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a scooter's eye view

Ever since I got serious about photography, I've tried to keep my mobility scooter out of my frames. Whenever my basket or control panel happened to appear in an image, I would crop it out. No, that's not entirely true. Now I remember that I did allow it to show in a series of self portraits I called, "Able or not, here I come." But except for that, my scooter has been the invisible partner in my work as a photographer. To be honest, without it I'd be sitting at home.

Wednesday (4/9/08) I spent some time reading David Alan Harvey's blog, "Road Trips," in particular his April 6th entry and the dozens of comments posted in response. You may recall that I'll be taking Harvey's workshop, "The Photographic Essay," in Charlottesville, VA in June. There must have been something about the way he and his photographer friends discussed photography that got me thinking about my invisible partner. Long and short is that, instead of continuing to ignore my scooter, I decided to do a series of photos in which it would take center stage. After all, I see this control panel every minute of every day; it's time I showed you how that looks.

Page One takes you into my kitchen before we go for a ride around the block on Wednesday afternoon. Page Two begins Friday morning as I prepare for the day's adventures. Then my stair glide takes me downstairs where scooter #2 waits like a horse in the stable. Why don't you come along? It's going up to 70 degrees F/21 C today! Try using the slideshow (upper right corner of your screen) to get the best ride.
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