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Robert Reeder Marbles For Sale (Sold Out)

Robert is one of the most exciting marble artists on the scene today, and he is making some absolutely killer fumed and dichro vortices, usually featuring wonderful opals tucked deep inside as well. If you think the pics of these gems look good, then just wait until you see them in hand, because the pics don't begin to capture the majesty of this glass!! Robert creates brilliant fumed rainbows that flow in organized waves through the marbles, sending out ringing vibes of happiness and beauty. They sparkle with dichro and opal elements that tantalize the senses and bring a sense of awe and wonder as you stare down into the depths of these jewels. This is mesmerizing glass to say the least and you will love having one or more of these gems in the collection!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each item and to purchase available pieces. I ship worldwide.

A Star is Born Size: 2.16 Price: SOLD
:: "A Star is Born" Size: 2.16" Price: SOLD ::
Calypso Plunge Size: 2.21 Price: SOLD
:: "Calypso Plunge" Size: 2.21" Price: SOLD ::
The Benefit of My Stars Size: 2.27 Price: SOLD
:: "The Benefit of My Stars" Size: 2.27" Price: SOLD  ::
Cosmic Exhilarant Size: 2.18 Price: SOLD
:: "Cosmic Exhilarant" Size: 2.18" Price: SOLD  ::
Horizon's Creation Size: 2.26 Price: SOLD
:: "Horizon's Creation" Size: 2.26" Price: SOLD  ::
Agitated Equilibrium Size: 2.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Agitated Equilibrium" Size: 2.19" Price: SOLD  ::
Quantum Stormchaser Size: 2.18 Price: SOLD
:: "Quantum Stormchaser" Size: 2.18" Price: SOLD  ::
Sunny Daze Size: 2.07 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunny Daze" Size: 2.07" Price: SOLD  ::
Cyborg Sundown Size: 1.91 Price: SOLD
:: "Cyborg Sundown" Size: 1.91" Price: SOLD ::
Cosmic Candyland Size: 2.26 Price: SOLD
:: "Cosmic Candyland" Size: 2.26" Price: SOLD ::
Cosmic Psyclone Size: 2.35 Price: SOLD
:: "Cosmic Psyclone" Size: 2.35" Price: SOLD  ::
Wavy Shiny Gravy Size: 2.18 Price: SOLD
:: "Wavy Shiny Gravy" Size: 2.18" Price: SOLD  ::
Perfection of Time and Matter Size: 2.28 Price: SOLD
:: "Perfection of Time and Matter" Size: 2.28" Price: SOLD  ::
Gemstone Alley Size: 2.23 Price: SOLD
:: "Gemstone Alley" Size: 2.23" Price: SOLD  ::
Cubed Eyepop Size: 2.28 Price: SOLD
:: "Cubed Eyepop" Size: 2.28" Price: SOLD ::
Gilded Promises Size: 2.40 Price: SOLD
:: "Gilded Promises" Size: 2.40" Price: SOLD ::
Prismatic Symphony Size: 2.28 Price: SOLD
:: "Prismatic Symphony" Size: 2.28" Price: SOLD ::
Planetary Timewarp Size: 2.06 Price: SOLD
:: "Planetary Timewarp" Size: 2.06" Price: SOLD  ::