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Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X AF Pro DX Lens Sample Photos

Also known as Tokina AT-X 124 AF PRO DX
Lens: 12-24mm f/4
Random Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X AF Pro DX Samples from 16482 available Photos more
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Christoph Joosten09-Sep-2014 19:09
Excellent contract and sharpness at 12 mm, but at 24 mm contrast is poor.
Roger B30-Jul-2008 15:01
This is an excellent lens. I also had the Canon 10-22mm but sold it since I was more than pleased with the Tokina. It is very sharp and with little distortion, even at very wide settings. Flaring has not been a problem and CA is definately not as bad as some reviews have reported. Only negative is the rather poor latching mechanism for the front lens cover - particularly with the hood attached.
Al Swanson22-Jun-2008 00:40
Terrific lens on my 40D. A bit of CA, true, but not too much. I had the 11-16 but sold it as I needed a bit more length. I'm actually very, very happy with this lens. The cost is very reasonable and the build is fantastic.
D. Welch02-Jun-2008 01:13
I bought this for a 40d. I LOVE IT!This lens is amazing and colours are awesome. I bought a hoya hmc filter and I cannot ask for anything else from this lens. I compared all the super wides and I am a huge sigma and canon guy so I narrowed it down to those that was until my local camera shop (roberts) told me to give this a try. I grabbed it and it felt like it was as solid as any lens I have ever touched (much better than sigma or canon) then I compared real world shots (not the dumb comparison charts) but real people,real buildings and all I can say is try it before you buy another.
Guest 25-Oct-2007 17:09
I'm not going to restate what has already been said, but rather add a nifty discovery regarding this great lens... A standard Cokin "P" filter holder twists right on to the hood mount as if it was made for it; no adapter ring needed, and no vignetting!
Guest 11-May-2007 03:57
Can't fault it.
There is some mild CA in harsh conditions but the colour saturation is canon L quality.
In terms of sharpness it does have to be stopped down a fraction but all wides need to stopped down to get that magic depth of field.
Guest 06-May-2007 22:43
This is quite a decent wide angle lens. It is sharpest when stopped down to f/8. The build quality is excellent. Took this lens with me to the Salton Sea, check out some samples here:
Guest 06-May-2007 22:42
This is quite a decent wide angle lens. It is sharpest when stopped down to f/8. The build quality is excellent. Took this lens with me to the Salton Sea, check out some samples here:
Guest 02-Apr-2007 13:34
I own this lens 2 years. In the these 2 years I have made well more than a 1000 images with it. It survived the wet warmth of Japanese forests, it survived cold windy wet weather in Holland. It bumped into people, cows and walls. This lens is build very well.
Image quality is comparible with the 12-24 of Nikon. The difference is, that the Nikkor is wide open better by means of sharpeness. As stated before, between f/8 and f/11 it delivers excellent image quality. PF/CA are there so is curvation, but if you do landscape photography it is a well payable ideal lens for it. The only warning I can give, is that the amount of PF/CA varies per sample. It is adviced to check out your copy before buying.
Guest 20-Dec-2006 07:01
A full-sized, unedited Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X AF Pro DX image sample directly converted from a Nikon D70 NEF file using Nikon Capture 4.4 is available at :>
Guest 08-May-2006 15:12
I am very happy with my images from this and it made digital a lot more usable for me. The build quality is very good and the autofocus quite fast. I find it particularly useful for social events and travelling, though I expect it's intended use is landscapes (being F4 but reaslly needing to be stopped down). I don't notice too much distortion, except when things are very close up, in which case I correct it in Photoshop. With the quality and the price of this lens, you really owe it to yourself to free up your vision in the otherwise 'telephoto' world of digital SLRs.

The only thing I would add is that it needs to be stopped down to about F8 to get very good sharpness and, as Thomas says below, it has a problem with flare and needs manual shading. I try to block the sun itself out with an object or my hand, which deals with this pretty well.

My wide-angle shots here were taken with this lens. See what you think!
Thomas on Islands02-May-2006 05:57
Long time passed since Tokina has released any new product of rank, what was not a good sign for the future of the company. However this widely anticipated lens shows them
suddenly in a very good shape: They still know how to make a new product after all! The build is superb (with one notable exception: the front ring with the filter thread
would be metal and not plastic!) Movement of zoom and focusing rings is smooth, creamy, very nice finishing.

It is a very unconventional construction. The front element moves, but the filter ring is not attached to the front element and so it stays constant. We can call it indeed "internal focus" lens. Very unusual is also engaging of the manual focus through a shift of the focusing ring. Consequently, the lens does not support automated AF overwrite, which is so popular with many Canon lenses.

Probably the best of the optical properties of this wide zoom is its control of distortions! I have never before seen such wide lens with such superb straight lines
throughout its entire focusing range. However, Pop Photo has recently tested some astonishing level or distortions on their test Tokina lens, so maybe its a matter of batch tolerances a and of luck? Vignetting is also well under control, however lab tests showed some cromatic aberrations in the edges.

One obvious weakness of this lens is its tendency to flare. Hood is a must, but not even the hood helps against light shining at the lens. I shade the lens manually in addition to the hood, what seems to help significantly in many situations.

Nikon users will have a though choice between the 12-24 Nikkor and the Tokina, however Canon users should not even consider the distorting and vignetting 10-22 EF-S Canon in lieu of this excellent Tokina! Save the money and achieve better results!
Guest 26-Apr-2006 01:22
Not as sharp as I would like, but an incredible deal for the money.
Kevin Y.L. Huang18-Jul-2005 00:40
Wonderful lens to expand vision, astonishment effect through the viewfinder, both built and price are satisfied and felt comfortable.
Guest 07-Jun-2005 10:00
It is Pro quality: great built, very sharp. Although not as fast as USM focusing is good and pretty quite.
All this only for a fraction of the price of brand name equivalents. A very nice toy.
Guest 11-May-2005 12:26
I am just testing this lenses. It looks great for me! I think that they will become my favourite one!
Lou Giroud24-Mar-2005 15:38
test shots there
Guest 23-Mar-2005 07:55
great great great !!!

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