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All Cameras >> Nikon >> Nikon D300

Nikon D300 SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Marketed: 23-Aug-2007
Megapixels: 12.3
Random Nikon D300 Samples from 1195835 available Photos more
g1/12/65412/3/128609846.Ep3G8sw1.jpg g1/26/411626/3/117017492.h6pGykf7.jpg g4/08/580408/3/92202633.69HVuVSW.jpg g1/19/637819/3/127569812.a6MLYNLH.jpg
g1/12/65412/3/129417839.4Qh6puSk.jpg o9/15/733015/1/163557758.19ko7Ih0._RPH7783.jpg g1/06/584506/3/103722269.SzbaCDqt.jpg g9/40/777440/3/152320754.ZaSKAc8M.jpg
g9/39/763839/3/151101583.DybviOZ4.jpg g3/26/12626/3/121514931.QcSx9l6r.jpg g9/39/733439/3/159749060.zGkOne5M.jpg g10/63/778763/3/166640057.TZGv2t7X.jpg

Angle Of Attack Air Media16-Mar-2015 05:16
Still using my D300 in 2015 for demanding airshow photography...the new D7200 looks to be a worthy DX replacement although it is 2 frames per second slower than the D300. If 12mp is enough it's still one of the best out there IMHO
Rob Craftsman01-Aug-2012 20:44
I came across this thread rather randomly today. It is interesting to see some of the observations still seem fairly accurate years later. The one thing that isn't going away is a live view finder. At least until we figure out how to generate holograms. ;-)
IVR11-Jun-2012 18:41
Not as good as the EOS, but not bad!
spacedrone80825-Jun-2011 18:33
-the best APS-C camera in 2007-2010
-lightning-fast and accurate auto-focus
-excellent s/n ratio
-superb rock-solid build
-awesome ergonomics

Problems: Only positive emotions no problems detected!
isajoa02-Nov-2009 20:09
I bought the D300s about a week ago. I've been using Canon DSLR for years and the 5D Mark II coupled with a 24-70mm f/2.8 L serie for about a year. Switching from Canon to Nikon isn't easy but isn't hard either. There's a learning curve as both systems ergonomy differ.
As mentionned by previous poster, there is no IR built-in. But there are plenty of radio frenquency remotes for the D300s. I bought the Cleon II (aka photix) remote for 50 bucks and its working like a charm, i can even take remote shot from behind the wall.
The ISO on the D300s is NOT better than the Canon 5D Mark II. However, the ISO is pretty damn good for a 1.5 crop. The Canon 5D Mark II is almost twice the price of a Nikon D300s
and it's not even weather sealed. The D300s is not official sealed either but judging from the unit i have i can tell there's a bit of sealing in the D300s more than the 5D Mark II.
The AE-L (auto exposure lock) works differently on Nikon. On the Canon you just need to press the little * (star) to memorize the exposure (light) you want for the next shot.
On the Nikon you have to press Focus on the subjet, lock the focus, and then select the light source and press the EA-L button (exposure lock) and switch back to subject. Or you can play with the -..+ / a little time consuming on the Nikon.
The battery charger supplied with the D300s is slightly bulky. The base "where you insert the battery" require a long power cord which goes to the wall outlet.
Canon battery charger are usually just small block which goes directly to the wall outlet (no power cord needed).
I find the Canon battery charger much easier to carry around, espcially if you have a already packed bag full of gears.
Because i use an R-Strap, i don't use neck strap On strap it says nikon D300s, on the 5D mark II it says Canon 5D Mark II with two red trims. They're both flashy...

If you use the neck strap, Canon Units got their strap attached closer to the unit while Nikon have some sort of triangle fastener and they kinda make a gingeling noise when moving the body.

The good thing i have notice is the Auto focus. I really like the Auto focus on the D300s. (more than on the Canon 5D mark II) I can't tell which one is better as i just got the D300s.
After few shoots i took with the D300s, i find the AF superbe. The lense is a 17-55 f/2.8 AFS DX.

The video mode is not as high-def as it was on the 5D Mark II but high-def video files (.mov) on the 5D Mark II were a pain to work with. The files were huge and unless you have the software to edit the video in real-time, it was very difficult to preview them without the proper codec converter.
On the D300s, all files are saved in .avi and you just need to double click on the file for an instant computer playback. No need to convert .mov into say .avi on the D300s because they're already in .avi.

If you are on Canon and for some reason switching to Nikon, you should try the D300s before the D700. You many not need to spend thousands of bucks to match the 5D Mark II anymore and that way you can put extra bucks into "your car".
So far i love the D300s + 17-55 .

Eldar Kadymov15-Sep-2009 03:58
I took the plunge and bought the camera few days ago... After I outfitted it with Nikkor 16-85 VR lens, and took few random snapshots... I came to profound conclsuon that I had not a slightest clue about a photography, LOL. This technological wonder from Nikon is light years away from its direct competitors which I still own. One cannot complain anymore about image quality related issues, I should only blaim myself from now on if something's wrong with my images. Few small niggles to be aware about, and they are still unresolved in new D300s;
1. Manual balance set procedure is absolutely awkward and idiotic, my Pentax K100D does it way better and faster. WB presets as a library ? All good shooters normally set WB for each shot separately, unless in emergency.
2. No integrated in body IR remote ?! Even my Minolta A200 has it, a lack of this feature in semi-pro D300 is not excusable.
3. Live View is not supported by articulated LCD, and the whole way it's set is way inferior to my old Panasonic-L1, let alone newer versions of this brand.
4. Viewfinder blind would be nice, why it's so difficult to integrate in body, Nikon ?
5. Location of Fn button is just dreadful carry over from old 35 mm Nikons, and doesn't make any sense anymore.
6. 51 area single spot AF is always shown in the same spot on upper LCD, stupid.
7. Camera operations and menus are not intuitive, this is the first time when I ever read manual, and there are still many things to memorize.
8. Camera doesn't have an automatic shutdown, stupid.
9. An intent of AF lock selector is likely not understood by Nikon engineers themselves, I never use it, LOL.

Otherwise, all I can say that this camera outperforms everything I ever had, and gives me an opportunity to grow as a photographer rather than "working around camera limitations". Run and buy it while quantities still last, unless you care very much about such a gimmik as HDV mode
Eldar Kadymov09-Aug-2009 20:47
Guys, could you prompt me to any decent gallery whereas I could find really good, rather close to professional level shots made by this camera ? I would like to buy this Nikon, just want to compare it's performance with other brands. Also, did anybody experienced any issues with the assembly quality or troublesome operations, since camera is made outside of Japan ? Any help and feedback would be greatly appreacited
Guest 17-Apr-2009 22:05
Nikons best DX format camera. Excellent in all aspects, surpassed all my expectations.
Guest 28-Jan-2009 03:07
just got my d300.. and wow.. its awesome.. :)
philbourgeois09-Jan-2009 12:07
Just upgraded from a D80 to a D300 and am impressed with this camera. I found the amount of options available to the user to be a bit overwhelming at first. But with reading the manual (the size of a paperback novel!!) and playing with the various tweaks I have settled on some favorite combinations.

With the D80 I always used center-weighted metering finding the Matrix metering on that model to be faulty and prone to blowing out highlights easily and consistently. This issue seems to have been adressed on the D300 and for the most part is no longer a problem.

I raised my eyebrows at the option of 'live view' and regarded it with some scepticism. However I have come to appreciate it when using macro lenses.

All in all I am very pleased with this camera and am looking forward to trying to uising it more...especially as the weather warms! (Hate the cold!!)
Guest 03-Dec-2008 18:35
I just got my D300 few days ago. The amount of joy shooting pictures with it is amazing. I can not imagine any better DSLR to the job than this monster.
I have my Nikkor 18-135mm 3.5 and it is working just fine with it.
The short cuts in navigating through different options and functions add an extra flavor to the D300.
Paul van Baardwijk Photography24-Nov-2008 21:09
Great camera, at my last trip I used it with the Nikkor 18-200, sometimes a little blurry on the edges at 18 mm, but the camera itself is great!
Guest 01-Nov-2008 17:06
Love my D300
s reeves30-Oct-2008 18:18
I have owned the D300 for about 3 months now and just returned from my first extensive trip with it. (to Paris,) I cannot imagine a more ideal camera for my needs. It is nicely sized, the controls are intuitive and easily accessible and image quality is excellent. If full-frame and extremely high ISO shooting is not an absolute necessity for you this is the DSLR to get.
s reeves30-Oct-2008 18:17
I have owned the D300 for about 3 months now and just returned from my first extensive trip with it. (to Paris,) I cannot imagine a more ideal camera for my needs. It is nicely sized, the controls are intuitive and easily accessible and image quality is excellent. If full-frame and extremely high ISO shooting is not an absolute necessity for you this is the DSLR to get.
brett_cousins24-Oct-2008 16:34
Has anyone had trouble with a d-300 overexposing and need to set it to underexpose by around 1.3 ta 2 stops?
Guest 29-Sep-2008 23:11
Here is the correct link to my D300 NZ gallery:
Guest 29-Sep-2008 23:06
Spent a month in New Zealand shooting landscapes with the D300. Got rained on many times during the trip and the D300 weather seals worked like a treat.

Great AF, solid and very dependable camera. I paired it with the Nikon 17-55, Nikon 70-300 VR, Tokina 12-24, Nikon 50mm F/1.4 and the Nikon 85mm f/1.8. All in all a super kit for me.

Here is the link to the NZ gallery:
Guest 22-Sep-2008 13:43
Hello Everyone

I bought D300 last month. Very nice camera,great High ISO processing, I like the Active D-Lighting . Very responsive, large screen and live view are also great . I upgrade from my D80 thus I don't know how the differences between D200 and D300 or other pro camera

Here are screens that I took at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Toronto last week

Happy shooting !
Devilgorgor09-Sep-2008 02:44
do you think pictures from D300 r overly saturated with too much grainy yellow?
John Stevenson17-Aug-2008 22:36
I've had a D300 for a month and I've loved it.

Here's a D300-only gallery that I will keep updating as long as I have the camera:
shahoff04-Aug-2008 21:39
Most of the shoots in my gallery done by D300
Felix Wong24-Jul-2008 07:06
Here is my some test shoot on D300
Guest 20-Jul-2008 05:39
Great camera, Nikon best ever DX body beating the D2xs easily. I have had pretty much every DSLR out (besides pentax and Nikon D3) and this is easily the best DX format camera you can get right now. I have sample shots with all Zeiss ZF glass at my Pbase page:
Guest 09-Jul-2008 00:08
I want a much larger, much brighter viewfinder on a manual focus only Nikon FX. Except for fast action photography it would beat autofocus all the way. And to focus better give me bigger apertures in solid metal prime lenses, please, instead of these pathetic f/2.8 and-over plastic zooms.
Guest 28-Jun-2008 14:19
I love your comments Stefan Terenyi....true true true. I updated from D70 early Spring and no words can describe my delight.
Guest 24-Jun-2008 12:26
Perfect camera for me. Don't bother myself with comparing the D300 to other cameras out there... I've got it (didn't have D200 or other digital Nikons before), it's a great tool to create images. Go out and shoot - the D300 will not let you down (other cameras won't do either, I assume). I like the Nikkor lenses, this is what matters to me. Being out and creating images is way more important to compare tiny little techno-gadgets...
Guest 18-Jun-2008 13:52
In my subjectivity as a human mind I agree with James. But don't merely listen to me. Look at the photos here compared to the photos of the D70 thru D40. I'm happily keeping my D50. Just looking at Pbase examples, the D300's color is just not natural. When it is not bland greeny-purple at normal saturation levels, at higher levels it is technicolor over-saturated. The preeminent Nikon commentator on the internet who states the opposite may be half color-blind and needs to see an optometrist, or maybe he's transgressed into a Nikon insider? And then in difficult lighting situations, I just cannot say I like the grain. Just too much digital smear, similar to what started slightly with the d200; and a disease in the insane point-and-shoot megapixel race. Or perhaps there is something wrong with my monitor or my own opti-cognitive processing. I am just a little tired of the kneejerk way the market is going. See also my comments 2nd and 3rd from the bottom.
James Clarke10-May-2008 13:12
Just looking through the images from the D300 I noticed that it seems to render reds a bit of the pink side? If that's the case I think I'll keep my D50 longer or upgrade to a D200 that are going cheep at the moment.
Alessandro Sotgiu20-Apr-2008 19:13
I think, it's the better choice I ever made. I hate working to the shots at home, and now I got the key. 2/3 more of spare time.
Don Benson Photography17-Apr-2008 13:05
Has anyone had trouble with the auto focus on there d300? i had heard about quite a few people not having auto focus when they first got there camera and others had suddenly stopped working. Well i found out first hand for myself! after setting up the studio for a shoot i took a few test shots.. no problem, turned the camera off- came back 15 minutes later and auto focus was gone! tried 3 different lens and no luck! rang nikon and they dont think that it is such a big problem with the camera! 3 days later i am getting the camera ready to take in for repair thought i would give it one more try.. no luck, changed lenses, no luck! so just having a good bye play using manual focus taking a few shots and all of a sudden auto focus decides to come back! Just as someone else described happened to them in a blog i was reading on the net! Others said going from S to live view and back to S fixed there problem but this would not work when i tried it.Great camera.. but there is a fault that needs fixing!
Guest 10-Apr-2008 04:40
The best value from Nikon ever. This camera has stunning vivid colors and if you're into colorful world it's the best digital gear on market having exactly the same capability in terms of color rendition as D3. Here's my fresh gallery from Central Park completely shot with D300 with highest saturation:
Guest 17-Mar-2008 23:20
The straight from camera images are awesome.For me its all about the lens, composition and what you capture.I love it,Ive evolved D50 D80 D200.Depends on what you need it for,as a full time photographer its a joy to use,I also know others who have 2 D300s rather than the D3.There is no difference between good photographers Pro or Am.These lists mean nothing LOL.Big boys with big toys.The image is all that matters. Its been a fun read. Adrian
Guest 12-Mar-2008 06:43
Some motorsports photos taken with the D300
Devilgorgor12-Mar-2008 05:54
SONY a700 shares exact same sensor from D300, I feel cheated, because high ISO performance is worst than expected.
Guest 17-Feb-2008 01:32
Great Camera even work at lower temp. -20 to -30C in the Haerbin, China.
both D300, D40X are function great with 18-200VR and Sigme 4.5mm C-FE
Jay Levin13-Feb-2008 21:40
Wonderful 3" screen, the highest resolution of any camera at the moment (same as the D3). At the age of 65, my eyes need all the help they can get. One stop better noise control than the D200. The autofocus is extremely fast and accurate, and both 51, 21, and 9 points are available. You can use Live View to set white balance. Also, there's an info button that puts all of your shooting settings on the LCD, so if you're on a tripod, they're right there in front of you; you don't have to lean over and look at the top panel of the camera. Also built in sensor cleaning, although I have no idea how good it is. And the battery life is much better than the D200. So far I've been very satisfied with the image quality and color rendering. I have loved the D200, but this is an impressive step up.
daanstringer.com06-Feb-2008 12:57
great camera, I'm very happy with the D300
Guest 06-Feb-2008 03:04
19630 Why is the d300 random pictures stuck at this number for about a week? I would think the gallery would update
Guest 05-Feb-2008 06:28
After read thru so many great comments here, i finally bought the D300 and tested the camera since 1st Jan 2008. The build quality is impressive and I particularly love the 51 points AF, and a lots of features. You can see the my work with D300 at this gallery:

I believe this is the camera that can satisfy pro-work.
Guest 03-Feb-2008 06:33
It's an incredible upgrade from my Nikon D70, and I've only had the D300 for a day now.
Guest 31-Jan-2008 16:45
I love my new D300! What a fantastic camera!!!
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography28-Jan-2008 09:39
I bought my D300 last first shots on,cheers,Matylda
Guest 23-Jan-2008 01:26
It does not matter what camera you use when taking an image.
It is the eye and heart of the person, who has the camera in hand,
that will determine the quality of that image.
Lou Giroud14-Jan-2008 14:27
Nice list indeed. Just says nothing. Professional is something you can pull as long as rubber anyway. What pro's use and what camera producing companies think they should use and what kind of pros they target is 2 different things. "Professional" called cameras are genraly targetting certain classes in that field. A D3 for instance targets certainly more a wildlifeshooter, sportsreporter, military correspondant or any reporter that shoots in darker places where flashlights might disturb. For instance, I doubt much that a Pro that works on hughe publicity pannels and needs a very large, even largest possible basic picture to magnifie to a publicity poster will buy a D3. The camera has a small basic picture compared to Canon's top end full frames and other mid size larger format cameras. A D2X or a D300 produces the same size of basic picture, but... . Just one thing to say, despite of all technical improvement and performances in high Iso ranges and AF systems ; take a shot with any of those cameras you have here on list, add the D2H if you want, magnifie a crop of the pîcture to just between 500 and 550% in Photoshop, if you can magnifie the whole picture by interpolation in genuine fractals is even better and then print a crop and make up your mind. I think that you will change quite a lot to your list after doing it and some of the cameras of the lower list will move up and some from the top down. The only thing that many of those cameras have realy "pro" is the price while many of the semis and consumers are able to beat them in picture quality and resolution for some miles.
The D300, D200 and D2X remain today among what you can find best in the small sensor and technical specs, despite of the fact that any of Canon's cameras in the same field do the same good quality picture without some of Nikon's technical advance in time. If I consider sensor resolution and quality, magnifie a picture of a 5D and the one of a D3 and you will not believe what you see. Note in this context that the reporter that uses this new nikon camera needs speed and sensivity but certainly never publishes a shot in a size bigger then a A4 format. I think personaly that there is more to look at then high Iso sensivity and handling and if you goal is to look your shot at a PC screen or make an album in 9/13 format, you realy can save a lot of money if you buy a pocket.
Note also that many Pro's will certainly prefer to buy a couple of D300's then one D3.
So far so good and for those who started with a D300 as a first dslr or first Nikon, congrats, you just bought one of the finest and best working gear on the market.
Barry Ailetcher21-Dec-2007 02:42
I ust got my D300 andso far I love it I don't know what the people that are knocking it have against it but maybe they need to go to canon if they think the D300 is junk or maybe they just can't afford the D300 thats my take on all this BS
Walter Otto Koenig13-Dec-2007 00:53
I bought my D300 on November 21, the first day it was available from a reputable dealer. I'm glad I did because who knows when I would have gotten the camera. I'm very satisfied with it so far. My first shots can be seen here:

I purposely went to the San Diego Zoo where light, movement, glass and fence barriers are a problem.

Best Wishes, Walter

Guest 09-Dec-2007 13:03
It's a pity people do not take a few seconds to tah their D300 galleries properly. See some nice pics Andreas has taken with his D300 and some good lenses. They tell a lot.

Guest 08-Dec-2007 15:05
Still very happy with the camera, I added some shots from a hockey game (some at ISO 3200), taken with the 18-200 VR. The 3D tracking AF works too...
Guest 04-Dec-2007 22:41
So far I am very happy with my D300. Super fast & accurate AF. Very nice in camera Tiff/Jpegs. You can view some of my recent D300 work here:
Guest 02-Dec-2007 23:45
Very nice camera.. Great High ISO processing, Active D-Lighting is a nice add-on (adds a little noise in the shadows though). Very responsive, and the screen is superb. Autofocus seems even faster than on the D200. Here is a gallery of jpg samples, no post processing.
Guest 28-Nov-2007 06:19
After a day or two of use I can honestly say that I would ditch the D200 for a D300. Considerably better noise handling (in practice), much better screen than the D200 and S5, and cool live view. Haven't used the AF much, seems great; not sure if it's 'better'... However, I was never very interested in the D200 and still less in the D300 since I'm waiting for my D3 to get here. I'll post pics from the D300 eventually, though I'm mostly just screwing around...

My guess is that most people who don't want a big sensor will just keep their D200/D80...
foto61.net13-Nov-2007 07:57
Just reading will not make you able to judge things in a correct way. To write how things will work in real conditions needs mor thean 'puttinh a hand on a cam earlier'. What is B..S and what not I leave up to you mate. And... at least I am not taking everything personally.
Lou Giroud08-Nov-2007 12:21
There might be some people who read more then others, put the hand on a camera a bit of time before others do, are interested what is in it technicaly before the mess-up starts, visit exhibitions and ask thousand question and so on... Instead of writing B...S.. here as a reply to other people's comments, you better use your brain to read and study interesting things, like sensors, AF systems and what new cameras are made of. It's a sure way to know many things longer before others do.
foto61.net06-Nov-2007 14:28
Jerry, it is great what people already know about the D300. I wonder how they can know as they haven't even seen one. I love all those druids which already know that the new sensor is bullshit, the new AF is just a fussy gimmick, the D200 is at least as good, and so on. Great fun!
Lou Giroud09-Oct-2007 06:50
She will make somewhat more then the D200, but for sure not better. The D200 has an excellent DOF capacity for a DX sized camera. Bringing the D2X cmos into the body will not make things better. Let's hope that the processor manages the highlight burning problems that occured on the D2X better then on the big brother. For those who have a D200, it's not worth the deplacement to the store to go for a D300. For those who start it's a good deal unless they can find a D200 body at a much lower price.
I expect the D300 as a supplementary body to my D200 since the live viewing facility makes things easyer in underwater photography. Note that I will keep my D200 body, that camera makes absolutely great shots. I don't think one can do much better and here the 7000 $ bodies do not even show for 5000 $ more picture.
Guest 24-Sep-2007 19:14
Sincierly, I have the D-200 and I don't think it has that much difference. For sure it will be better with noise in high iso, that together with the 2Mpx. are basically the only features that clearly differ. But a CCD has too some other advantages over a CMOS, like it's color accuracy. I doubt that I'll change mine, never the less, I am eager to see the new D3X.
Guest 30-Aug-2007 01:52
Many people expect it to be hold in check Canon's runaway.
Guest 28-Aug-2007 13:28
Then, as second camera, another 33x23mm, silent shutter, without reflex mirror or viewfinder, also fully compatible with all Nikon lenses, which would concentrate on optimizing REAL live view in a 4 inch lcd with highly enhanced autofocus information. Both cameras no more than 10 megapixel. Or maybe a square sensor, 33x33mm, so orientation doesn't matter?
Guest 28-Aug-2007 13:01
Bring back human control. If I could take charge of Nikon, I would kick the rest of the industry to the curb, by building a digital autofocus F2-like dslr with a 33x23mm ccd (not cmos), part 1/500 sec+ flash sync electronic shutter, 1.5x magnified 100% viewfinder, and a large well-placed focus-lock button/focus area joystick just below the rear control wheel for under $1000. Much better than the Canon 5D, and fully compatible with ALL Nikon lenses. Forget the fancy 51-segment autofocus and live view lcd rubbish etc.
Guest 24-Aug-2007 15:34
yeah ... I know ... just announce by Nikon yesterday, but it's still just a bit better (12 instead 10 MP) cam from my current one,.
Isn't a sense to exchange it ASAP? Or just wait for some real tests on DPREVIEW ?
What do you think guys ?


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