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Photos from Uzbekistan

small flag
short form Uzbekistan
capital Tashkent
long form Republic of Uzbekistan
local short Ozbekiston
local long Ozbekiston Respublikasi
formerly Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic
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Photo Galleries from Uzbekistan (100 total)

Women of Central Asia by Mieke WA Minkjan

Tomb of Amir Temur (Tamerlane) by Brian McMorrow

Samarkand: Light Show at the Registan by The Ellisons

Imam Bukhari by Jaan

Samarkand - Bibi Khanum Mosque by Jaan

Tashkent - Independence Square by Brian McMorrow

Uzbekistan 2006 by Norbert Fontaine

Bukhara - New City by Brian McMorrow

Registan by Brian McMorrow

Samarkand: Mukhdum-i-Azam by Jaan

Uzbekistan - Golden Roads and Carpet Rides by Azlin Ahmad

Uzbekistan - Khiva : Bukhara : Samarkand : Ferghana :: Silk Road by Marcin Krakowiak

Uzbek Cities
Samarqand (5) Tashkent (2) Andijon (0) Buxoro (0) Farg‘ona (0) Guliston (0) Jizzax (0)
Namangan (0) Navoiy (0) Nukus (0) Qarshi (0) Termiz (0) Urganch (0)
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Uzbek Regions
Andijon Buxoro Farg‘ona Jizzax Namangan
Navoiy Qashqadaryo Qoraqalpog‘iston Samarqand Sirdaryo
Surxondaryo Toshkent Toshkent Xorazm
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