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James Mason | all galleries >> Sarajevo, 1992 and 1993 > Legionaire or Marine?
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Legionaire or Marine?
Jun '92 James Mason

Legionaire or Marine?

Sarajevo Airport

If you are a bored young man yearning for adventure, let me suggest the foreign legion. They are an impressive bunch. The bad guys didn't mess with them in Bosnia because the Legion was too good. The weak and defenseless could count on the Legion to defend them. This legionaire later told me, very politely, that it was not correct to photograph a legionaire without asking permission first. I believe he is a Peruvian.

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Paul 23-Aug-2011 01:17
I was in Sarajevo. I was also in Mostar visiting friends a few years after the fighting had ended. I heard that the Serbs didnt like to mess with the Legion, I also heard the Bosnia Army also tried to take one of their vehicles, they were soon put in their place by the Legionaires.
Gregory 09-Mar-2008 22:28
Hi all,

I allready whants to join 2 years ago in the frence legion but i didnt.
but i still would like to, and i think i will soon to frence Legion...
I saw some movies on you tube and the website but i really
would like to speak with peoples who served in the Legion. This is my MSN,

i really
whants to know alot of it. Because 5 years is long time.. but, well, i havn't much to lose
but i just whants to know where i stands for. Thanks for reading my comment.

James Mason01-Sep-2005 05:18
Nobody messed with the French Foreign Legion. There might have been French soldiers taken as hostages by the Serbs, but they weren't from the Legion. The Serbs are smart enough to know who they can mess with and who is best left alone. This is based on personal observation, not some sort of romantic idea about Legionaires.
Guest 28-Aug-2005 17:18
dont mess with them??? didnt serbs put them as a human shield agaist nato strikes and didnt the serbs capture legion soldiers and took their unifors off (especially bullet proof vests). or im missinformed?
James Mason18-Feb-2005 06:21

You are probably correct. There were often soldiers from different units present because they had different duties. It was a legionaire who politely reminded me to ask permission before photographing the legion. A month or so later I was at the airport and a huge French truck screeched to a stop and a soldier leaped out of the cab. He really a big African cat leaping out of a tree! It was Gen. Morillon! He gave me a really dirty look then said "Every time I come to the airport you are taking pictures. It is forbidden to take pictures at the airport!" He shot me a deadly look then stomped off. I was standing there wondering why the general was driving this huge truck when the same legionaire as before walked over. "The general is angry because you were not taking HIS picture."

Were you in the legion or the French army there?

James Mason
Erik Puki 14-Feb-2005 18:15
I was there and probably saw you.
Those on the picture are not legionnaires but marines? 2nd marines infantry regiment based in LE MANS. He is not a Peruvian but a NCO originated from pacific.
I surfed thru your photos they are great ans some brought rememberance...
Friendly yours