chiltepin peppers. The plants there on Sanibel were 3' - 4' tall and very bushy. I was told they had brought it from Texas where they found it growing wild. Do you have any idea where I could get a few seeds to grow one of these fantastic plants? Thank you for sharing your great site!
Ian Mac Donald 21-Apr-2005 02:53
I was wondering if anyone has heard of a pepper called Mekong. I live in Australia and bought it from a local nursery. It is supposed to come from the Mekong Delta.

Thanks, Ian.
winni 13-Nov-2004 19:44
Great pics, Thanks for sharing your beautiful plants.
Guest 09-Aug-2004 16:19
Hey John- I just could not resist leaving a message apropos of the birthday card-who in the hell in the Karitas days every thought we would be communicating like this on computers, much less posting a picture gallery!! I can't get over what I assume is a picture of the house in the snow-don't you ever miss the steamy heat?? We are having one of those August days today, the sky is lowering, and it has rained twice by 11AM and it is like a sauna! But wonderful for the skin! Your pictures, as they have always been, are fabulous! I keep a downloaded copy of what you sent me from the "glory days" on my cork board in my office-you made me into a beauty! Well, pepper on, as I see the other posting are from fellow "pepperites", who share your passion! Ever, Charlotte
Voodoo 05-May-2004 16:53
Hey John... great album!!! Good to see such great documentation all in one area! Keep up the great work and enjoy the season!
Pedro 01-Feb-2004 12:05
Hi John,
a great pepper "farm" ;-)
Best regards from Germany !
Hot peppers & fiery recipes
Jan Z 28-Dec-2003 15:30
Hi John, great pepper pics, great inspiration for me and my winter peppers.

Thanks :)
Jan (aka Gunshyphoneguy)