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Harel Boren | all galleries >> Galleries >> Given Names to Astronomical Objects > The Woolly Mammoth Nebula - LDN 673, 676A, 676B, 677, B77
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Aug. 26-7, 2014 Harel Boren

The Woolly Mammoth Nebula - LDN 673, 676A, 676B, 677, B77

Negev Desert, Israel

Total Exposure Time: 4 hours RGB(bin2),
80:70:90 // 24x10 min. frames UNGUIDED
RA 19h 20m 54s, Dec +11 15' 51"
Pos Angle +271 36', FL 600 mm, 3.71"/Pixel
This image is 1660x1551 pixels

Officina Stellare Riccardi-Honders Veloce 200 RH OTA
ASA DDM60 Pro Mount

Officina Stellare -
On my site -
Deeper technical informaiton on the Riccardi-Honders design -
ASA DDM60 Pro -
On my site -
SBIG ST8300M, RGB Astrodon Gen II filters

Processed with PixInSight using IP4AP methodologies (

An annotated version of this image can be found here:

Part of a dark expanse that splits the crowded plane of our Milky Way galaxy, the Aquila Rift arcs through the northern hemisphere's summer skies near bright star Altair and the Summer Triangle.

As the first frame of this image came in, it has reminded me of a Woolly Mammoth... Hence, I decided to name it in memory of that long-extinct species

In silhouette against the Milky Way's faint starlight, its dusty molecular clouds likely contain raw material to form hundreds of thousands of stars and astronomers eagerly search the clouds for telltale signs of star birth. This telescopic close-up looks toward the region at a fragmented Aquila dark cloud complex identified as LDN 673, stretching across a field of view slightly wider than the full moon. In the scene, visible indications of energetic outflows associated with young stars include the small red tinted nebulosity RNO 109 at top left and Herbig-Haro object HH32 above and right of center. The dark clouds in Aquila are estimated to be some 600 light-years away. At that distance, this field of view spans about 7 light-years (ref.

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