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Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel SLR Digital Camera Sample Photos

Also known as Canon EOS Kiss Digital in Japan.
Also known as Canon EOS 300D Digital
Marketed: 01-Sep-2003
Lens Mount: EF
Megapixels: 6.3
Random Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel Samples from 458898 available Photos more
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g1/63/891763/3/111694526.jhramZzV.jpg g4/27/446227/3/59868674.IMG_2214_s.jpg g9/50/1169950/3/157976562.iVc3OVCS.jpg u49/pieval/medium/36459578.IMG_1910.jpg

air ambulance20-Jun-2012 19:37
my husband has this same camera!
Johan Van Damme22-Oct-2008 15:43
My first digital reflex camera, many years old, full of scratches but still doïng his job, I wonna buy a canon Eos 5D mark II, any sponsors in the crowd ;-)
Johan Van Damme22-Oct-2008 15:42
My first digital reflex camera, many years old, full of scratches but still doïng his job, I wonna buy a canon Eos 5D mark II, any sponsors in the crowd ;-)
James Trimbee11-Feb-2008 16:57
Still using it, still enjoying it!
Josue Collado11-Oct-2007 04:29
A very good camera for the price. I like the color rendition and warmth.
Canon-300D28-Oct-2006 18:28
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Guest 02-Oct-2006 13:21
I've just bought a Canon 300D, hope to learn more from all of you!
Dan Chusid01-Sep-2006 23:29
Still using my D300 with my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. Makes a terrific combo
and the small depth of field really makes the subject stand out.
Use some good glass and you'll see the difference.
Guest 21-Apr-2006 21:17
Been using my Canon 300D for about a year now... it's been great to me so far but I am itching for the 20D.

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Guest 17-Mar-2006 08:11
My very vist SLR - very happy with it.
Canon-300D09-Feb-2006 01:35
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Guest 30-Jan-2006 13:36
It's now January 30th 2006 and there are a lot of nice Digital SLR's on the market. Including the newer Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D). But this older Canon Digital Rebel (300D) is still one of the best in my opinion. In fact I prefer it's slightly larger size to the Rebel XT since I have larger hands. At 6.3 megapixel you can easily print 20x30 inches if you want. Otherwise the color and clarity are wonderful while back lit on a computer screen (my preferred viewing experience). The versatility this camera offers is great. I got mine 7 months ago and I'm still discovering new ways to use it.

Please don't get caught up in the "gear craze" you'll waste time and money constantly tryng to get to the best equipment. In the end the best equipment is the one you spend the most amount of time with and become the most comfortable with. It's about the photography, not so much the gear.

This camera can be found for great prices on the used market. It's firmware can be hacked to give it more options like 3200ASA shooting and RAW+LargeJPG shooting without voiding it's warranty (if it still has one). As well as mirror lockup and so on. For the price it's incredible. I also bought a Nikon lens mount adapter to use my old Nikon film camera lenses on this camera and they work great when the digital rebel is in manual or aperture priority mode.
Monte Dodge14-Nov-2005 17:09
Good Camera to learn Digital on. For the money, it is a good learning tool. I have blown up prints to 20" by 30" that look stunning and people think it is film. Also shoots three shots vertical, then stitch , I can have a big 12 meg pixel file that does good 24" by 36" prints as good as a 5D for only a fraction of the price. ALso , I can invest in Cannon glass which doesn't change as fast as the cameras. Be happy with your current camera beccause you can never keep up in this digital race. I love to shoot film as well, so I swap lens to my cheapo K2 film camera loaded with Delta 100 or Velvia 50.....
Guest 13-Sep-2005 13:00
Please, visit my page and send me your coments.
My regards.
Rick Garcia26-Aug-2005 22:41
Santa gave me a 300D for Christmas......My first SLR. As the family novice photographer, my photos look like I know what I'm doing.....LOL! I added the canon 28/135IS lens....WoW!...
Brian McGeough11-Jul-2005 15:41
Most pics on my site were taken with the 300D great camera, please feel free to take a look ive upgraded now to 1D mkII but the old 300D is still a great camera for the money..
Guest 13-Mar-2005 10:12
Hi, some of my shots from my Canon 300D can be seen at the gallery below. As I'm only 18, I hope I have a good future ahead of me where photography is concerned! See what you think...

Digital Rebels24-Jan-2005 21:18
Digital Rebels Users Group Invites you to visit our great PBase Galleries
or to join our discussion list
We are a friendly group welcoming photographers with any level experience using the Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) or 20D - some of our most active members 'upgraded' but we didn't have the heart to kick them out;)
Guest 05-Jan-2005 12:10
I am a 300D (black) user now (by chance). Had to let go my D70 coz I thought not I prefer a prosumer level camera (Sony F-828). But after a month on the F-828, I just cannot stand it. Decide to revert back to DSLR. There was a 300D on offer and I grab it.

Surprising, it is much easier to use than the D70. And picture warmer too. Only drawback was the plastic look body. But with Battery grip on, it was much easier to handle than the D70. I don't miss my D70 anymore. Apapt from the fast capturing of D70, I don't find the 300D is a downgrade. And when I was using the D70, I never once had to do continuous shoot.
John S. Nasche27-Dec-2004 22:45
I have been a film purist my entire life. I thought that digital cameras were a fad much like the Kodak Disc camera and APS film, … fun to play with perhaps but not really capable of serious photography. My wife bought me the Canon Rebel D, (also known as the Rebel Kiss and the Canon 300D), and I’m ashamed to say it pretty much stayed in the box at first other than being used for “snapshots” around the house. After reading many reports and seeing many samples of stunning photography of this fine camera, my opinion was changed from skeptic to believer. I was floored when I learned that the 6.3 mega-pixel capacity of the camera actually gives higher resolution than 35 mm print film.

I have prepared a gallery to show examples of what the camera can do in a variety of lighting and shooting modes, … from high-speed photography to low light, bright sunlight and even under professional studio lights.

I have made no modifications to these images at all; i.e. no white balance correction, no color correction, no cropping, no brightness or contrast adjustments. These images are exactly as they were downloaded from the camera other than re-sizing them to fit on the web page and to add a watermark with my copyright. One image, “Beach 142” I left the original size so that you can actually see the jaw dropping crispness and quality of the image. See the gallery at WARNING!! There is no nudity in this gallery, but there is nudity in other galleries on my pbase site! If you do not wish to view galleries with nudity, please do not leave the one gallery this links to! Each gallery is clearly marked.
Guest 16-Dec-2004 22:51
The Digital Rebel has qualities which are unique to itself. I have never seen such beautiful DOF (Bokeh) in a camera which comes with a cool lense for such a low price.
My present camera is the EOS 10D, but it doesn't beat the DRebel in any way when it comes to taking a great photo! A very nice piece of kit indeed.
Cedric Sims12-Dec-2004 16:43
I have had my Cannon 300D for a year now. It is a very nice camera with lots of
Guest 05-Nov-2004 01:05
It's the best DSLR in the market today. Digital noise is literally absent on most pictures. Shooting at ISO800 on 300D is really useful and it's usable. Actually, the noise of 300D at ISO800 is even better than ISO100 of other digital cameras.

I really love this camera!
Yann Pindeler20-Sep-2004 05:56
@ Pete Perry
It was all manual for the TWO cameras.
Then, using digital reflexes in auto mode is not exactly a good idea ;-) Instead, buy some compact camera, and if you want to, just do it yourself LOL :)

I will NEVER waste my time using auto mode while results are always better when manually adjusting F-stop and speed. Note that adjustements were the same on the too camera... it's better for comparison.

Test 300D vs D70 here .
Guest 15-Sep-2004 18:54
Hello I have many tests here of this camera and it's equipment here:

Also many pictures I have taken with this camera:
Guest 31-Aug-2004 22:24
Ok Yann P.

Why did you use Manual mode for the exposure on the D70?

Also why not just let the cameras go on Auto and see which image is better? Or better yet, preset the white balance, set low contrast and then take the picture at the same ISO?
Guest 29-Aug-2004 08:51
i like my KissD
Canon-300D16-Aug-2004 20:06
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Yann Pindeler04-Aug-2004 01:44
Nothing is better than compare : look at this two pictures, one from the MIGHTY EOS Digital Rebel and one from the Nikon D70 . One has a better sharpenning while the other has a better auto-exposition. Do you want to know more ?

Oh no, not bugs...
Guest 16-Jun-2004 21:24
Great Camera!
I enjoy every picture I take with it!
Guest 15-Jun-2004 15:50
Yes James it is worth, with a price less than 100 euro don't even mention it!!
James Deakin15-Jun-2004 15:12
So, in a nutshell, is it worth buying a 1.8 lens if you already have the 18-55?
Guest 02-Jun-2004 08:52
You can upgrade 300D and save $500 using these instructions:
Julian Hebbrecht08-May-2004 15:11
The Canon 300 D / Rebel is a great camera. The lens that comes with the kit, the EF-S 18-55 mm lens is the most affordable 18 mm wide angle lens in the Canon collection.
However, this is not a very sharp lens compared with the Canon EF 50 mm 1.8 ll and similar lenses. Take a look at these two images at > and see the difference.

Julian Hebbrecht

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