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April 21a/18 180-400 lens

Photos taken with the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR lens

This series of photos displays the ability of the Nikon 180-400 lens to zoom and track a subject all the way from 550mm down to 250mm !!! All 48 of these photos were taken in exactly 5 seconds using the Nikon D850 camera (at 9 fps with the battery grip attached)

Most of these photos are in relatively good focus - but the reason some are not is that this puppy is only 3 lbs in size, and autofocus tracking a SMALL darkly colored dog is one of the most difficult things a camera can do (and also the teleconverter was engaged in this series of shots - which probably yields slightly poorer autofocus tracking than without the TC used on this lens.) (It's way easier for a camera to track autofocus on a race car coming towards you at 200 mph than it is to track a small black dog.)
850_4329.jpg 850_4330.jpg 850_4332.jpg 850_4333.jpg 850_4335.jpg
850_4336.jpg 850_4337.jpg 850_4338.jpg 850_4339.jpg 850_4340.jpg
850_4341.jpg 850_4342.jpg 850_4343.jpg 850_4344.jpg 850_4345.jpg
850_4346.jpg 850_4347.jpg 850_4348.jpg 850_4349.jpg 850_4350.jpg
850_4351.jpg 850_4352.jpg 850_4353.jpg 850_4354.jpg 850_4355.jpg
850_4356.jpg 850_4357.jpg 850_4358.jpg 850_4359.jpg 850_4360.jpg
850_4361.jpg 850_4362.jpg 850_4363.jpg 850_4364.jpg 850_4365.jpg
850_4366.jpg 850_4367.jpg 850_4368.jpg 850_4369.jpg 850_4370.jpg
850_4371.jpg 850_4372.jpg 850_4373.jpg 850_4374.jpg 850_4375.jpg
850_4376.jpg 850_4377.jpg 850_4378.jpg