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BilletSpin Tops For Sale

These tops are created by BilletSpin, a company that features Rich Stadler as its chief top creator. Rich creates incredible designs using CNC machines, bringing these designs to life in his mind and then hand coding the steps to make them in the CNC machines that he knows so well. His designs are fantastic and beautiful, amazingly imaginative and playful, yet sometimes dangerous in their menacing looks. The metals dance together as they spin, creating whirring rhythms that enthrall people of every age, gender, race and creed. They are typically wonderful tops to 'warp' in video format, and you'll want to explore this whole topic as you get deeper into the fascination that these mind-blowing creations hold. Rich's brain should be studied for science, because I don't know how it comes up with such incredible creations, consistently, time after time. It's been a wonder to behold!!

BilletSpin has been making tops since 2015, and the hits just keep on coming. One of the great things about BilletSpin is that once a design is created and sold, it will never be made and offered again. This is great for the collectors who get them initially during these periods, protecting their investment and the rarity of the tops....but of course not so great for collectors who come later and want to acquire some of those amazing earlier designs. I'll try to help out a bit with that, offering some of those earlier gems here. These BilletSpin tops are all in as new condition, going straight into storage after receipt from BilletSpin. They have not been spun by me, but of course all tops are spun by the makers before being shipped out, to ensure that they have the spin quality desired. BilletSpin has a very high standard of quality, but they always advertise to 'expect some flutter'. I find that the tops typically spin perfectly though, so Rich is generally being overly cautious. Keep in mind that there are a few metals, like tungsten and superconductor, which have inherent stability issues, and so these tops will sometimes flutter a bit more than other metals. Still though, even those tops spin from BilletSpin spin amazingly smooth, and they are the best spinners because of the weight which the heavy tungsten adds to the tops.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these tops are in mint condition as received from BilletSpin, not spun by me, and kept in storage containers since I received them.

Rich makes videos for each top he creates describing all of the characteristics and design features of them, and then loads these vids on to the BilletSpin YouTube channel. If you want to go in-depth and learn more about any individual top style, then I would encourage you to visit YouTube and watch some or all of the vids on that channel. They are well done and highly informative!

When you buy a BilletSpin, you will own one of the finest precision quality spinning tops on the planet. They are just flat out amazing and a true joy to spin!!

Please click on a gallery to see more images and to purchase available tops. I ship worldwide.

BilletSpin Triskelion Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin Triskelion Tops For Sale  ::
BilletSpin Matrix Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin Matrix Tops For Sale ::
BilletSpin Xeno Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin Xeno Tops For Sale ::
BilletSpin Pandora Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin Pandora Tops For Sale ::
BilletSpin King Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin King Tops For Sale ::
BilletSpin Evolution Tops For Sale
:: BilletSpin Evolution Tops For Sale ::
BilletSpin K2 Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin K2 Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Spheres For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Spheres For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Spark Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Spark Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Paradox Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Paradox Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Torus Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Torus Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Crown Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Crown Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::
BilletSpin Loki Tops For Sale (Sold Out)
:: BilletSpin Loki Tops For Sale (Sold Out) ::