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Ken Leonard | profile | all galleries >> Selected images from the Huntington tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Selected images from the Huntington

Images will be randomized a few times a day for a while to create interest in this gallery.

This gallery presented to my photographer friends to learn more about the wonderful hobby of Digital Photography.
I take photos as they grab my eye, enjoy and please DO comment.

Taken at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, CA

More about the Huntington here:

Your comments most welcome. Click on image for more technical info about the shot.

All photos drastically downsized. Printing prohibited. All photos Copyright 2007 Ken Leonard all rights reserved.
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461672.7RFmzgFV.jpg Venus fly trap
Venus fly trap
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461671.tmLFJwbL.jpg Pinky
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461677.yZAtWgJh.jpg Huge Asian lilypad
Huge Asian lilypad
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461655.Yyel2c0m.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461678.xnqrl1aO.jpg
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153716.QWFJvp6C.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461684.2m1joWBi.jpg Not a dandelion
Not a dandelion
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461688.XRyeq8qJ.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461659.pfNSG2ba.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461685.2K5aCHui.jpg The Conservancy
The Conservancy
Fall colors
Fall colors
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153757.96oN6S1J.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461665.PddTHLJn.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153727.Z6cJqKkD.jpg
Green and Green furnishings
Green and Green furnishings
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461690.anzrJRF8.jpg Pitcher plants
Pitcher plants
Mt. Vesuvius in eruption
Mt. Vesuvius in eruption
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461693.LrcaabmS.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153768.ZHhpWm4e.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153704.9J1C4IPV.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461666.UwFenUGd.jpg
Pitcher plant
Pitcher plant
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461674.tWFWQtsP.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86220737.rudEYgZo.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153765.RYRs1R5m.jpg
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461687.NWsBDpl6.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461668.m2Wfewlv.jpg A still life
A still life
t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f86153736.xskPO3B4.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461669.58Sm8tdB.jpg t6%2f26%2f12626%2f4%2f87461675.A71woQLq.jpg The Gutenberg Bible (on Vellum)
The Gutenberg Bible (on Vellum)