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Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens Sample Photos

Marketed: 1996
Lens Mount: EF
Lens: 135mm f/2 ø72
Random Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Samples from 16174 available Photos more
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Ric Duncombe14-Feb-2011 07:59
A wand of a lens which should be included in everyone's bag
@ Bruce Gilling29-Sep-2010 01:00
Very sharp at f2 shot his handheld in evening light
@ Bruce Gilling29-Sep-2010 00:59
Very sharp at f2 shot his handheld in evening light
Mike Liquorish Captured Frame20-Feb-2010 10:34
Stunningly sharp lens I use it on a 1D11N and 5DMK11 ,fantastic portrait lens( have to be careful it shows every imperfection on close facial portraits) good in low light. Performs well at f2 very rarely go past f2.8,lovely bokeh,will definitely move it into my wedding kit.Probably the best performance for value priced lens in the "L" range from Canon.If you have a use for this focal length it would be the best of any lens in this range at the current time. I own a few L lenses and this would be the best of the lot .
Guest 12-Nov-2009 15:27
Nice lens, but not very versatile (because of the lack of IS), not really a low light lens (unless you use the flash).
Serhan15-Apr-2008 21:29
I shot Cherry Blossom Parade wide open with my 135 L on my 40D, and the Sakura Matsuri-Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC with my 85mm f/1.8 and 135 L combo on my 40D. It is an excellent combination for event shooting to get the background out of focus. I haven't used 135L due to its longer range with my 20D/40D but it was a perfect match for the event. It has a perfect bokeh esp wide open. You can check my parade gallery with 135L:

You can check my Cherry Blossom Street Festival gallery if you want to see the differences btw 85mm & 135mm:
Devilgorgor12-Mar-2008 14:31
used to own this lens, tack sharp, of course it is lighter than my currently own 200mm 1.8L USM but can't beat 200mm's sharpness. only thing I miss 135mm so much because you won't get exhuasted and tired while take it wherever with you, but hauling 200mm just like pain in ass.
Devilgorgor12-Mar-2008 14:31
used to own this lens, tack sharp, of course it is lighter than my currently own 200mm 1.8L USM but can't beat 200mm's sharpness. only thing I miss 135mm so much because you won't get exhuasted and tired while take it wherever with you, but hauling 200mm just like pain in ass.
Juliano Lopez14-Jan-2008 03:33
Hands down one of my favorite lenses. I think it's one of Canon's best. The contrast and colors of this lens is amazing. Don't forget the silk smooth bokeh. This lens is excellent for portraits or when you want to isolate the subject. I would pick it over a 70-200 in a heart beat.

Some samples here:
Guest 25-Dec-2007 19:51
Recent shots from Canon 135mm F2.0; Canon 70-200mm F2.8; and Canon 17-55mm F2.8 at my site:
Robert Olson21-Dec-2007 22:50
It don't get any better than this Folks!

one of Canon's sharpest & High contrast & Color lens made by canon.

Highly Recommended
Guest 17-Nov-2007 15:44
First time shoot with the 135mm for my daughter's senior yearbook photo. A few 85mm shots for comparison. regards
caveman_lee17-Jul-2007 15:26
One of my beloved primes.
Steven Noyes22-Oct-2006 01:17
A great lens that is fast and flexible. It can be used as a portrait lens:

landscapes (stitched)

or wildlife

This lens is sharp wide open and gets amazing by the time you get to f8.0
Guest 03-Aug-2006 12:57
My plan was upgrading to 70-200 2.8 from the f4 at first. Compared the quality of 135 f2 and 70-200 2.8 ... slightly sharper..and faster

I haven't had any problems with focal length so far. ;)

The only limit is the photographer...

Recommended for portraits, but also for other stuff, such as aviation photography.
Guest 26-Jul-2006 12:12
Everyone gives this lens a rave so maybe i should approach this terrific lens from a shooting POV.

Shooting wide open at f2at 135 gives your pictures a distinct quality you would never get from zooms, there isn't a zoom at this focal length that is this speed either. A few primes come close but they're nowhere near as sharp wide open.

the af is fast and very accurate and the lens has a great feel on a 20d/5d/10d body even wo the battery grip of the cameras.

Close up magnification of .19x to.21 therabouts is a nice bonus of this lens, letting you get closer wo being too in your face for tight headshots.

I always felt that photographers usually have a sweet spot when shooting certain things like some portrait photographers like the distance the 85mm gives them when approaching a subject, turns out I'm liking the 135 focal length quite a bit for headshots and the 85 for torso and head shots.

One thing I like about this 135/f2 combo is that there's enough DOF to get most of the main subject in view and focus but the background will still be blurred out. It's really great when you want the subject in focus and nothing else, as opposed to the 85 1.2 parts of the subject could melt into the background resulting in images that be a little too ethreal for some tastes. Couldn't you just stop down the 85? Sure but the relationship of the foreground to background would still be different with the 135.

The 135 f2 can give a result that's juuust right. The backgrounds just a little more compressed with the foreground but the foreground is sharp but the background is gone. Almost like you lurred the background in photoshop. But you'll never get the same results from blurring in photoshop, for one thing the highlights would get muddied in a blur treatment in PS while the highlights stay clean at f2.

Don't just use this thing for portraits, use it the way you would use a 50mm and try and frame as such, again the focal lenth and wide aperture will give an interesting result. I basically use it for candids and portraits during a wedding.

Fantastic lens, very sharp, very handholdable, the focal length is terrific for portraits and the bokeh is very beautiful, equal in sharpness to the 85 1.2 or any of Canon's $5k lenses. This is probably the best lens you can get for the price, the only lens I've used with better saturation and contrast is the 35 1.4L.

Downside: Not as handholdable as the 50,35 1.4 or the 85 1.2 during low light situations due to it's focal length.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Guest 20-Oct-2005 02:04
my favarite L

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