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Its an autococker, just not (8 guns)(autonelsons, sovereigns, palmers)

verb: a two part system the starts with a firing action and uses a separate but linked action to recock and chamber a ball.
noun: Trade name for gun produced by WGP or a copy using an autococking mechanism.

This section is devoted to systems that are technically autocockers, but use a system different from the normal WGP style. Sovereigns, Palmers, autonelsons etc fall into this category. Although one might not think of it, virtually any gun that can be made into a pump action can be made into an autococker. Mags, spyders, tippmanns all have had a pneumatic cocking mechanism slapped on em at some point.
BBT Sovereign
:: BBT Sovereign ::
Palmers (BBT Typhoon and Stroker, Superstocker)
:: Palmers (BBT Typhoon and Stroker, Superstocker) ::
WGP Autohammer
:: WGP Autohammer ::
Prototype  Rebline AutoNelson
:: Prototype Rebline AutoNelson ::
Lapco Autospirit
:: Lapco Autospirit ::
Eclipse pump mag with cerebus kit
:: Eclipse pump mag with cerebus kit ::