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franklucas22-Aug-2010 00:40
excellent work, congratulations!
cheers, frank ;-)
katjas21-Jul-2009 16:51
hi! bin zufällig auf die Seite gestoßen und wollte zu den absolut wundervollen serien & fotos gratulieren...wusste nicht, wo ich anfangen soll mit dem voting, daher dieser eintrag
Natures Exotic Beauty Photography20-Jun-2008 00:11
I just spent some time on all of your galleries.
Your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Lucky Cole
Gus Rosenfeld02-Apr-2008 20:28
Just took a quick look at your work and I will definitely be back. Well seen, executed and developed work can be seen at even a glance. Best and regards - g
Milos Markovic04-Aug-2007 11:25
I have found your gallery by chance.
You are a great photographer with a perfect sense of composition and beauty.
I will come back again to admire your work.
Best regards,
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:52
I think looking through your pictures is time well spent.
Andrija Kasom19-Apr-2007 09:22
Dear Vipin,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excelen my friend...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...I want you visit Montenegro...
Jose Canovas29-Mar-2007 20:17
Thank you for sharing your links so kindly! I admire your work!
Niquin10-Mar-2007 22:08
Thank you, thank you for your wonderful comment on my images! It truely means alot after seeing how stunning your work is!! You are an instant favorite!!
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:24
I'm simply loss for words. Kudos!
Karen Moen20-Nov-2006 08:33
Thank you for your visit and encouraging feedback.
John Hudson03-Nov-2006 17:48
thanks for the comments!
Peg O'Brien13-Sep-2006 13:07
You are a very talened photographer, Vipin. The light in your Vienna images is just wonderful.
SzPiNaK.OrG Photography12-Sep-2006 00:05
GR8 Gallery man ... You're my No. 4 ... behind Manfred & Gunter and Argishi of course :)
However, I'll be also appreciated for visiting my gallery, I hope, that you'll enjoy my work as well. Keep Cool and take care. JeRRy
petem04-Sep-2006 22:16
Love your style. Added to my favorites!
Simon 31-Aug-2006 12:57
I ove the way you take your picture, I enjoyed it. Keep it up.
Arusha - Tanzania
Capel rugs 28-Aug-2006 08:15
This site is very interesting. Good job =)
Capel rugs
tomr-photos24-Aug-2006 22:57
Thanks for visiting and commenting. I especially enjoyed your "Colours" gallery. You have the gift of seeing the potential in subjects most people would pass by without noticing. Well done.
Josy's Pics24-Aug-2006 03:29
I love the way you see the world... thanks for sharing.

Jan M. Stenman13-Jul-2006 01:28
You have some great galleries!
Best regards,
Jeff Cochran12-Jul-2006 12:42
High quality galleries, great talent.
rainer a. rygalyk12-Jul-2006 07:06
my big abstract pictures are shown in the BA~CA Kunstforum till sunday, every evening during the concents, 10 € fee, but great concerts
wien 1, freyung 8.
EVLEDstudio05-Jul-2006 21:37
Thank you for your nice comments, that guided me to your work...
Sharif El-Hamalawi04-Jul-2006 21:20
I have been following the development of your portfolio on pbase for some time. It is a lovely collection of colorful and expressive images. Keep on your good work and thanks for sharing it with us.

Best regards, Sharif
Shubhadip Ghosh04-Jul-2006 06:33
Beutiful galleries Vipin. Am yet to see the whole of it. But will certainly do so. Prior to that let me congratulate you on your wonderful creations. You are really an ARTIST.
Guest 30-Jun-2006 11:02
I see something very different for your particular set of pictures but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Guest 29-Jun-2006 18:19
its always wonderful to stop by your galerries.
i enjoy them very much.

Guest 24-Jun-2006 11:49

Hi Vipin!

One of the best galleries I have seen. Simply beautiful!

Best regards

Tad Janocinski - Australia
Cynthia07-Jun-2006 15:40
Love your work,
Thanks for sharing!!!
Pauline29-May-2006 21:53
Thank you so much for your comments about my gallery presentation.
Now that i've got your attention, do you mind if I use some of your flowers with the ballerinas?
Don't hesitate to say you'd rather not, I heal fast.
You have a unique quality to your photography.
You have a good eye, good ideas.
I made you a favorite so I can see your future photographs.
Catherine_D28-May-2006 15:11
Hallo Vipin,
Just stoped by to thank you for visiting my galleries and for taking the time to comment.
I do the same as you.I just usually go to the favorites.Anyway thaks again for your kind words you have some great work too!!
Best regards
Günter Hofstädter24-May-2006 10:23 hehe ! Danke für dein Comment ! 23-May-2006 15:34
Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz.
Pedro Libório19-May-2006 20:14
...just to say I love your work Vipin!!!
...added to my favorites !!!
Victoria Burgers21-Apr-2006 11:09
Hi Vipin,
Thanks for browsing my galleries (how did you find my?) and your comments. I am honoured, because you are such a good photographer and in the populair galleries so very often. Thanks again and bye for now.
Simon Lütolf 14-Apr-2006 07:49

Danke für die schöne Zeit in Wien... War sehr witzig und echt cool... ;-)
Haltet die Ohren steiff bis ich wiederkomme :-)

LG Simon
Vipin Mayer11-Apr-2006 15:41
To t1m16 and to Christine who wrote the messages below, i checked up your profile page and was not at all surprised to see the similarity in the personal messages written there, a simple question, why not try yahoo chat? you´ll find enough kids like yourself there , why waste someone elses time here.
another tip, try yoga , that´s more relaxing than than shedding your frustrations here.hope you both got the point.
anyway, thanks for visiting.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 11:52
Hi, I came upon your gallery by accident and to my surprise, there is some excellent work you have here.
Guest 09-Apr-2006 17:03
I can't get enough of your work. You really need to upload more pictures for us to see.
Gerhard Bachmayer05-Apr-2006 10:03
Thank you very much for your multiple comments on my HP :-)
You have a great gallery!

Hans Novak03-Apr-2006 20:34
Guten Abend ! Herzlichen Dank für den Besuch und die Kommentare auf meiner hp! Liebe Grüße - Hans
Gabriele Hasslacher26-Mar-2006 14:11
Hallo Vipin!
Thank you for your message!
I really like to go through your gallieries. Found lots of wonderful images there!

Regarding your question about the Zentalfriedhof: no, there are no restrictions for takeing images. You seem so sensitive you would never offend mourning peopel there. I only do not take images of graves which are just being visited, or visiting people. ...exept the graves of famous persons. I am more careful on cemetaries of Villages and smaller towns, as there seems to be more privacy.
Yes, cemetaries are very interesting for a visit with the camera. Especially the old Jewish cemetary at the first gate. And there are rarely visitors, ony few people taking a walk.
Another nice place to take pictures is the prater behind the Riesenrad. There are so many objects you can compose images with...
So it seems you have not been living in Vienna for a very long time? Then there is still much to be discovered by you! Hope you will enjoy it very much!

Wish you a nice Sunday!
paul yung25-Mar-2006 02:02
Wonderful work. Congrtas!
René Gysi24-Mar-2006 17:37
Hallo Vipin
Danke für deine Kommentare zu meinen Bildern. Das hat mich echt gefreut.
Du hast wirklich ausgezeichnete Galerien mit wunderbaren Bildern. Ich werde in Zukunft hier regelmässig reinschauen. Da kann ich noch einiges lernen!
Liebe Grüsse
Steven Kay 21-Mar-2006 13:51
I am amazed at the beauty captured in your galleries.
These are the best pictures I have seen on PBase or elsewhere.
I eagerly look forward to more wonderful work from you on PBase.
Congratulations and all the best.
Steven Kay
Guest 19-Mar-2006 05:14
Hi Vipin, I am a big fan of your work. There is a certain underrated simplicity to your work. Your quiet observation of people and the going ons in the city is a big eye opener for me. There is so much to learn from your eyes, and I find that I keep going back to your gallery for inspiration and my daily dosage of beautiful things.
1moremile17-Mar-2006 10:28
Vipin, I think I should never view your galleries on a work day. Now I will be late. I can't say enough about your photos. Amaze me every time I visit.
Sean Hsieh16-Mar-2006 00:29
Hi, thanks for giving me comments.
Andrey Vysokov, Russia 15-Mar-2006 04:10
Especially pad__monochromatic.
Good luck.
ChristinTroeger14-Mar-2006 10:32
Ganz tolle Bilder,
Danke für Deine Kommentare.
Eckhart Derschmidt08-Mar-2006 22:40
Hallo Vipin, danke fürs vorbeischauen und die netten Kommmentare. Was die "Downward Spiral" betrifft, so ist das die Fahrradauffahrt zur Fußgängerbrücke über den Donaukanal in Erdberg.
Bin froh, auf diese Weise wieder auf deine Spur gekommen zu sein, denn ich bin schon vor einiger Zeit einmal zufällig darüber gestolpert und habe damals vergessen, dich bei meinen Favourites abzulegen... Du hast hier jedenfalls eine Reihe von ausgezeichneten Gallerien, von deren Dichte ich noch einiges lernen kann.
Liebe Grüße, Eckhart
Stefanos Lampridis01-Mar-2006 20:57
Very nice images with great colors and wb for a D70.
Thanks for your kind omments...
Guest 26-Feb-2006 05:19
Hi Vipin,

Recently came across your galleries......... You have amazing collection of work.... Especially I enjoyed viewing your "Monochromes, street Artists, Prague, Vienna, Vienna Night Shots, and ofcourse Kerala" shots.......

Thanks for sharing........


Gilles Navet24-Feb-2006 22:29
Really happy to discover your PaD, so pure and well composed pics.
Youe have a classic but crative work
A lot of technic and a great sense of details.
You are know in my favorits
see you soon
Guest 23-Feb-2006 10:54
Good Morning Vipin,

Thanks for viewing my galleries. The picture with the circles in the water are taken of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas from the Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Hotel. The circles are water jets that shoot water into the air to the sound of music, every 20 minutes or so, through the day and night. Kind of "dancing waters".


Irene Müller07-Feb-2006 19:36
Hi Vipin, thanks again for the endless encouragement you give me.
By the way, I saw one of your galleries in the popular galleries section. Very well deserved and congratulations.
Kind regards,
Franz Bauer07-Feb-2006 10:39
Hallo Vipin,war eine nette Überraschung am Wiener Rathausplatz beim "Vienna Icedream" auch einen "pbaser" zu treffen.Schöne Bilder in Deinen Sammlungen....ja,wir wissen es eh alle,Wien ist nicht nur voll schöner Fotomotive,es gibt auch die guten Fotografen dafür... ;)))
Keep on shooting!
Schöne Grüße
George V'Myer29-Jan-2006 03:35
Thank you for all your recent comments on my galleries, I appreciate that very much. I also like your photography very much, as you do have a great eye for capturing the moments that come up in front of your camera. My "light abstracts" gallery is the capture of light that falls through vertical and venitian blinds on my windows.
Harald Schillhammer09-Jan-2006 10:20
Bin begeistert. Die zunehmende Dichte an exzellenten Pixelfängern aus Österreich nehme ich mit Freude zur Kenntnis.
Peter08-Jan-2006 19:44
Hi Vipin,

swans are a protected species in the UK. if you kill one you cn be jailed for up-to 6 months or fined up-to 5000 pounds. not enough either way in my opinion. i only started photographing the swans early in 2005. at first there was just one adult pair. then they had seven cygnets. after a few months about two other families came to the pond. there are pictures of one adult attacking a young swan in one of my galleries.
Rathika Ramasamy03-Jan-2006 07:08
Hi Vipin
Thanks for stooping my pbase pages.Yes Kerala one of my place,am yet explore the beauty of Gods own country.
Wishing you very happy 2006!!
Will going to hit our albums now.
Anton Hoellersberger02-Jan-2006 17:57
Hallo, absolutly beautiful galleries in here! very good work!
nice greetings
Vilone01-Jan-2006 14:57

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Günter Hofstädter11-Dec-2005 13:19
A level over most user here on Pbase ! GRatulation !
Peter10-Dec-2005 09:32
all your pictures are of a very high standard. thanks for showing themm.