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Nikon D80 SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 09-Aug-2006
Lens Mount: F
Megapixels: 10.2
Random Nikon D80 Samples from 400662 available Photos more
g1/11/412511/3/109159743.qwFAYvtH.jpg g3/69/543869/3/102899557.thR4tMpB.jpg g4/86/818886/3/91038273.7noABPDP.jpg g4/05/892505/3/133561739.ToL8kjmb.jpg
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SiliconVoid09-Feb-2013 23:04
The last generation of CCD Nikons..
Color and tone are simply breathtaking even though ISO performance does not meet todays demand for taking pictures in the dark. =/
Rob Craftsman01-Aug-2012 21:44
It was my first dSLR, also. It's been a popular one; that's for sure.
air ambulance20-Jun-2012 20:44
haven't seen this model yet; looks pretty cool.
James Clarke11-Nov-2011 04:24
My D80 produced probably some of the best colours I've seen from Nikon's cameras at lower ISOs. Let down by its terrible matrix meter. It was more of a tripod camera for me and thus out of the three Nikon dSLRs I've owned (D50, D80, D700) it was my least used. However there are certain shots which just shine from it the colours I've not been able to replicate with either the D50 or D700, although the D700 kills it in tonal/dynamic range at high ISO, thus why I sold the D80. If you're a tripod guy who can work around the poor matrix meter you'll love it, if you prefer a camera you can walk around with get something else. Very cheep 2nd hand now.
spacedrone80825-Jun-2011 18:31
- far better sensitivity than comparable Canon models
- as always rock-solid body construction
- one of the best semi-pro cameras of those times

Problems: I use this camera when traveling to Ukraine and don`t remember situation when i run into a problems with this camera.
hermankervel13-Mar-2011 15:52
THE best nikon
Aristóteles24-Jan-2011 19:42
Nikon D 80 Excelente camera....robusta.....rápida....fácil de utilizar...Parabéns a NIKON
Guest 17-Aug-2009 21:58
Check out these Nikon D80 beauties !,nikond80
Jack Bieser01-Jun-2009 01:20
I'm Nikon film guy as far back as 1978 When the digital and Photoshop revolution hit me in 2001 I was freaked out how technology was moving so fast after 3 Nikon digital cameras the reviews for the Nikon D80 came out I waited for a year to see what else the industry was going to shock me with. I'm shooting my D80 at 300 ISO, aperture priority and have by now gone throughly threw the manual set the camera settings and never change them. It's a little guy compared to the D300 & D700 but I'm confident with it and this camera works hard for me.
Guest 27-Dec-2008 19:22
All pictures taken with D80 on:

Enjoy !
Guest 21-Sep-2008 16:34 - flowers n bugs - places n things - animals
these were shot with the d80
enjoy :)
rollosphotos21-Aug-2008 18:32
I agonized over making this DSLR camera purchase. Cannon or Nikon, Coke or Pepsi? What is the difference? For me it came down to the camera's sensor size, lens package, and price. Because I shoot mostly nature and wildlife I definitely need a zoom lens. The Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR Zoom and Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX Zoom were included with the camera for around $1300. When I priced the items separately it would have cost more if I had purchased the Cannon Rebel with equivalent lenses. Regardless of whether I purchased a Nikon or Cannon I knew I was getting a great camera. Since I felt the lens was going to determine picture quality, I based my final decision upon the lens I could get and still stay within my budget. When comparing Nikon lenses to equivalent Canon lenses I felt I was getting better quality with the Nikon. I made the right choice. I am very happy with my Nikon D80. It's a good starter DLSR and gives me plenty of room to grow. Since I don't like to carry lots of heavy equipment and I prefer to shoot hand held, the weight of the camera and lens is the only drawback I find. This camera retails around $725 for camera body only. One of my favorite photos taken with my Nikon D-80 and kit lens

Nikon D-80 Photos
Guest 22-Jul-2008 07:48
I have to disagree with most of the comments here. My first D80 had been fixed twice by Nikon for major issues, and required a third repair when I gave up. I bought another D80, thinking foolishly that my first unit was a fluke. The second unit came with bad pixels on the LCD screen, which was one of the many problems with the first. Obviously no quality control. Still, undaunted, I got rid of the D80 because I figured the manufacturing was poor (although when working properly it's a good camera) and bought a D300. I could not be happier with the D300. It's a gem. I know there are those who will disagree and who have had a different experience, but I feel Nikon does not care about the quality or repair of the D80.
Piotrek14-Jul-2008 16:10
Well, This camera is definately not for professionals. Quality is really good but still not perfect and you can expect literaly everything from these photos. It doesn't have automatic cleaning of the matrix and prism and that's really terrible mistake made by Nikon... Camera has really nice outlook it reminds old cameras of Nikon. You can attach even very old lenses and that's advantage too! This camera has many options for editing photos but most of them might be done on computer (and it's done by me I don't use them). So carefully think before you buy! Maybe it's better to check Nikon d40X or new D60? D60 for example has a matrix cleaning and it's cheaper. Or if you want something extraordinary buy D200 or even Canon D40. I think output of Canon 40d will be better in comparison to Nikon d80. There are not so many noises on photographs of Canon in high ISOs beside it quality of photographs is slightly better. I use Nikon d80 because Canon40d was too expensive for me however I would buy rather Canon 40d. Nikon note - 8/10, Canon note - 9/10.
ale6511-Mar-2008 08:33
Better Nikon DSLR price/quality. Beautiful
Guest 01-Mar-2008 16:32
Great camera :)

Check my photos from Mexico:
John Falkenstine23-Feb-2008 21:18
In reference to my previous posting; The D80's primary purpose for the end user is to take photographs, and for the price is must take technically excellent images. That it does barely, despite all the tech talk in the images above, the photographs it takes are not a quantum jump over many upper end point and shoots that cost far less. I do not consider the images extraordinary, beautiful or stunning. I consider them very linear products of a computer and after a while they all start to look boringly the same to the point where I have actually increased my film photography activities. The D80 frequently blows out exposures that contain bright skies and the images require a lot of post processing before they're really acceptable. I guess this is a sign of the times, my observation being that many of these cameras are being purchased by "technoids" who then pore over their technical features, discuss them, but fail to catch on that perhaps photographs need to be posted instead of endlessly repeating non-modifiable technical features supplied by Nikon. The fact is that many DSLR owners generate streams of virtually identical images, picture of birds, pictures of landscapes, family pictures, that often could have been taken by throwaway film cameras. Perhaps the real winners in all of the technical noise are the camera manufacturers, who now offer lots of plastic in volume electronic stores. In closing: To make the D80 generate really satisfactory images, not just pictures of pelicans bobbing around or the heads of flies, you need some decent photo skills and a good software package for post-processing.
Guest 06-Feb-2008 23:34
I just recently bought the D80 and why I didn't change from film to this a long time ago I'll never know I'm still learning but cannot say enough about this camera so far
Guest 19-Jan-2008 14:25

This is my Original List.
Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Semi Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Fuji S5 Pro

Enthusiast Digital SLR cameras
1. Nikon D80
2. Canon 40D

Entry Level Digital SLR cameras
1. Nikon D40x
2. Canon 400D
3. Pentax K10D

Thats true I'm a Nikon user, I love it. Ive used other brand cameras but i didnt like them, NO OFFENCE. Nikon D3 & Nikon D300 have changed the users reviews thats y Nikon D3 & Nikon D300 are at the top. Nikon is the Best. (If the picture matters, the camera matters. At the Heart of the Image)
RS Photography19-Jan-2008 02:59
New List
Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
2. Canon 1D Mark 3
3. Nikon D3
4. Canon 5D
5. Nikon D2Xs

Semi Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Fuji S5 Pro
2. Canon 40D
3. Nikon D300
4. Canon 400D
5. Nikon D80
6. Pentax K10D
7. Nikon D40x
Guest 17-Jan-2008 01:28
Professional Digital SLR Camera
Nikon D3

Semi Professional Digital SLR Camera
Nikon D300

Enthusiast Digital SLR camera
Nikon D80

Entry Level Digital SLR camera
Nikon D40x
Guest 15-Jan-2008 13:54
New List
Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Semi Professional Digital SLR Camera
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Canon 40D
5. Pentax K10D
6. Fuji S5 Pro
7. Canon 30D
8. Nikon D80
9. Nikon D40x
10. Canon 400D
Guest 13-Jan-2008 18:59
Top Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D3
2. Nikon D2Xs
3. Canon 1Ds Mark 3
4. Canon 1D Mark 3

Top Semi Professional Digital SLR Cameras
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D200
3. Canon 5D
4. Canon 40D
5. Fuji S5 Pro
6. Canon 30D
7. Nikon D80
8. Pentax K10D
9. Nikon D40x
10. Canon 400D
Guest 24-Nov-2007 20:56
I found that the linear polarizer works flawless on D80. Is this true with you guys? So, I bought B+W multicoated Linear Polarizer.
Guest 07-Nov-2007 01:40
I bought a D80 to replace my Fuji S2 PRO. I also obtained a secondhand D50 in mint condition for backup, (I photograph property for a living). I really miss the S2 PRO and I like using the D50 more than the D80. I know that the D80 is superior with regard to menu systems, autofocus, LCD display, and sometimes (but not always) image quality.
The D80 is easy to use and well made but to me because it sits between the D40x and the D200/300 it is surplus to requirements within the Nikon range.
Guest 20-Sep-2007 04:39
Great upgrade from a Nikon D50. More controls and more features. It definitely helps the photographer capture the image. Check out my gallery as I update it with more D80 photos.
Guest 20-Sep-2007 04:39
Great upgrade from a Nikon D50. More controls and more features. It definitely helps the photographer capture the image. Check out my gallery as I update it with more D80 photos.
Guest 14-Sep-2007 06:09
I am amazed by the lack of quality control that Nikon uses to make this camera. If it worked as intended, it would be OK. However, this one has been serviced twice (by Nikon) in a very short period of time. If this is the best that Digital has to offer, I'm sorry I made the mistake.
John Falkenstine26-Aug-2007 22:40
I purchased the D80 because it was on sale and my older Digital Unit, an Olympus C8080, is wearing out and getting a bit strange at times. Overall, the D80 is well built. But;the 18-135 kit lens is barely acceptable, and for a 10 mp unit image quality, unless adjusted inside the camera is really soft, quite disappointingly so. Most of the reviews of this camera are just repeated yada-yada hype without any proof of real performance or without knowledge of what a better image should look like at this resolution level. The internet proves over and over again that it is an information engine and that such information might or might not really be true, making it a paradise for self-styled "doktors of photography". My recommendation is that folks who write about these cameras show some credibility or proof thereof by some comparative testing of this equipment. As of right now I find the unit a decent replacement, but certainly not a quantum jump over the supposedly slow and clumsy Olympus C-8080. The best way to buy a D80 for the serious photographer is with NO kit lens and then to put something really nice on the front. Skip all of these longish lenses that most folks use. Anything over 80mm is really just a waste most of the time.
Guest 21-Aug-2007 07:28
I have made quite a lot of pic's by D80 on 2007 ... most of them with 18-200 VR but also with 18-70 as well. This camera is really nice for the 1st & 2nd step into the DSLR photography,. I believe that D80 was really a great choice on MAR 2007. I have made more then 20.000 pic's by this body changing mostly only a lenses,. I would really advice this stuff for those of you who might be able to be truly creative and believe that images from this sometimes outstanding body are a TOP of their opportunities with photography at all. This cam contains a lot of things inside which are not so simple to use by not so skilled people, otherwise images with 2.8 lenses are almost always STUNNING. D80 it's really great choice for people who likes 10 MP colors and pretty sharp & well expose images,. It's either great for casual shooting as for studio but one tip: IT's NOT A FAST CAMERA and its speed is not outstanding while you're shooting a sport or by "continue shooting" mode. That's all about his weaknesses ... rest are fine for kind of normal price on the market :)


Nikon Professional # 2597564
Jean-Steve Shaker16-Aug-2007 15:47
It's my first D-SLR, and I did a very good choice. Before I had a Coolpix 5400, not bad. But my D80 is the day and night. My new D80 is faster. Especially, when you have to shoot kids or babies. Go and see my pictures
I recommend also the WarmCard or ExpoDisc for the whitebalance.
Ulla Inkeri Huhta05-Aug-2007 01:26
Sorry, edited the link!
I´ve had my D80 since last Christmas. Bought a MicroNikkor 105mm 1:2.8VR in January and I´ll have to say I love my new camera. I´m mostly into macro photos at the moment but the lens was a nice surprise when i used it for concert-pictures.
I have 3 more lenses but the 105mm doesn´t leave the camera very often.
Most of my PBase photos at have been taken with the D80
Ulla Inkeri Huhta05-Aug-2007 01:04
I´ve had my D80 since last Christmas. Bought a MicroNikkor 105mm 1:2.8VR in January and I´ll have to say I love my new camera. I´m mostly into macro photos at the moment but the lens was a nice surprise when i used it for concert-pictures.
I have 3 more lenses but the 105mm doesn´t leave the camera very often.
Most of my PBase photos at have been taken with the D80
Guest 27-Jul-2007 03:27
Love my D80. Would recommend David D. Busch's Nikon D80 Digital Field Guide since the included instruction book is a bit dense, but then again, maybe that's just me. You can see my pix with this camera, which is the only one I use, at
h.rav24-Jul-2007 04:03
This is my first dSLR, it has always been amazed me.
Dave Beedon19-Jul-2007 21:35
My D80 replaced my dead D100 ( ) in October 2006. I love the D80: compared to the D100, it has more features (menus can be "customized"; works with a remote control) and is easier to operate (bigger screen, better placement of controls---especially ISO and white balance). Even if my D100 rose from the dead, I would not ever use it again: I'm spoiled by the D80.
Jayson Gomes14-Jun-2007 02:55
The D80 continues to amaze me. It has been a pleasure to use. I brought it with me to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and it met my needs well. Here is my latest gallery of photos all taken with the Nikon D80 w/ 18-135mm lens:
Sharon Geisler-Dishuck12-Jun-2007 04:17
Have had my d80 about a month. Upgraded from my beloved d70 mainly for the larger veiwfinder and more MP. I find the d80 over-exposes as much as the d70 under-exposes. Both are easy fixes by way of slight adjustments. I was a tad apprehensive because I really love the "meaty" feel of the d70, as compared to the smaller, lighter, d80. But euqipped with lens... I can't tell the difference in feelor weight. I love my d80 and have not regreted the purchase one bit.
Guest 04-Jun-2007 16:52
I got mine a month ago. Before my D80 i had D50 i loved that 1 too but this 1 is my mini D200. Have posted my picts here
Guest 25-Jan-2007 00:50
Overall impression of the D80 seems positive, based on feedback from various owners, which I've summed up at :> and :> . As a D70 owner, one of the D80's highlight features that my D70 doesn't have, is the ability for the internal flash, in commander mode, to contribute to the overall exposure of the scene - and the user can decide whether to turn it on or off - here's an example :> At the end of the day though, nothing beats seeing the fantastic photos being shot by D80 owners, and my personal picks are tracked here :>
Jayson Gomes15-Jan-2007 21:36
The Nikon D80 continues to be a joy to shoot photos with and the Nikkor 18-135mm continues to exceed my expectations. Here is a gallery of Köln (Cologne), Germany taken with the D80 w/ 18-135mm lens:
Michael Davis12-Jan-2007 01:12
Best camera on the market for the price! I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade to a camera with professional quality at a reasonable price.
Guest 04-Jan-2007 02:19
I have the D80, my first digital camera, I always resisted going digital until now, now I've got it I absolutely love it. Great camera.
Guest 21-Dec-2006 21:57
Check the total number of shutter release for your D80 by Opanda IExif Viewer.
Jayson Gomes16-Dec-2006 05:09
As an update to my previous post, I am very happy with my purchase of the D80. Here was the first all D80 gallery I posted:
Guest 18-Nov-2006 03:37
I love my 5D
When I finally took the plunge and bought it I wasn't sure if I would regret the expense - having not to long before bought a 350D. But now I can't pick up the 350D without thinking it isn't a 'real' camera... sorry to say it but the 5D just looks, feels, and most importantly has the quality of a 'real' camera - whatever that means, I just love it.

Here are some pics I have taken with it:
Howard Sandler12-Nov-2006 16:22
I upgraded after 18 months of D70 experience. Increased iewfinder magnification is most welcome, but I don't notice it being brighter. I like the increased zoom level in playback--much better for checking focus, and the wider viewing angle is important for judging skin tones accurately in portraits. The use of the command dial to cycle through frames in playback is very useful, as you can maintain the zoom level in the same portion of each frame as you check one then the next. I actually prefered the grip of the D70 because it was taller and I could fit my pinkie onto the grip--now I have to curl it under the base of the camera. The ability of the flash commander to control two groups of external flashes while also having the built in flash contribute to the exposure is a big improvement. I will allow me to sell one of my SB800s. The built in flash is powerful enough to provide useful fill at 5 metres distance on a portrait shot at f5.6 and ISO 100 with another off camera flash providing the key light.

I have a gallery of technical evaluation of the camera's properties at:
Mary Feryan07-Nov-2006 01:13
I love my Nikon D80 gifted to me by my husband. Am still learning a lot about it. My previous camera was a Nikon CoolPix 5400 and I loved it. Unfortunately it was damaged in shipment from Florida to California in August 2006. The Nikon D80 is superb!
Jayson Gomes24-Oct-2006 19:40
I just bought my D80 today.
David Casler20-Sep-2006 03:06
This is the first affordable Nikon digital SLR that I would say is "as good" as film. After browsing through dozens of photos, I have to say that I do notice a difference between pictures taken with Nikon lenses and those taken with the cheaper, non-Nikon lenses. The photos taken with real Nikon glass appear to be significantly sharper seem to have more natural colors.
Guest 15-Sep-2006 06:36
Nikon D80 mini review ---->
Guest 10-Sep-2006 21:50
I am very impressed by its treatment of noise. Have a look at:

My D200 doesn't get near to this at High iso's
Chris Spracklen10-Sep-2006 16:00
I love my new D80! I've only had it a few days, but I'm really enjoying it's many improvements on my trust D70.
You can see my D80 shots in my P.A.D. gallery :, in my Best of my D80 gallery :, and my Panoramas D80 gallery : Enjoy! Thanks, Chris
Lou Giroud30-Aug-2006 07:50
I have seen fist shots, some made with 1600 ISO that are shown online. Seen from far and at reasonable size, the noise at 1600 ISO is handeled in a perfect way. For sure, magnification will let you see the mess-up and the flattened noise cakes. But, all in all, I will say that Niokon's flattening technique seems to be here one of the best on the market until yet. On the other side, one can never trust any first online shots. The 2 shots that Nikon shows on it's own sites are good looking. The Venice shot has a lack of sharpness all over the picture and magnifying it could not leave me find the spot where the camera aimed and set the sharpness. This picture is not a good example of picture quality and Nikon had better made to choose another one.
For the moment it is anyway too early to pronounce about anything. Let's wait the camera to come and see what's about. To my opinion I think that Canon's new 400 Rebel with 10.1 mpix at 250 bugs cheeper will undoubtfully be the better choice for a cheepie camera with good results. And, as I know Canon's ability to "cheat" with noise, it will make clean shots at high ISO without any problems. On the end, I think that Nikon's fancy price for this body will suffer soon at arrival of Canon's Rebel 400. One good reason to wait some time if your intention is to buy this camera anyway.
Guest 29-Aug-2006 14:47
I agree whole-heartedly, Lou. I cannot believe the many pig-headed mistakes Nikon has made with the D80. Get a D50, D70s or D200, depending on your budget. Pierre.
Lou Giroud20-Aug-2006 08:35

first shots can be seen here
Lou Giroud20-Aug-2006 08:32
This body will, "maybe", be a valuable replacement for the D70. The questions to ask first are : is a 10.2 mpix sensor realy a bargain. Is the 2 channel use of the Sony sensor not a step backward in some way compared to the 4 channel processing of the D200 & D2X technology. Sony's Alpha camera has shown that the sensor is not that good in 2 channel processing and shows a lot of problems on picture quality. On the other end, the AF system is a wide step backward compared to the D70 that uses a matrix measuring with allmost 2 & 1/2 more pixel coverage then the D80 and here, the 11 field coverage will not change anything. Processed & compressed RAW is proper to the D80, the same that caused so many picture quality problems on a the D50/D70 models. Let's just hope that the RAW on the D80 is a more basic close to unprocessed RAW, except for the compression that can't be switched off. Then, the camera posseeds a lot of unnecessary internal processing sytems that could be usefull for the consumer. But, why then use a dslr system if one wants a shoot and go comfort.
One might say now that the D80 should not compete or be a concurrent to the D200 and this is thrue, but I think that Nikon makes here a lot of noise for something that will be on the end a possible bigger deception compared to the D70 and the D200. An if we are on speeking about noise, don't worry, beyond 400 iso there will be some, guaranteed and I doubt that all internal and external systems will be able to remove this in a clean way. In this context, the D200 is far away to be a wondercamera as well.
Other steps backward is flash synch to 1/200 th, no electronic shutter support to 1/8000 th, no double card slots, only SD which makes people real happy who want to use this body as a secondary lightweight beside of an expert or pro camera with CF slots.
So let's wait and see what will happen. For sure it will be sold since that good old emotive aging principle that asks you to have the later "new" one and not the "old one" will play for those who ow a D70, and, it is a 10mpix, not a 6 mpix.
For those who start, it is just to ask if the 500$ more you pay for a D200 body will on the end not be the better idea. For me, it is, undoubtfully.
The D80 body at 1000$ is for my opinion to high priced and that price is a correct price for a body & lens kit, not for a body alone.
Guest 19-Aug-2006 10:15
Nikon D80 Description
The Nikon D80 packs high performance and high resolution into a body that is more compact and slimmer than previous Nikon digital SLR cameras. True to Nikon’s commitment to intuitive operation, the size, layout and operation of all buttons and controls are designed for maximum ease of use.10.2 effective megapixel Nikon DX format CCD Optimized to capture sharp details, the 10.2 effective megapixel CCD image sensor yields extraordinarily high-resolution images, providing plenty of freedom to crop creatively or print impressive enlargements.Advanced Auto Exposure system Consistently dependable exposure is the hallmark of Nikon’s exclusive . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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