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It was really an eye opener for me to see how the locals release the fireworks.
It was great fun for me as well... as we never experienced such things in Singapore

I felt like I was in a war zone.. hee..

shots were all taken without a tripod..
IMG_05832005-02-08 235301IMG_0583.jpg IMG_06502005-02-09 000703IMG_0650.jpg IMG_06572005-02-09 000844IMG_0657.jpg IMG_06602005-02-09 000910IMG_0660.jpg
IMG_06672005-02-09 001015IMG_0667.jpg IMG_06732005-02-09 001131IMG_0673.jpg IMG_06742005-02-09 001148IMG_0674.jpg IMG_06752005-02-09 001149IMG_0675.jpg
IMG_06762005-02-09 001151IMG_0676.jpg IMG_06772005-02-09 001152IMG_0677.jpg IMG_06782005-02-09 001154IMG_0678.jpg IMG_06792005-02-09 001156IMG_0679.jpg
IMG_06802005-02-09 001157IMG_0680.jpg IMG_06812005-02-09 001203IMG_0681.jpg IMG_07092005-02-09 001507IMG_0709.jpg Picture 12112005-02-12 230747Picture 1211.jpg
Picture 12162005-02-12 231112Picture 1216.jpg Picture 12212005-02-12 231208Picture 1221.jpg Picture 12382005-02-12 234434Picture 1238.jpg Picture 12402005-02-12 234313Picture 1240.jpg
Picture 12442005-02-12 235141Picture 1244.jpg Picture 12522005-02-12 235753Picture 1252.jpg Picture 12532005-02-12 235809Picture 1253.jpg Picture 12642005-02-13 000115Picture 1264.jpg
Picture 12792005-02-13 000347Picture 1279.jpg Picture 12802005-02-13 000348Picture 1280.jpg Picture 12812005-02-13 000354Picture 1281.jpg Picture 12662005-02-13 000128Picture 1266.jpg
Picture 12692005-02-13 000150Picture 1269.jpg Picture 12902005-02-13 001201Picture 1290.jpg Picture 12932005-02-13 001244Picture 1293.jpg Picture 12992005-02-13 004325Picture 1299.jpg
Picture 13012005-02-13 002252Picture 1301.jpg Picture 13022005-02-13 002318Picture 1302.jpg Picture 13052005-02-13 002425Picture 1305.jpg Picture 13062005-02-13 002429Picture 1306.jpg
Picture 13072005-02-13 002446Picture 1307.jpg Picture 13082005-02-13 002457Picture 1308.jpg Picture 13092005-02-13 002529Picture 1309.jpg Picture 13102005-02-13 002535Picture 1310.jpg
Picture 13112005-02-13 002542Picture 1311.jpg Picture 12762005-02-13 000616Picture 1276.jpg Picture 12712005-02-13 000556Picture 1271.jpg Picture 12372005-02-12 233618Picture 1237.jpg
Picture 12832005-02-13 000446Picture 1283.jpg Picture 12342005-02-12 233355Picture 1234.jpg Picture 12352005-02-12 233402Picture 1235.jpg Picture 12362005-02-12 233418Picture 1236.jpg
IMG_06702005-02-09 001100IMG_0670.jpg IMG_05992005-02-08 235547IMG_0599.jpg IMG_05722005-02-08 234830IMG_0572 copy.jpg Picture 13142005-02-13 004355Picture 1314.jpg
Picture 13182005-02-13 004413Picture 1318.jpg Picture 12432005-02-12 235036Picture 1243.jpg