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Mark 24-May-2018 18:19
thanks for the invite! Incredible photos!
rozey 21-Mar-2015 19:16
~N 21-Oct-2013 20:12
Craig, You know, that you are one of the best! Looking forward to see new of your art!
Luba Burrell 12-Aug-2011 05:43
Craig, I was lucky, I met you in person. Just too see your photographs is a big gift for me and now, after I met you, I would like to say that you are an amazing person and very gifted. Your kindness, your maners and your personality - you are always for us, for people. I am very lucky to be your friend.

Thank you very much for your work and giving me chance to see them.

With respect, Luba B
alain_frechette05-Apr-2011 02:06
Very interesting galleries, a joy to discover. I’ll be back to see more.
Guest 25-Jan-2011 21:27
Add to my favorites Craig! you are too biiiigggg!! :)) ciao Gio
Guest 12-Jan-2011 19:15
You are one of the best! I like your style and creativity. Àll (and I mean: all) photos have a high standard. Excellent! I come back!
tomas29-Dec-2009 16:48
creative and inspiring work...which is the perfect medicine when i run out of ideas :))

Guest 19-Dec-2009 06:05
It's been a long time since my last guestbook entry. I was--and probably still am--fresh behind the ears. I still don't know quite exactly what I'm doing. But I love your work. You are a big influence. I wish you the best in the coming year. Thanks for being so approachable and accommodating. I love your stuff. -Brent
Gianni Galassi 13-Dec-2009 11:39
Lawrence Ripsher suggested me to come and browse your photographs. He is right, your language and mine have a lot in common. I really enjoyed looking at your photographs. Pushing the boundaries is a fantastic attitude.

Gianni Galassi
Guest 07-Jan-2009 12:20
would love to have your work at One Eyeland
Its a comunity for creative photographers

Kent 15-Dec-2008 17:03
Craig, I've followed your work for sometime now on various sites and just wanted to say congratulations on some really excellent work. Its always a pleasure to see what you've been seeing.

Thanks Kent Budge
Guest 19-Jul-2008 23:26
You have fantastic galleries with impressive pictures!
I think that you are a wonderful artist!
Joseph Brennskag16-Jul-2008 10:36

I have been distracted the last year and a half and haven't had time to pursue my photography. When I came back here to pBase, I find that you are still one of the best and most creative photographers here. Not trying to make your head big, but your photographs are absolutely awesome. I love your style and vision. Your photos always inspire me.
Guest 03-Jun-2008 13:18
appreciate it man! truly do.... man you have excellent photographs!!!
Darbowski22-Feb-2008 10:13
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, je reviendrai souvent visiter tes superbes galeries !
Ilene Nova04-Jan-2008 07:22
Thanks so much for taking the time to view my work and for your kind comments. Coming from you, it means a lot. Your work is uniformly excellent and you're definitely a favorite of mine!
Alejandro04-Nov-2007 22:15
congratullation your galleries are a set of superb picture. you are now in my favourites artist list.
pep15-Aug-2007 14:26
Very unique style, great talent. I wonder it took me so long to stumble upon your galleries. You are now in my favourite artists.
Guest 29-Jul-2007 14:38
amazing work, your style is unbelievable and original.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:45
Your photos have left an impression on me that can't be described by words.
Rene Hales05-Apr-2007 21:29
Craig, just found one of your images on File magazine. Congratulations. Wonderful shot.--Rene
Nadege Rostan23-Mar-2007 12:50
Merci pour tes comentaires, ils m' aident beaucoup a m'orienter.
j'admire énormement ton travail que je trouve si pure et parfait.
je t'embrasse bien fort
Denny Walldén17-Mar-2007 08:22
Hi Craig
Thanks for your comment!
Regards Denny
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:17
I really envy your pictures.
Elizabeth Burns19-Feb-2007 01:52
Craig I can see why you have your work published..its perfect in every way..Thanks for the vist to my gallery and your kind words..I would gladly like any words of of wisdom to improve my work
Guest 29-Jan-2007 09:35
Excellent artwork! Will come back to see more.
best regards,
Rene Hales20-Jan-2007 21:40
Anatomy of a Dream is a wonderful moody and atmospheric set of images. So glad I found it.--Rene
Guest 17-Jan-2007 09:15
Thanks for visiting my gallery. Hope to stroll through yours soon :)
Guest 03-Jan-2007 09:06
Hi Craig, Thanx for the comment you put on my PAD gallery.
Happy New year
Cheers!! Jay
Irene Firck23-Dec-2006 20:13
Hi Craig, Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement you've given me over the past months. I deeply appreciate it.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
All best wishes,
Guest 19-Nov-2006 20:32
i always enjoy so much your work because you have an artistic and emotional approach to life. a unique way of art!
AGHER04-Nov-2006 21:21
Excellent galleries, and publications, is great to see your galleries
vatimus20-Oct-2006 23:26
WOW! I simply don't know what else to say. I'm still learning and you with your gallery have taught me a lot. Thank you and take of you and yours.

Traveller06-Oct-2006 02:50
Thank you for your nice comment to my pic.
Guest 26-Aug-2006 10:45
Craig, your galleries are an education for someone that gets caught up with the technology side of photography, proof that you don't need to spend thousands to produce stunning and imaginative photographs, brilliant
Jose Canovas15-Aug-2006 15:04
Thanks for sharing such great talent with us. You are a real source of inspiration!
Vincent Belford19-Jul-2006 21:42
Great stuff - I can't imagine how I missed these galleries until now but have added them to my faves for many more looks.
Guest 14-Jul-2006 13:31
Craig, did you know that I (Lito)have a lot of comments on Rod ostoski-space shuttle sts1 but it was deleted from yesterday July 11, 2006. I believe he couldn't take the critique I layed out for him so he deleted my comments.
Guest 11-Jul-2006 03:05
Love your pictures, each of them is wonderful, they are simple , but clever and I like your style - make every picture very clear cut, but very impressive. Will come back for more.
Peter Chou04-Jul-2006 12:46
Love your perspective and vision! You truly made the mundane look different and exciting!
Guest 29-Jun-2006 05:05
Fantastic stuff in your galleries and I particularly like the processing techiniques applied to a number of the images ... transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Thanks for the recent compliment on one of my recent PaD images; I'm flattered you took the time to stop by and comment. :) Cheers
Guest 24-Jun-2006 02:02
Hi Craig, Another Canadian! yay! Lived near Mt. Royal as a kid. Thank you for your comment on my site. Your shots inspire me to keep trying with digital. Long row to hoe!
What I love most with your shots is the visual economy. Such a thin line betweeen too much or not enough, and you hit it perfectly, on spot. Es
Guy Dube22-Jun-2006 12:55
Bonjour Craig, I want to thank you for your comment for "Ombrages dans le sous-bois, I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guy Dube20-Jun-2006 11:58
Thank you very much for your comment for "Ruelle", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guest 18-Jun-2006 14:44
One day, I will reach your level. Your pictures possesses a mysteriously motivating aura. But for now, I just need to figure out how to use this stupid Photoshop.
Guest 05-Jun-2006 17:49
Near masterful work. It really caught my eye.
Guy Dube03-Jun-2006 13:26
I want to thank you for your comment for "Windy", Craig. I saw the high quality pictures you are doing, I am happy you like my picture!
Best regards
Squared C14-May-2006 15:55
I don't think I can add anything substantive to what people have said about all your galleries before. They are beautiful and evocative. Thanks for sharing your visions. You're in my favs and so I look forward to seeing more!
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 22:50
I enjoy visiting your galleries. Thank you for your visits and comments to my site. I am happy to share this wonderful experience with someone who also enjoys photography.
Guest 25-Apr-2006 12:39
Craig... I'm sending over a great big thank you! Thank you man! I see you enjoy b/w... and of course that means I feel obliged to con you into using film now :)))
Ron S. Bernardo23-Apr-2006 00:13
Hello Craig, thank you for dropping by my gallery.
jaac20-Apr-2006 10:18
Hi Craig, i know i should have been here before...but better late than never :-)

Stunning galleries, added to favorites now, so will be back often :-)

ps. thanks for the comments over in my little space, much appreciated.

Oleg Birioukov18-Apr-2006 23:43
Hi Craig,

Thank you for the opportunity to rediscover your galleries. Certainly, I'd been here before, but every time it's a completely different experience. Looking at your galleries and images it's hard to believe, that you've been practicing photography less than a year. You've got some incredible talent. Thanks for sharing!

Rob Rosetti09-Apr-2006 11:34
Hi Craig, I really enjoyed your galleries and your conceptual work. Thanks for visiting frequently my galleries, and for your comments. Cheers.
Guest 29-Mar-2006 17:26
You're a friend and inspiration Craig, can't believe I'd not signed your book before! Thanks for your tips and encouragement. Your work and unique processing are exponentially fantastic!
Sergio Rojkes29-Mar-2006 17:26
Thank you Craig!
Andrey Vysokov, Russia 28-Mar-2006 02:03
Very interesting …. And inspiring
Keep up.
Doug Kessler22-Mar-2006 03:03
Craig, thank you for your generous comments on my current galleries. You and Todd Thorpe have helped me to learn to look at Bakersfield with new eyes. Most of my Saturn shots are being taken while driving with one hand so the results are hit and miss.
Thanks again,
Sergio Rojkes17-Mar-2006 15:54
Thank you Craig!
Sean Hsieh11-Mar-2006 13:33
Thanks for comments on my galleries ^__^
Guest 10-Mar-2006 21:54
Hey Craig,
Stumbled upon this site and your work the other night. Fun site. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with your work. I gotta ask... What do you do for a living? I'm just finding it hard to believe that someone can pick up a camera in '05 and start kicking out work of that caliber. Really impressive! I spent 15+ years as an advertising photographer, so I've seen a LOT of work in my time. If you're just starting out, then I have to say you have one of the best natural eyes I've ever seen. Keep shooting... I'm enjoying it!

Guest 09-Mar-2006 02:31
Hi, Craig. I'm so glad to hear that one of your photographic influences is Stanley Kubrick. I love his central compositions, and many times I try to emulate his style. One of my favorite directors, Darren Aronofsky, who undoubtably was influenced by Kubrick, consistently places his subjects dead center. When I thought about that type of composition, it kind of makes sense. When you look at things in the world, you usually stare at them straight on, with background images and motions happening beside the main attraction. Anyway, I just watched A CLOCKWORK ORANGE yesterday and I had this theory in my mind. I'm glad I could flood your guestbook with it. Great shots, and I like your theory about simplicity and representing your subject's main form and function with the use of photography.
Guest 01-Mar-2006 14:15
Craig... your work is truely stunning... i love the minimalistic shots... stuff i like to try myself...! Conceptually and graphically beautiful...! Thanks for your comments in my galleries too...!


Guest 28-Feb-2006 19:02
Thanks for your comments on

I really enjoyed your PAD as well very well done. I hope some day to get where you are...
Victoria27-Feb-2006 21:49
I like your style. Inspiring.
Guest 26-Feb-2006 16:59
Craig, I like your galleries. Very nice different subject matter.
Guest 23-Feb-2006 00:43
Love your photgraphic concept... something I subscribe too as well.
There is much I can learn from your eyes, so you're in my list of favourites.
All the best.
Guest 17-Feb-2006 16:38
Thanks for visiting my page and for you comments. You have great pictures at your gallery.
wert 10-Feb-2006 10:42
Nice, well done!
AL01-Feb-2006 03:53
Thanks for visiting my PAD, something that I just got started and every single comment is truly appreciated. You've such an amazing collection of fine pics - Thanks for sharing and giving me a true learning experience!
Guest 30-Jan-2006 15:02
WOW!!!! Your shots are great! I like your galleries so much. :)
Uncle Roger 25-Jan-2006 22:05
Wow!, I'm really impressed by your work, and I've seen a lot of photog. I didn't know the kid had it in him. It has me sitting here thinking...hey, where's my camera?
Jose Canovas24-Jan-2006 15:21
Your synthesis is admirable and able to open the closed mine for instant. LOL
Mario Presecki16-Jan-2006 08:52
Thank you for your comment Craig. So many beautiful photos in your galleries. I will take a time to look deeply into your galleries.
Dom Burke16-Jan-2006 04:16
fantastic galleries Craig. Wonderful use of the little SD300, good variety and a great eye for color, shape, form etc.
Guest 12-Jan-2006 03:17
Hi Craig. Great, great galleries that continually interest and inspire. Amazes me how you consistently manage to reduce the complex world we live in down to such clean, simple and compelling images.
Guest 07-Jan-2006 12:31
Craig, many thanks for your comments in my PAD gallery.
Guest 06-Jan-2006 13:35
I envy your creative style and orginality. Welcome to my favorite artists list. Keep shooting and sharing with us...I for one am watching attentively.
Guest 05-Jan-2006 11:01
I love your style. You have a great eye for miminalism and details. Lovely colors! And thanks for your comments on my Photo a day 4 jan!

Antonio Pierre De Almeida01-Jan-2006 17:24
Thank you ! I never took the time necessary to decently browse all your pictures. On the other hand you took the time necessary to browse some of mine and took the time to leave your comments and I wish to THANK YOU. You have a great eye. Since you live in Montreal maybe sooner or later we will meet and maybe dicuss about this common passion. By the way I would like to wish you a happy new year too. Antonio
Günter Borgemeister30-Dec-2005 07:56
Craig, Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries.
Best wishes for you and a very happy new year!
Guenter Eh22-Dec-2005 09:44
Craig - thanks a lot for the "bunch" of your kindly comments in 2005 on my pictures. I wish you and your family peaceful days and a vibrant 2006!

Kindly regards

Offer Goldfarb16-Dec-2005 00:20
I just love your way of seeing, like the japanise tradition of simplicity and minimalism that is in the same time comlex (because it actualy holds much). Of course you in my fav. Cheers.
Guest 15-Dec-2005 02:24
Craig, thank you very much for your kind words. Your images are concise and poetic. I like them very much.
Guest 04-Dec-2005 02:59
Wow! Fantastic gallery. I'm glad you stopped by mine which gave me a chance to discover your great work. Adding you to my favorites immediately!
René Lortie04-Dec-2005 00:54
I just discovered your galleries and I must admit that I love your "conceptual minimalism". You really have a different point of view. It is inspiring.
Ray Rebortira25-Nov-2005 19:06
Steve H tells me to look you up because your "stuff is just going from strength to strength at the moment". By George (not B) he is right. I am awed by your work. I shall be a frequent guest.
Guest 17-Nov-2005 15:31
Nice work..Interesting perspective of our city..I like it..You did a lot of foot work to achieve a lot of great photos..bravo..

Holly 14-Nov-2005 22:46
Hi, I'm a highschool Art student in Flordia, and I love your work, I'm playing around with photography and focusing on how culture influences art and the artist. If it wouldn't be too much trouble I would love to hear about your travels and what influences you so I could incorporate your work into my Art Book and learn more! My E-mail is, thank you, and again, you do fabulous work.

Howard Passman13-Nov-2005 02:41
Thanks for stopping by my Galleries. I thoroughly enjoy coming here to see what you are up to. I hope you enjoy a long relationship with light. She will never let you down :-)

Audrey Reid10-Nov-2005 00:57
What a wonderfully rich portfolio of work. So glad I came across it. Will be back to take a longer tour.
Guest 30-Oct-2005 05:49
thank you very much for the kind comment on my picture! I love your galleries...I have checked them out before and will be back again!
Guest 26-Oct-2005 15:09
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I really enjoyed yours as well. The images of PaD are wonderful.
Best wishes !
ltolksdorf22-Oct-2005 20:15
Hi, thanks for your nice comments. I was enjoying your PaD and minimalism galleries, especially your great picture of the ferris wheel in London. Regards Lars
Guest 22-Oct-2005 17:27
Should I list my 200 favorits?
Moon ( s'pore) 21-Sep-2005 01:14
Roe..03-Sep-2005 02:22
Craig..welcome to PAD, I see you joined in Aug..awesome shots..I'll return
Paul Lucas 27-Aug-2005 20:27
Great photos. I was checking out my sister in law's and came across yours. Excellent work. There are some fantastic opportunities for photography here in Chicago.
Colin 05-Aug-2005 19:26
Nice pics! Some really crisp up close shots that I like.