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שחרור אנפית הבקר סיקסק ארנבת
שממית עצים דרור דרור מגלן
דרור לבנית נוטריה סיקסק
דרור דרור דרור אנפית
דרור חמורי בר חמורי בר אנפית
חמורי בר דרור חסידה לבנה חסידה לבנה
חסידה לבנה חסידה לבנה סיקסק Kestrel - בז מצוי
סיקסק נוטריה נוטריה אנפית
אנפית חסידה לבנה Construction material Pigeon
Sparrow The Red Kestrel (Falco naumanni) The juggling magpie Little dove
Land's end... Jackdaw Double jackass White stork nesting
The screaming egrets The best lookout point in the wood Myna Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The biblical Griffon vulture, Gamla / Israel The biblical Griffon vulture, Gamla / Israel Griffon vulture - Golan heights Vultures of the Golan
Two doves on a wreck Looking for prey Stork Buffalos in Hula
White cranes White cranes White cranes A fox - right out of the box...
Vulpes Cana Vulpes Cana Little Owl Hyrax
The Crow Sheep Who's stalking who... you or me - me or you ?
I was born under a lonely star... Half rabiit, half mouse... The king! The house on top of the hill
Gazelle Bee-Eaters Ballistic missile Swooping
Dragonfly Fluttering Watch your back, buddy... Looking for prey
Oh... it's sooo good. Scanning for prey The heavenly fisher Balance
Morning lineup Cranes are already here Rock Rabbits Kingfisher Pied (Ceryle rudis)
Contrast Kingfisher's breakfast Rust The king..fisher
Air dancer Trigina Air dancer II Another dancing Chiffchaff
Attracted to sunlight Twisting her neck Dead Sea Tristram's Starling Bulbul
Like a bird on a wire Griffon vulture A visitor at my window Chaffinch - a stormy day
Standing still Acrobatic chaffinch Picking food Lizard - Agama stellio
Cape hare  Siskin / Carduelis spinus Palestine Sunbird Pycnonotus xanthopygos
The council of (rock) rabbits Palestine Sunbird Mr. blackbird has finally woken... Air dancer
Witch on a broom... Minimalism Lonely... I'm so lonely... Red beak
Yummi... so delicious ! Berries Red berries One more bite
So much fun today Intent Twisted neck sunbird... The crow
Jay (Garrulus glandarius) having breakfast The salvia flowers Sunbird in the dark Chaffinch - female
My name is Jay (definitely not gay...) Mr Finch requests the attention of all female finches in the neighborhood... Mr. Finch's choice... Great Tit (I wonder who chose this name for this lovely little bird...)
 Spectacled Bulbul (Pycnonotus xanthopygos). Sunbird The yellow bean The observer
Aerobatic dancing Peach blossom A windy day Peach blossom
Micky mouse Meditation Breakfast I'm singing in the rain
Readiness Taking the bite Swooping on its prey Warbler
Yet another kingfisher... Twitting... I am the king (fisher) Laughing dove
Taking the plunge Twins A cute little fellow Jay - Garrulus glandarius
Another jay Delicacy... Laughing Dove portrait Eurasian Collared-Dove
Yargazi (Parus major) Acrobartics Yellow nates Tweeting in front of my window
Always look behind your shoulder Streptopelia decaocto Dragonfly
A little B.I.F.    :-) House Sparrow Blackbird - Turdus merula
Keep chin up ! Quarrel at the neighbourhood The Lady On the prowl
Getting wet... Precautions Me and my shadow Rose-ringed Parakeet
We met today on the yard... Fish ponds patrol Grey Heron Bulbul
My personal laughing dove Tree lizard A good morning kiss (indeed) Graceful Prinia
The predator Sunbird Mt. Hermon Wagtail drop-bill
Rolling its eyes What's up bro? Crested Lark
Myna Stonechat Where is everyone? Chaffinch
Graceful Prinia Red eye Oops... where do I go now? Spring 2014
I love spring Beesy... beesy A female jackal The lonely jackal
Goldfinch Prince Egret the 1st. To fly or not to fly..? The fool on the hill
Helmeted Guinea fowl Black Cap Warbler Foliage Autumn binge
Grey heron Robin Balance Arrogant...
A great tit on a fossiled trunk Searching the sky for UFO's