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Olympus C-8080WZ Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 12-Feb-2004
Megapixels: 8
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Barri Olson31-May-2008 00:18
I don't think I'd trade my 8080 for a Leica, but if anyone has a Lieca M8 laying around please don't tempt me. ;-) Seriously it's slow... it can't focus well in low light...but the lens. Yep. The add on wide angle is great too...with no Fstop penalty...and gets you down around 22mm equiv. somewhere. I actually got mine because it was cheaper than a good WA lens for my Canon DSLR and now I use the 8080 probably 60% of my shots. It does well in good light. It's not an 'action' camera.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 06:23
It was very expensive as I bought it but I am not sorry for deciding to spend money for it because I can take many pictures with great quality. Sadly, many people prefer DSLR camera and it's hard to find the market which sell this model in my country.
Bill Robinson06-Jun-2007 23:37
I've bought 2 dsrl's since upgrading from the 8080.
I am still amazed at the colour and clarity that can be attained from the 8080.
Guest 01-May-2007 08:51
I have an olympus c8080 and I am very well. a very good quality. In my site I have many photographies done with la c8080:
John Falkenstine23-Feb-2007 05:23
I purchased the 8080 at the end of its model run, literally 50% off the advertised price as Sam's club was dumping them. I bought it as a filler as at the time I didn't feel that DSLRs were good enough in my affordability range. The 8080 received highly recommended ratings from DP review while other parties panned it. This included one party on a major photo netsite who panned the camera, then admitted later to not even bothering to read the manual. The Olympus 8080 is a good camera for people who like to set up their shots and aren't in a hurry. For action photography it is NOT the camera to have as it is slow during shooting and you have to guess where your subject will end up in the viewfinder. The multi-spot metering system is very, very good, as it allows you to take several manual readings, which you can then load into the camera with the Autoexposure lock button, a feature that many folks probably don't even know they have, an advanced feature indeed. The ability to lock in an exposure in almost any mode is also very very good. The controls on the l/h side of the camera body allow you to custom tailor the setting for each shot. Battery life is really excellent. Construction quality is top notch. I don't miss the manual focusing features as I've gotten quite adept at doing it with the small AF power lever. I suspect that the 8080 had a short life as it was bumping into the Territory now occupied by the Olympus DSLRs. It was an excellent camera for the price and I would buy one again.
olivier bruning09-Oct-2006 21:58
I must admit that it's sensor is really noisy indeed when using high ISO values. A friend of mine uses a minolta dynax which goes up to ISO 3200 without a problem, I saw pics of ISO 800 that were really good. The c-8080 goes no higher than 400, but if possible, I avoid any ISO value higher than 200! whenever possible, I stick to ISO 50 for best results
olivier bruning07-Sep-2006 08:34
I have been using the c8080 for about half a year now. I love everything about the camera except indeed the poor focussing at low light conditions. I think the camera is extremely versatile , it has evertything you need 99% of the time so no big bags full of stuff to carry around! I also like the solid feel of it, you've got something in your hand. (I don't like the feel of the super lightweight plastic cameras nor those little cigarette packages) .
Richard 06-May-2006 21:10
I have an E-1 now, but without a doubt, the C8080 will be remembered as the best "bridge"
camera between P&S and DSLRs ever. It's lens and build quality alone are superior to all
entry-level DSLRs and it's 2/3rds sensor is noiseless enough at low ISO levels to produce
images like a good DSLR. The only places it falls down are in focusing in low light(owing to typical P&S focus methods) and being limited (to keep quality high) zoom range.
Since it's out of production, look for it to be a highly-sought after used machine.
John Law06-Nov-2005 17:14
I use this camera mostly underwater with a Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobe. It's what I bought it for as I didn't need a long zoom but the wider angle of the standard lens.
I sometimes use it for close macro above water.
Eldar Kadymov26-Oct-2005 20:01
Sorry to spoilt celebration , guys and gals, but this is another looser from Olympus with very poor autofocus, noisy sensor, dull, soft and lifeless pictures. Very low dynamic range is one of the weakest spots on this camera, it just doesn't know how to distiguish between highlights and shadow details. There is not a single picture taken by this camera which would impress me at all , unless captured in RAW and then heavily post-proceeed in PS. My 7070 is just as bad and will go back to be traded to store. Canons are far superior to this "gem"...
Eric Pouhier13-Jul-2005 11:32
The C8080 is awesome regarding the optic, and all the possible manual adjustments, but the autofocus is really poor under low light condition (often it doesn't work, and manual focusing is not easy on bridges).
Apart from this the machine is exeptionnal have a look here to appreciate its quality :
Guest 08-Jun-2005 04:45
yes, awesome is another name for C8080.
Guest 07-Jun-2005 09:42
I agree about the slow focusing and noisy sensor but that just means it's not overly versatile. I got to say though it's still a great camera with an awesome lense and given the right conditions it can take amazing pictures.
Guest 26-May-2005 13:24
If you see some gator snapz from an 8080 u can say that the photographer behind it is very brave cuz the 8080 extends only to 140mm so he must have been quite close to the subject that or he is vey good with exposure and cropping.

If you see great portrait of a ballerina performing on stage from an 8080 shot you can say that the photogrpaher behind such portrait is either clever or cunning because the C8080 is a slow focusing camera and is somewhat noisy in the higher ISO levels. Only that or he just got lucky.

Now if the 8080 shows you some rich colorful landscapes,you can really say that the photographer behind such shots is truly blessed because first, he was able to witness the beauty of the place and captured it in cam, then, secondly, because he captured it with one of the sharpest lenses be made, the one mounted on the C8080.A corner to corner sharpness like no other.
Eric Pouhier25-May-2005 05:50
The C8080 is really a great tool, the optique is fantastic, a great value for the money !
Eric Pouhier25-May-2005 05:50
The C8080 is really a great tool, the optique is fantastic, a great value for the money !
Eric Pouhier25-May-2005 05:49
The C8080 is really a great tool, the optique is fantastic, a great value for the money !
Guest 31-Jan-2005 20:52
Own one now for about 8 months so far I really like the camera for what it offers and the price. If I wanted more I would have spent more and gone with a DSLR. But this camera gives me what I was looking for at a great price . It's lens is excellent and reneders excellent results. I use it diving with Ikelite housing, DS125 strobe, and will be getting another strobe to use as I think this will improve on the lighting underwater.
Great camera for the money and features. very universal.
Guest 28-Dec-2004 14:38

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