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Frank 28-Jul-2019 10:28
I have a nice digital camera. We've come a long way, sometimes maybe not for the better.
San Antonio Calling 04-Dec-2008 22:46
I'm doing my due diligence in exhorting that good vibes be sent forth to BZ's hubby, Paul Zimmerman, who suffered two strokes recently and will appreciate an outpouring of positive thinking, prayers, meditation, and what-have-you, whatever you have, in his recovery; so those who enjoy Linda's wonderful work with a camera--some of the best I've ever seen; I'm a b/w guy who sternly fails to be charmed by color work UNTIL I saw this great stuff--please: take time out of your day, after having enjoyed greatly these delicious pictures, as I said, to send out the positive vibrations Z's way.
Guest 27-Jun-2008 16:59
Great galleries! Never crossed my mind the flaming read head was such a great artist! That lucky old Z...
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:18
For some reason, your pictures really cheered me up.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:59
Tears to my eyes...almost.
Timothy 24-Aug-2006 08:50
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP
JOSE MATA13-May-2006 02:13
Love all your work, its simply georgeus !!!!!!! My grand ma was Zimmerman too from Germany,Do you know the origin ? muchos saludos desde Mexico. Pepe
Guest 04-May-2006 10:02
One of the best galleries I have seen. Simply beautiful!
Ron 21-Mar-2006 03:37
Havent talked to you in awhile. Im a full blown photo student in Oakland. I am learning so much. I love your new work. I decided to look at your site the other day and it motivated me to go shoot. I met with Bart not to long ago. We will work together sometime I am sure. He is all about the digital. I am still green to that. I should have a web page soon. Ron
Guest 05-Mar-2006 21:28
Enjoyed cruising the site on this rainy day! Good stuff! Open a gallery! Bob Sticks/Mendocino
Dan Murphy 24-Dec-2005 11:48
You're a true talent! Keep up the great work!
Kathy 24-Dec-2005 07:43
Terribly LOVE your works!!! (¡Ù<>¡Ø)o o
wish you a Merry X'mas!
Guest 05-Aug-2005 20:40
Hi Bailey,
a real pleasure to look at your galleries, full of amazing art and colors!
Best wishes,
Timmy Treu24-Jul-2005 22:21
Since you liked my Legs Gallery... here is a new one :

and then there is also a new Gallery called : Lovers

Your comments are welcome!

I LOVE your Venezia photos!!!
Guest 22-Dec-2004 10:56
Thanx for the comment on "frenetics". I love this new word!
I visited your galleries and enjoyed it very much.. We share some themes (Venice, CinqueTerre) and the "loose" panoramatics!
I will check back!
Derek von Briesen18-Dec-2004 07:06
re: close to garland's but a bit further up the canyon. it's the old pendley orchard that right in front of slide rock state park. many ghosts, eh? do tell . . .
your galleries are amazing; i can tell i'll be spending some time there. wonderful shots from new zealand. altho i've never been, it rates very high on my someday soon list. one of my favorite songwriters is from there; neil finn.
thanks again for your kind comments,
Katherine 10-Dec-2004 00:17
Pant pant pant pant.... Hi Dear friend! This is me panting for the new Venezia photos!
Heather Arn 23-Oct-2004 08:37
I am beyond all measures of impressed. It is from pictures like yours that the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" comes. Keep up the amazing work.
Paul 13-Oct-2004 07:20
Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking.
Julie 12-Oct-2004 16:45

Just took a few minutes to visit your awesome site - and when time allows we will peruse the gallery with a nice bottle of wine. Fabulous work. Enjoyed our meeting at Felidia last week.

Brussels Sprout04-Oct-2004 21:48
Thanks for sharing this beautiful work.
I see we have a few travels in common (Ireland, Scotland, Rome, London). If interested please visit my galleries.
Guest 19-Aug-2004 13:02
thanks for your comments in our guestbook, we enjoyed your uk and ireland gallery!
mugun 13-Jul-2004 11:28
keep offffffffffff
Harmon 21-Jun-2004 00:54
What great visions and etherial presentations. Classical music for the eyes! Thank you for the invitation to travel through your eyes!
Guest 09-Jun-2004 16:18
Will we soon see a UK album? Very anxious to see the Bailey Zimmerman impressions of Green!
vVERNON BAUER 28-Apr-2004 18:22
ST LOUIS MO. 63144
Guest 13-Apr-2004 06:43
Very impressive galleries Bailey, all of them are great. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Clicking,
Artie 29-Mar-2004 07:45
Dear Bailey(?)

How exciting to see your work appreciated all over the globe. I have always loved your photos and the artistry only gets better and better. I always stare at some of your European scenes when I wanderlust. Thank you for capturing some stunning views.

Guest 13-Mar-2004 04:13
Dear Bailey,

Your work is a consistent source of inspiration for me. I look at your photographs whenever I want to see how I can develop as a photographer.

Guest 07-Mar-2004 15:14
You take lovely photographs. I've not yet looked through all your galleries, but I especially liked your images from Paris. They evoke romance and timelessness. Thank you!
Jeff Cochran03-Mar-2004 17:23
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Very handsome galleries. Thx for sharing. :)
Bailey Zimmerman23-Feb-2004 21:10
Many thanks for your kind words!!!
I just had a wonderful time looking over your terrific galleries!!
Phil Douglas mentioned that you posted more I headed back.....and looked at your French gallery. Great!
(we have taken photos at the same exact locations...something about 'like' minds??)
Where do you live? Still in the city??
Linda Z
judy sidonie tillinger22-Feb-2004 22:47
Just gorgeous. I'm usually skeptical of photographic manipulation
because it so often seems camouflage for lousy photography.
bells and whistles and all done with mirrors. Not so your work.
You start with magic and you invest it with wonder.
Spellbinding work. Delicious.

Guest 21-Feb-2004 20:18
I'm really looking forward to new images of Paris!
les effland 09-Jan-2004 20:26
Hello Leenda Good to see your are still The spirit I thought you are. Great stuff
Guest 06-Jan-2004 04:28
Thank you for your kind words regarding my gallery (all three of them); you have a great eye for composition, lighting, and color - what more could one want from a photographer?
Guest 06-Jan-2004 03:30
Bailey, loved all your galleries. They're all full of talented and creative true artworks. You have my admiration and respect.
Sincerely from Buenos Aires,

Veronica Fresh06-Jan-2004 02:00
Bailey, your work is spectacular. You've found a most perfect medium for your artistic expression. Your stuff is, is,... AWESOME!!!!!!!, and perhaps a digital treat for a soul. Sincerely, Veronica
Gail Goebel 02-Jan-2004 17:53
Thank you for sharing so many unbelievable memories with me.......... I can be packed and ready to go back tomorrow!!! There is one major problem though, besides Venice and Paris, I now want to go with you all over Italy. Love, Gail
Jean-Luc Elias29-Dec-2003 22:38
Very impressive artwork.You have a unique style.
Paul Keates28-Dec-2003 11:30
Hi Bailey,
I have just spent a glorius morning looking at you stunning images.
You are so very talented and gifted person.
I am so looking forward to your 2004 collection.
Have a great Photographic New Year.
Best Regards,
Guest 24-Dec-2003 22:10

Love it .... can't really say more
Hopefully one day I'll be like u ....

Keep it up :)
Zane Paxton23-Dec-2003 20:24
A visual feast for the eyes, very rich imagery, love it.
farrah 23-Dec-2003 19:34
your work is amazing! i love looking at pictures as well as taking them.
i hope i can capture images as wonderfully as you have. cheers to you! :)
Guest 20-Dec-2003 15:32
Just wanted to drop by and leave my compliments on the great images - I've been to many of the places you've photographed, but you certainly do show me a new angle :)
Abba Richman16-Dec-2003 11:24
Baily - May I compliment you on the outstanding images in your galleries. Subtle and very beautiful. Best regards, Abba
c16-Dec-2003 09:28
Hi Bailey :)
Thanks for the post on my site, glad you took the time to have a look at them, its good to see new perspectives n'est pas ? :)
Dont worry about telling me you dont like war...i dont much like it either!
Anyway..thanks for your kind messge and thanks for sharing your photos...their great!!
merry Christmas!
Guest 07-Dec-2003 18:53
Your images are stunning, Bailey, they really are beautiful. You capture the light so beautifully and create the most atmospheric images. Ah! I'm running out of adjectives here...I keep coming back to beautiful! ;-) Thank you for your comments in my guestbook, they're much appreciated!
Michael David Smith 06-Dec-2003 16:53
Beautiful work. I'm a big fan of Paul Zimmerman and found this through his site. It appears that the Redhead is just as talented in her field as Dr. Z is in his.
Peggy 03-Dec-2003 02:44
Awesome! I have spent a lot of time in Venice and my camera doesn't see what yours does. Beautiful. You have a great eye for the truth of this city. Also, I enjoyed Konstantin's comments.
monique jansen01-Dec-2003 19:30
Such melancholy in all your galleries. Beautiful.
Guest 24-Nov-2003 23:15
Eagerly awaiting the new Venezia photos! (foot tapping emoticon here)
anna_ewd 20-Nov-2003 08:04
hi bailey......
i like ur images. when i see them, i'm feeling fly to be there. ur images so cool. keep making the best images, bailey.
northstar3708-Nov-2003 10:25
I would be interested to see some Manhatten ones :-)
Guest 21-Oct-2003 15:42
Hi Bailey. The images in your galleries are just beautiful. (As I've said, I do wish I could find a better word.)
You are a little obessed with windows: the windows themselves, the scenes outside a window, the objects that are placed next to windows, etc. This seems to be an important theme in several of your galleries. And you handle those images brilliantly. Maybe you are so sensitive to the light and the trivial changes of the windows attract you and make you take those wonderful shots.
The shots on Birchwood Lake are just amazing. The gallery is my favourite. Thank you for sharing them.
Guest 10-Oct-2003 00:49
Fabulous work, Bailey! Have only seen a couple of your galleries and look forward to seeing them all. You have an excellent eye for light and composition. Keep up the good work! You are bookmarked! Regards, CK
ac08-Oct-2003 05:16
Beautiful galleries Bailey. You have your own style, your own artistic way to present things.
Guest 06-Oct-2003 09:23
Bailey, you've got the talent to give an atmosphère to your photos, there is stories in these shots, and i like when people recount me stories...thanks ! :)
Danny Brison05-Oct-2003 08:57
Beautiful colors and compositions. I love them, congratulations !
Guest 04-Oct-2003 05:22
Exceptional photos. Your use of color, and drawing meaning from subtle variations in tone and hue really struck me. Lovely work.
Vivek SenGupta04-Oct-2003 00:04
hi bailey,
very interesting pictures. is the one of "Tour Eiffel" an infrared pic?

Guest 03-Oct-2003 16:22
bailyezimmer very beautiful ladywith great talent. please my englishe not sogood now, but pomes make me cry, wifetoo, and pictures makeme want to hang on wall. many thanksyou for brightspot in hearts today. konstantin
Carole Collier 02-Oct-2003 18:52
You go, Girl! Your work is amazing and the joy you take in it is truly reflected in your work...haunting, touching, just lovely.
Craig Sadler01-Oct-2003 21:22
Such wonderful vision you have. Very emotional photographs. A treat for the soul.
P.S. Thank you for such kind and inspiring words at my galleries.
With respect
Ron Lutz II01-Oct-2003 00:36
You dropped me a complimentary note to my guest book so I took a look at your work. All I can is, "AMAZING!" Your work is very high quality and I love it!!! Thank you for sharing!
Ron Lutz
Etienne Pixa29-Sep-2003 00:28
Hi Bailey,
Thanks for your great comments !!
and thanks for sharing your pictures !
k28-Sep-2003 20:35
maybe thats what i had in mind. it just never came to my mind until u brought it up.
truly appreciate ur comment.
u have wonderful galleries and i like ur self shot best. :-)

Guest 28-Sep-2003 17:35
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my gallery. Coming from someone with such incredible talent as yourself really means a lot. I promise to keep working at this. I look forward to having the pleasure of seeing more of your work.

Brian Lai27-Sep-2003 02:31
Bailey, you're so welcomed to be one of us on PBase. I've visited your webpages on worldisround which Phil introdused to me. I like your works there. But now I can take good looks at them again. Thanks and glad to have you here. Brian
Sandra 26-Sep-2003 23:56
These photos are fantastic and bring back such great memories of my trip to Rome and Venice this summer - a pleasure to look at them - thank you for your patience in getting them.
Phil Douglis25-Sep-2003 05:41
BZ -- you are off and running. Welcome to PBase. Keep on stoking our imaginations with images such as these. This is the first time I've seen them in all their detail -- and they get better all the time. Thanks for bringing your unique vision to us all.