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Madain Saleh - City of Perished Nation Thamud

Update Dec 2020: Now you have to pay for tickets to visit Madain Saleh, Good thing is that you have proper tour of the place, with tourist guide for each bus. Unfortunately, 3 sites are included now, which may increase in coming months.

Madain Salih (City of Prophet Salih (PBUH)), situated almost 750 KM north from Jeddah, 300KM from Medina. The City is mentioned as Al-Hijr in Quran with several other perished nation's cities. Below information is for visitors looking for some more details about this place:

During time of prophet Salih, Thamud was a famous tribe, who were named after their forefather Thamud, the brother of Jadis. Both are the sons of Athir bin Iram bin Shem bin Noah. They were Arabs, lived between Hijaz & Tabuk. They lived after the people of 'Ad and worship idols as 'Ad did. The prophet Mohammed PBUH passed this place, when he went to Tabuk.

Allah sent among them a man from among themselves as His messenger. He was Salih bin Ubaid bin Maseh bin Ubaid bin Thamud bin Athir bin Iram bin Noah. He called them to worship one God and not to associate any partner with God and to shun all their idols and their false worship. Majority of people rejected him. They tried to discredit him and slander him, and they even tried to kill prophet Saleh. They killed she-camel which Allah sent to them as evidence to the truth of Saleh's mission. Allah Punished them severely and destroyed them.

Quran references:
Al-A'raf - 7:73-79, Hud 11:61-68, Al-Hijr 15:80-84, Al-Isra 17:59, Ash-Shu'ara 26:141-159, An-naml - 27:45-53, Fussilat 41:17-18, Al-Qamar 54:23-32, As-Shams 91:11-15, Ibrahim 14:8-9.

(Source: Stories of the prophet - Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Ismail ibn khatir Ad-Dimashqi 700-774H, Translated in english - Rashad Ahmad Azami)
Al-Fareed Palace surrounded by Tourists.jpg Reflections after overnight rain in AlUla.jpg Qasr Al-Bint.jpg Tomb.jpg Panorama Qasr Al-Bint.jpg
Qasr Al-Bint.jpg Tombs in Madain Salih.jpg Standing Alone.jpg Carved and Nabatein text.jpg Qasr Al-Bint.jpg
Graffiti.jpg Graffiti.jpg Al-Deewan.jpg Al-Deewan.jpg Rocks.jpg
DSCN1555A.jpg Carvings.jpg Carvings B&W.jpg Tomb.jpg Tomb / House! .jpg
Where are they?.jpg Tomb.jpg Terrace.jpg Inside Tomb / House.jpg Panorama.jpg
The Well.jpg Inside The Well.jpg Qasr A;-Fareed.jpg MS_077_2009.JPG MS_076_2009.JPG
MS_075_2009.JPG MS_074_2009.JPG MS_073_2009.JPG MS_072_2009.JPG MS_071_2009.JPG
MS_070_2009.JPG MS_069_2009.JPG MS_068_2009.JPG MS_067_2009.JPG MS_066_2009.JPG
MS_065_2009.JPG MS_064_2009.JPG MS_063_2009.JPG MS_062_2009.JPG MS_090223.jpg
MS_090222.jpg MS_061_2009.JPG MS_060_2009.JPG MS_059_2009.JPG MS_058_2009.JPG
MS_057_2009.JPG MS_056_2009.JPG MS_055_2009.JPG MS_054_2009.JPG MS_053_2009.JPG
MS_052_2009.JPG MS_090221.jpg MS_051_2009.JPG MS_049_2009.JPG MS_090220.jpg
MS_090219.jpg MS_048_2009.JPG MS_047_2009.JPG MS_046_2009.JPG MS_045_2009.JPG
MS_044_2009.JPG MS_043_2009.JPG MS_090218.jpg MS_042_2009.JPG MS_041_2009.JPG
MS_040_2009.JPG MS_090217.jpg MS_039_2009.JPG MS_038_2009.JPG MS_050_2009.JPG
MS_036_2009.JPG MS_035_2009.JPG MS_090216.jpg MS_090215.jpg MS_090214.jpg
MS_034_2009.JPG MS_033_2009.JPG MS_032_2009.JPG MS_031_2009.JPG MS_030_2009.JPG
MS_029_2009.JPG MS_028_2009.JPG MS_027_2009.JPG MS_026_2009.JPG MS_025_2009.JPG
MS_024_2009.JPG MS_023_2009.JPG MS_022_2009.JPG MS_090213.jpg MS_021_2009.JPG
MS_020_2009.JPG MS_019_2009.JPG MS_018_2009.JPG MS_017_2009.JPG MS_090212.jpg
MS_016_2009.JPG MS_015_2009.JPG MS_014_2009.JPG MS_090211.jpg MS_013_2009.JPG
MS_012_2009.JPG MS_011_2009.JPG MS_010_2009.JPG MS_009_2009.JPG MS_008_2009.JPG
MS_007_2009.JPG MS_006_2009.JPG MS_005_2009.JPG MS_004_2009.JPG MS_003_2009.JPG
MS_002_2009.JPG MS_001_2009.jpg Madain Saleh - Qasr Al-Fareed.JPG IMG_0583.JPG Handmade or Natural - Cant Say.JPG
Madain Salih - 05.JPG Madain Saleh - 2.jpg Madain Saleh - Incomplete architecture.jpg Madain Saleh - 1.jpg Madain Saleh - 1.jpg
Madain Saleh - Another one.jpg Madain Salih - 04.JPG Sturcture.JPG Madain Saleh - carvings.JPG Madain Saleh - Qasr Al-bintDaughters palace 1.jpg
Madain Saleh - Qasr Al-BintDaughters palace.jpg Inside view of Tomb.JPG Structure.jpg Carving I.jpg No_Comments.jpg
Carvings.jpg Madain Saleh view from Deewangathering path.jpg Carvings II.JPG Madain Salih - 10.JPG Madain Salih - 11.JPG
Sons outside DeewanGathering place.JPG Madain Salih - 03.JPG Madain Salih - 09.JPG Madain Salih - 08.JPG Madain Salih - 07.JPG
Madain Salih - 06.JPG IMG_0218.JPG Sitting area outside Fareed PalaceQasr Al-Fareed.jpg Madain Saleh - III.jpg Madain Saleh - II.jpg
My Daughter  Son at Madain Saleh.jpg Qasr AlbintDaughters palace I.jpg Next to DeewanGathering place.jpg Outside DeewanGathering.jpg Madain Salih - 13.JPG
Madain Salih - 01.JPG Madain Salih - 02.JPG Madain Salih - 12.JPG Another one.JPG