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Our Heroes

Celebrating each return like the heroes they are, this gallery documents the work of A Hero's Welcome, Warriors' Watch and similar organizations honoring our soldiers.

If you have a friend or family member returning from overseas, A Hero's Welcome can arrange a homecoming befitting these home town heroes. Click through to A Hero's Welcome and click on the 'Contact' page.
The Warriors' Watch provides motorcycle escorts for homecomings as well as honor rides for fallen soldiers and veterans.
Media (PA) Welcome Home Parade
<< Media (PA) Welcome Home Parade >>
Sergeant Erik Berg
<< Sergeant Erik Berg >>
Sergeant Anthony Cabassa
<< Sergeant Anthony Cabassa >>
Sergeant Thomas Fillippo
<< Sergeant Thomas Fillippo >>
Specialist James Kendal Walton
<< Specialist James Kendal Walton >>
Sergeant Timothy Bouyea
<< Sergeant Timothy Bouyea >>
Lance Corporal Joe Koslosky
<< Lance Corporal Joe Koslosky >>
Warriors' Watch Pentagon Escort
<< Warriors' Watch Pentagon Escort >>
PFC Justin Crowell
<< PFC Justin Crowell >>
Sergeant Devon Richio and Corporal Andrew Einstein
<< Sergeant Devon Richio and Corporal Andrew Einstein >>
Jon Doc Kromer
<< Jon "Doc" Kromer >>
PFC Cody McClintock
<< PFC Cody McClintock >>
Warriors' Watch First Annual Ride of Reflection
<< Warriors' Watch First Annual Ride of Reflection >>
Specialist Alan Solie and Specialist Vincent Violi
<< Specialist Alan Solie and Specialist Vincent Violi >>
Sergeant Kristen Zamichieli and Corporal Casey Newman
<< Sergeant Kristen Zamichieli and Corporal Casey Newman >>
Private First Class Christian Sirianni
<< Private First Class Christian Sirianni >>
Private First Class Brent Moore
<< Private First Class Brent Moore >>
Corporal Chad Hardy
<< Corporal Chad Hardy >>
Lance Corporal Patrick Smith
<< Lance Corporal Patrick Smith >>
Sergeant Brian Piasecki
<< Sergeant Brian Piasecki >>
Specialist Greg Gardiner
<< Specialist Greg Gardiner >>
Specialist Matthew Adolph
<< Specialist Matthew Adolph >>
Sergeant Louis Fastuca, Rest In Peace
<< Sergeant Louis Fastuca, Rest In Peace >>
Specialist Daniel La Due
<< Specialist Daniel La Due >>
Senior Airman Steven Lang
<< Senior Airman Steven Lang >>
1st Lieutenant John-Paul Snook
<< 1st Lieutenant John-Paul Snook >>
Specialist Steve Young
<< Specialist Steve Young >>
Lieutenant Shane Eynon
<< Lieutenant Shane Eynon >>
Captain David Welteroth
<< Captain David Welteroth >>
Sergeant Shane D. Weiser
<< Sergeant Shane D. Weiser >>
Corporal Jason Horner
<< Corporal Jason Horner >>
Sergeant Major Michael Collins Jr.
<< Sergeant Major Michael Collins Jr. >>
Specialist Andrew Trotto
<< Specialist Andrew Trotto >>
HGTV Change the World Veterans Support
<< HGTV "Change the World" Veterans Support >>
Specialist Sean Petrondi
<< Specialist Sean Petrondi >>
First Sergeant Gene Jones
<< First Sergeant Gene Jones >>
Friends of the Forgotten, Ride For Freedom
<< Friends of the Forgotten, Ride For Freedom >>
Army Ranger Joseph Metzger
<< Army Ranger Joseph Metzger >>
Sergeant Jeanna M. Preece
<< Sergeant Jeanna M. Preece >>
David B. Lutz
<< David B. Lutz >>
Sergeant Justin Cox and Corporal Brian Hagmeier
<< Sergeant Justin Cox and Corporal Brian Hagmeier >>
Specialist Drew Lebold
<< Specialist Drew Lebold >>
Private First Class Joseph Malley
<< Private First Class Joseph Malley >>
US Marine Corps Bridge Company B
<< US Marine Corps Bridge Company B >>
Captain Allison Ross
<< Captain Allison Ross >>
Specialist Brian Piasecki
<< Specialist Brian Piasecki >>
Sergeant David Smith
<< Sergeant David Smith >>
Warriors' Watch Teach the Children
<< Warriors' Watch Teach the Children >>
Lance Corporal Ryan Wilno
<< Lance Corporal Ryan Wilno >>
Gunnery Sergeant Jonathan Jenkins
<< Gunnery Sergeant Jonathan Jenkins >>
Master Chief Fred Schempp
<< Master Chief Fred Schempp >>
Yeoman Second Class Kyle Miller
<< Yeoman Second Class Kyle Miller >>
Specialist Anthony Kirstein
<< Specialist Anthony Kirstein >>
Eric Gunlefinger
<< Eric Gunlefinger >>
Specialist Jonathan D. Kromer (Send-Off)
<< Specialist Jonathan D. Kromer (Send-Off) >>
Corporal Mark Sparlin
<< Corporal Mark Sparlin >>
Sergeant Ian Keyser
<< Sergeant Ian Keyser >>
United States Marine Corps OCS Graduation
<< United States Marine Corps OCS Graduation >>
A Warrior's Wedding
<< A Warrior's Wedding >>
Specialist Jonathan D. Kromer
<< Specialist Jonathan D. Kromer >>
Corporal Dean Oldt
<< Corporal Dean Oldt >>
Sergeant Jeremy D. Detwiler
<< Sergeant Jeremy D. Detwiler >>
Warriors' Watch July 4th Parades
<< Warriors' Watch July 4th Parades >>
Joshua Marziale, Jonathan Marziale and Mark Moeller
<< Joshua Marziale, Jonathan Marziale and Mark Moeller >>
Captain Carlos Flores
<< Captain Carlos Flores >>
Sergeant Jacob Sidwa
<< Sergeant Jacob Sidwa >>
Corporal Mark Allen Kirby Jr.
<< Corporal Mark Allen Kirby Jr. >>
Lance Corporal Andrew Feather
<< Lance Corporal Andrew Feather >>
Sergeants Tyler and Petrina Peltier
<< Sergeants Tyler and Petrina Peltier >>
Sergeant Glenn Devitt
<< Sergeant Glenn Devitt >>
Corporal Adam Daller
<< Corporal Adam Daller >>
Lance Corporal Bill O'Brien and Lance Corporal Brandon Ortwien
<< Lance Corporal Bill O'Brien and Lance Corporal Brandon Ortwien >>
Army Specialist Michael Alcorn
<< Army Specialist Michael Alcorn >>
Chief Petty Officer Kyra Maillard
<< Chief Petty Officer Kyra Maillard >>
Lance Corporal Christopher MacReady
<< Lance Corporal Christopher MacReady >>