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L. C. LeBrun | profile | all galleries >> Waken Photography >> Location. Location. Location. >> Paris, France (12 - 2007) tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Paris, France (12 - 2007)

Eiffel Tower decked out with Christmas Lights From afar she gets my attention... ... this timeless beauty calls to me.... ... gorgeous in every angle.... ... come closer, let me whisper in your ear.... ... I will tell you all his greatest secrets...
Notre Dame in Versaille, France Le musée du Louvre, Paris I spy my little eye on..... Lee! The 20 Minute Paris Sunshine. Some details inside Les Galleries Lafayette Les jardins du Château de Versailles, France
A couple of cute boys behind us.... Sorry boys ~ we're already taken!!!! Gallerie Lafayette's 3 Story Christmas Tree Château de Versailles, France Lee and Margaret The Obelisk of Luxor, Paris
Avenue des Champs-Élysées facing Place de la Concorde, Paris Gallerie Lafayette Mosaic Lights What stands 990 feet tall in the middle of Paris...and makes lovers eyes sparkle? Le musée du louvre, Paris Eric Carrere and Me... in Paris! Cutting the Clouds at Sunset - Paris Bound
La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris Place des Tertres Montmartre, Paris
Les Invalides Side View Les Invalides Front View Les Invalides Front View Star Filter Eiffel Tower in the Fog Far View Eiffel Tower in the Fog Close View Eiffel Tower in the Fog with Les Invalides to the left
Bling your bubble car in Paris!!! Love that bling car!!! Driving in Paris is a piece of cake!!!! Statue at the Grand Palais, Paris Statue at the Grand Palais, Paris Statue at the Grand Palais, Paris
Le Grand Palais, Paris It's only been done a million times............ Gallery Header t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426100.UZUHAm72.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426105.k4vl1IGJ.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426108.ZOCtd25e.jpg
t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426110.3JoYYjWH.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426113.eCiw7jKl.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426115.7scYDjT2.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426118.nZjkuh0C.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426120.OhVNbU0j.jpg Joseph, Elie & Giorgio
t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426125.3T1Txchr.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426128.0eEL0kE5.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426130.2z1cbmss.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426132.FM0Oc1AN.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426135.97DK1yKl.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426137.zIJOgnVR.jpg
t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426140.omPIxVj0.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426142.BvmRd9Rp.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426146.eu2F3Dt6.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426151.plzrGE4O.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426152.fNQKxpZQ.jpg t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426153.J06UdWK1.jpg
t4%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f91426154.i8mS86lQ.jpg A foggy Eiffel Tower taken from the Bateaux Mouches boat tour. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris Random shot while waiting to cross the street. In the streets...
t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93792071.0PhtfaCu.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93792072.enmwZbOQ.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93792073.m1vG0vwu.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93792074.2XUNVY3E.jpg Parking in Paris. t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93794534.dG7rcuJu.jpg
t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93794626.KtAYsB8c.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795007.bunObgUB.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795480.kgVEVgvS.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795481.xTau5fGM.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795482.sU5Rwp1u.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795483.fel8Rp5L.jpg
t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795484.fbTWjJcZ.jpg t1%2f96%2f660296%2f4%2f93795485.i4gHKoxz.jpg