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Nature in Captivity

Webber Photography: Nature In Captivity

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While one can aim to "free" nature from the confines of captivity by shooting from the right angle or by framing features in a tight crop, it is impossible to hide the sadness seen in the eyes of so many caged animals.  However, zoos seem to be a necessity in a world where we are destroying natural habitats at such a rapid rate, and zoo enclosures are getting better.  At least the plants seem to be enjoying themselves!

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D050528-017JC.jpg D050609-009JC.jpg D071125-006BWJA.jpg D051126-046JC.jpg
D050902-030JC.jpg D050710-049JC.jpg D050807-014JC.jpg D080810-006BWRA.jpg
D051126-023JC.jpg D050902-007JC.jpg D050813-016JC.jpg D050902-032JC.jpg
D050918-016JC.jpg D050609-032JC.jpg D050902-043JC.jpg D051126-004JC.jpg
D050902-049JC.jpg S4258-16D.jpg D050902-052JC.jpg D051126-036JC.jpg
D050902-096JC.jpg D051126-034JC.jpg D050902-010JC.jpg D050902-004JC.jpg
S4258-17D.jpg D051126-040BWJC.jpg D050528-040JC.jpg S20044005-01SSA.jpg
D080810-005BWRA.jpg D050609-027JC.jpg D050609-036JC.jpg D051126-020JC.jpg
D050609-057JC.jpg D051126-061JC.jpg D050702-019JC.jpg D050918-009JC.jpg
D050902-048JC.jpg D051126-012JC.jpg D050709-053JC.jpg D070725-066BWJA.jpg
D050712-003JC.jpg D051126-019JC.jpg D050902-002JC.jpg D050902-006JC.jpg
D051126-009JC.jpg D050902-019JC.jpg D050902-017JC.jpg D050902-033JC.jpg
D050902-035JC.jpg D051015-033JC.jpg D051126-050JC.jpg S4258-25D.jpg
D050902-064JC.jpg D050902-095JC.jpg D050528-015JC.jpg D050902-099JC.jpg
D050902-100JC.jpg S4310-33D.jpg D050702-022JC.jpg D051023-041JC.jpg