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Greg Chase Marbles For Sale

Greg Chase is one of the most prolific and well known murrine artists in the world, having created hundreds upon hundreds of images over the past 15 years or so, first in soft glass, and now almost exclusively in boro. Of course, my favorite use of these images is when he puts them into marbles! He used to make a good number of marbles when he worked only with soft glass, but seldom if ever makes marbles any longer using the boro images he is creating. These marbles are all soft glass, and we'll certainly never see any more of this type of marble made by Greg, and it's hard to say if he'll ever make any more marbles period. They are just sooooo much work, and use up so much murrine cane, compared to what we are able to charge for them based on the market. These marbles are absolute BARGAINS right now based on the amount of time and material used to create them, and in the future I expect them to be worth MUCH more, once the collecting public becomes fully aware of what went into these amazing creations. I am proud to offer a certain number of his marbles here, all from 2011 or earlier, and many of them from the 2009 time period.

As you'll discover as you peruse and get to know his work, Greg has a LOT of fun with the glass he creates. His marbles and subject matter are colorful and bright, very whimsical, often times quite nostalgic, and they invite you to take a carefree view of the glass, similar to the life Greg has led with his talented wife Deanna (who also has worked with glass alongside Greg in the past, and is now a very successful author). Greg creates a lot of different scenes in his marbles, from 60's hippie love themes, to ocean and underwater fun, to animal romping, to various cityscapes (especially New Orleans where they now live), and on and on. He also loves skulls, aliens and other fun and funky subjects like that. There are very few artists whose work is as much fun as Greg's - these marbles just make you smile!! Greg's creativity is simply off the charts, with SO many variations of styles and themes and scenes.

The craftsmanship of Greg's work is very unique, in that he is combining a lot of different small pieces of glass (slices of his murrine images) into one sphere, keeping it all round, and managing all of this while working with soft glass, which is much harder to manage and control than boro, as it simply melts easier and wants to do things on its own if even the slightest amount of too much heat hits it. It's quite the task to keep it all together, and Greg got better and better at it over the years, as well as more complex. The marbles I am initially offering here are later marbles that are much more developed than his earlier work. There is usually a LOT going on in them. It is essentially painting with glass, in a sphere, and it is not at all easy to do. The time behind each one of these marbles is immense, when you consider what went into creating each of the images and canes used. Impressive, and FUN!! These are extremely historic marbles, by an artist who is now well known throughout the worldwide glass community, and you will want some of Greg's work in your collection!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#22: Oh Happy Day! Size: 1.71 Price: $125
:: #22: "Oh Happy Day!" Size: 1.71" Price: $125  ::
#31: Mars Attacks! Size: 1.81 Price: $330
:: #31: "Mars Attacks!" Size: 1.81" Price: $330  ::
#33: Civilization Size: 2.05 Price: $340
:: #33: "Civilization" Size: 2.05" Price: $340  ::
#36: Metairie Size: 1.78 Price: $170
:: #36: "Metairie" Size: 1.78" Price: $170  ::
#40: Industrial Revolution Size: 1.60 Price: $180
:: #40: "Industrial Revolution" Size: 1.60" Price: $180  ::
#41: Island Days Size: 1.70 Price: $280
:: #41: "Island Days" Size: 1.70" Price: $280  ::
Bourbon Street Size: 1.65 Price: SOLD
:: "Bourbon Street" Size: 1.65" Price: SOLD ::
Seaside Sunset Size: 1.76 Price: SOLD
:: "Seaside Sunset" Size: 1.76" Price: SOLD  ::
Ode to the Flowers Size: 1.94 Price: SOLD
:: "Ode to the Flowers" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD  ::
City Drive Size: 1.86 Price: SOLD
:: "City Drive" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD  ::
Southern Roll Size: 1.72 Price: SOLD
:: "Southern Roll" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD  ::
American Dream Size: 1.76 Price: SOLD
:: "American Dream" Size: 1.76" Price: SOLD  ::
Country Drive Size: 1.86 Price: SOLD
:: "Country Drive" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD  ::
Trick or Treat! Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Trick or Treat!" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Chugga Chugga Choochoo Size: 1.78 Price: SOLD
:: "Chugga Chugga Choochoo" Size: 1.78" Price: SOLD ::
Haunted Hotel Size: 1.94 Price: SOLD
:: "Haunted Hotel" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD ::
Sunny Serengeti Size: 1.77 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunny Serengeti" Size: 1.77" Price: SOLD  ::
Beeeezzzzzzzz Size: 1.69 Price: SOLD
:: "Beeeezzzzzzzz" Size: 1.69" Price: SOLD  ::
Tale of Two Cities  Size: 1.69  Price: SOLD
:: "Tale of Two Cities" Size: 1.69" Price: SOLD ::
The Classic Size: 1.07 x 0.45 Price: SOLD
:: "The Classic" Size: 1.07" x 0.45" Price: SOLD ::
The Caboose Size: 0.99 x 0.49 Price: SOLD
:: "The Caboose" Size: 0.99" x 0.49" Price: SOLD ::
Train Life Size: 1.10 x 0.48 Price: SOLD
:: "Train Life" Size: 1.10" x 0.48" Price: SOLD ::
Activated Amber Size: 1.46 Price: SOLD
:: "Activated Amber" Size: 1.46" Price: SOLD ::
Head Full of Flower Size: 1.53 Price: SOLD
:: "Head Full of Flower" Size: 1.53" Price: SOLD ::
Under the Sea Size: 1.74 Price: SOLD
:: "Under the Sea" Size: 1.74" Price: SOLD ::
Flamingo Bay Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Flamingo Bay" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Rainforest in Flight Size: 1.96 Price: SOLD
:: "Rainforest in Flight" Size: 1.96" Price: SOLD ::
Industrial Revolution Size: 2.45 Price: SOLD
:: "Industrial Revolution" Size: 2.45" Price: SOLD  ::
The Love Bus Size: 1.83 Price: SOLD
:: "The Love Bus" Size: 1.83" Price: SOLD  ::
Car Collection Size: 1.74 Price: SOLD
:: "Car Collection" Size: 1.74" Price: SOLD ::
Van Gogh Size: 1.22 x .52 Price: SOLD
:: "Van Gogh" Size: 1.22" x .52" Price: SOLD ::
Grab the Safari Hat Size: 1.77 Price: SOLD
:: "Grab the Safari Hat" Size: 1.77" Price: SOLD  ::
Making the Rounds  Size: 1.72 Price: SOLD
:: "Making the Rounds" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD ::
Nawlins Lane  Size: 1.78 Price: SOLD
:: "Nawlins Lane" Size: 1.78" Price: SOLD ::
The Flowers Outside Size: 1.94 Price: SOLD
:: "The Flowers Outside" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD  ::
Burn Baby Burn  Size: 1.85  Price: SOLD
:: "Burn Baby Burn" Size: 1.85" Price: SOLD  ::
They're All Watching  Size: 1.63  Price: SOLD
:: "They're All Watching" Size: 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Scuba Aruba Size: 1.88 Price: SOLD
:: "Scuba Aruba" Size: 1.88" Price: SOLD ::
Love Beach  Size: 1.60  Price: SOLD
:: "Love Beach" Size: 1.60" Price: SOLD ::
Oooh Hippie Day  Size: 1.73  Price: SOLD
:: "Oooh Hippie Day" Size: 1.73" Price: SOLD ::
Colorful Dive  Size: 1.71  Price: SOLD
:: "Colorful Dive" Size: 1.71" Price: SOLD ::