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My days in the hospital

Still can not find the words, about what happend the last week.

A good friend of me,Tine, told this in her blog, so here is what happend....

Wednesday I got a phone call from Monique that she was hospitalized. Something was wrong with her kidneys and bladder.

She had a nasty bacteria, in kidney and blood. They weren’t familiar with this bacterium and gave her antibiotics. I went to visit her on Thursday and she was in a lot of pain. They gave her dafalgan and buscopan to ease the pain. That day after midnight she sent me an sms that said. "I can’t stand the pain; I don’t know what to do." She didn’t sleep at all that particular night.

I couldn’t visit her on Friday but we kept informed by phone.

I call her two times a day to check on her condition

Saturday afternoon , It was 5 pm when they left for home and we drove for a visit to Monique. I was shocked when I saw her. She looked so miserable!

Her husband was home to take care of their daughter’s supper. Her tummy was swollen like a balloon and so were her hands.

We didn’t stay long. She needed her rest. I hugged her and cried.

It’s hard to see a friend suffer like that. She is supposed to look better after four days of three different kinds of antibiotics instead of this bad.

I called Johan who visited her in the afternoon and Wilma a good Internet friend of her.

After supper I excused myself to check up on Monique. Luc answered the phone and told me after we’d gone home Monique’s condition went so bad.

She wasn’t able to breathe anymore; she told me later that it felt as if she was breathing through a very small straw.

She thought she was suffocating.

A doctor examined her and after some tests (CTscan) they said that water had reached her lungs.

The fluids she was getting contained to much salt and her body was collecting it.

She got the same medication I get at summertime. It’s called Lasix. It dehydrates, she felt a lot better when I called. I was so happy; gosh we were all worried about her. I hope she gets well soon!

*** Now i'm home since a few days, so tired, need so meany sleep. But i'm home with the ones i love, and it will take some time, but I will recover! My husband is asking me everyday to drive with me trough the woods , so once and then, I can make new pictures. But comming home, all I want is my bed.

The antibiotics are so heavy, Augmentin 875mg twice a day, this makes me fuzzy in my head

Reading all these comments makes me cry, but also happy, thanks xxx

IMG_1702c.jpg IMG_1692c.jpg IMG_1685c.jpg my arm after the infuus, they had problems to find the vains
IMG_1704c.jpg IMG_1705cc.jpg IMG_1748c.jpg IMG_1684c.jpg
Yes, i'm miserable too Soon Spike we are going to play again xxx May 4, we went out for shooting, but to soon I guess, my body is not cured yet, hmm, my doctor is right, so back in bed :(