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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens Sample Photos

Marketed: 1990
Lens Mount: EF
Lens: 50mm f/1.8
Random Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Samples from 11589 available Photos more
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Guest 29-Nov-2010 17:16
Excellent lens, very light weight and fast enough to work in low light. A must to have.
See samples here
Guest 29-Nov-2010 12:13
Excellent lens, very light weight and fast enough to work in low light. A must to have.
See samples here
Guest 22-Oct-2010 03:18
I bought this lens as my first prime. I've had some great results from it so far. Ideal for portrait photography. Considering it's F1.8, the quality is fantastic. I agree the build does feel rather light and plastic which can be off-putting. But the lens delivers quality and performance. The f1.4 can cost 4 times as much, and for what? For the general photographer, this is a vital piece of kit.
singapore_photographer16-Mar-2009 23:47
great value high performance lens. must buy!
gardengirl1320-Feb-2009 17:30
I love this lens! The first copy I borrowed from a neighbor years ago was somewhat strange, but I needed something in the 50 range, I tried three 1.4 versions and none focused correctly or were sharp wide open. I shoot indoors without flash with this lens all the time so I need it somewhat sharp wide open. I got this one used form b&h and it is awesome! Sharp, fast focusing, nice and small, easy to carry to gigs with two other lenses. I don't think this lens will easily break on me and I use it kind of roughly (meaning at gigs my three lens go in and out of my bag without caps and never get damaged.) The camera and lens gets put on the ground, is out in light snow and rain and is still kickin' after a year of my use and who knows how long of someone elses. I'd never go to the 1.4 after using this lens!
Guest 29-Dec-2008 13:07
One of the best bargains out there - fantastic little lens for practically nothing !!
Just don't drop it, though, or this will happen:

(The f/1.4 is more robust :) ...)
Guest 01-Nov-2008 02:37
For a poor college student this lens was perfect. I was hesitant at first but it was so cheap I couldn't resist. Since getting it I have not had a single complaint. I love this lens.
Guest 28-Sep-2007 21:51
Great lens just bought one I am impressed seems more clear than costly lenses although it is only 50mm.. But still good for portraits. excellent deal!
Barry S Moore27-May-2007 13:15
A great standard lens. With the addition of the EF12 and EF25 extension tubes you can cover a full magnification range up to 1:1 in the three combinations. Auto focus hunts though with both extension tubes on together and its best to go manual.

Have a look at my macro photo at
Bill Warren10-Mar-2007 03:40
Plastic and very light, this lens impresses no one just sitting mounted on your camera. So just show them the quality images that this cheap little workhouse can knock out. Here is one of my better creative examples.
Guest 08-Oct-2006 08:29
50 mm f1.8 is a very good lens, but 85 mm f1.8 is best for portraits
Guest 19-Sep-2006 08:40
The EF 50mm f/1.8 II on a Canon EOS 5D takes great images? You bet! :>
Guest 26-Jul-2006 11:36
The 50mm/f1.4 and 50mm/f1.8 are the BEST PORTRAIT LENSES that Canon offers. I own a Canon Rebel 2000 and Digital Rebel XT and have used both these lenses for several months. Pictures have been outstanding and my professional customers frequently cite the sharpness, light balance, depth of field, color reproduction, and "bokeh" (intentional blurring of background in portraits) from these lenses. Some people question the usefulness of a 50mm lens on digital SLRs with a 1.6x crop factor (i.e., 50mm lens = 80mm on a dSLR like the Digital Rebel XT)... I can vouch that the range is beautiful and relevant, focusing more closely on key subjects in portraits.

WHAT DO THESE LENSES HAVE IN COMMON? They are both fast (the f1.4 is blazing fast - dSLR can hardly keep up!), details are incredibly sharp (you can see individual hair strands), virtually no chromatic (color) aberration, no dithering or shadows in the corners, focusing is rapid and quiet (thanks to Canon's patented Ultrasonic USM technology) and photo quality parallels even my professional Canon "L" lenses. These fixed aperture lenses also provide superior pictures than telephoto lenses at 50mm because of better glass and aspherical elements.

HOW ARE THESE LENSES DIFFERENT? Having tested both lenses across 1500+ pictures, there are 5 key factors that make the f1.4 superior (justifying the $300+ price tag).

1) FASTER ESPECIALLY IN LOW LIGHT: Extra f-stop makes the f/1.4 better for indoor photos or low light. Great companion to the 480EX flash. I was able to take nearly 40 pics/min with flash and the fastest Sandisk 1GB Ultra II CF card

2) NO CHROMATIC ABERRATION, whereas the f/1.8 has slight yellowing of photos under certain lighting conditions or where edge definition is low

3) FULL AUTO/MANUAL FOCUSING RANGE: f/1.8 requires flipping between auto and manual using a switch, while f/1.4 can be manually "hot" focused/tweaked after auto focusing

4) SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY: The f/1.8 is plastic and feels cheap, like it might fall apart anytime. The f/1.4 is metal, weighty, and is for the proud lens owner

5) CLEANER "BOKEH" - f/1.4 produces beautiful blurring of background in portraits ("bokeh") while the f/1.8 leaves less clean edges. Canon reviews suggest this is due to the f/1.4 having 8 lens elements vs. 5 elements for the f/1.8

WHICH LENS SHOULD YOU BUY? This is a question of utility vs. value. The f/1.4 costs over $300 while the f/1.8 can be acquired for under $75. The f/1.4 will last forever while the f/1.8 will probably break under normal use in a year. Does this justify the 4x price tag? If you are a budding photographer looking for a "play lens" then the f/1.8 will more than over-deliver. If you are a photo enthusiast who looks for "the perfect shot," you will want the f/1.4 because it surpasses every expectation (and so you're not left wondering, "what if"). If you are a photo professional, you already have the f/1.4 lens among your bag and are not reading this review. :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Guest 25-May-2006 08:45
one of the best lenses and extremely versatile
Guest 15-Oct-2005 00:17
I love this inexpensive lens. Is a great friend of my eyes.
Guest 08-Oct-2005 05:53
Amazing lens!
I have many images i take whit this lens in my gallery.
Canon-300D16-Nov-2004 18:44
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