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These are my favortie photos, I plan on writing a caption for each one but if there isn't one that means I haven't gotten around to it.
UCSD flowers.jpg SD aquarium.jpg Balboa flowers 1.jpg Spring is here! Snow on Plant
Creeping Charlie Meadowbrook on a sunny day Sage in playhouse Sea of Leaves Under the sea...
RED UIUC Quad Fountain Prairie Path Night Driving 1 / light sig
Leaves in Puddle w/ Yellow Filter Lake in Fall IMG_2423.jpg (Dad) IMG_2677.jpg (Emily 1) IMG_2992.jpg (Emily 2)
IMG_3165 PS 2 (Drama couch).jpg Night Driving 3 Silhouette Firesky Circles
Tree in Fall Tricycle through hole IMG_5510 PS.jpg (sepia playground) Cloud Lines IMG_8023 PS (My Bike).jpg
IMG_8578 PS Tree, Ice, Carle Park.jpg IMG_8828.jpg (Cute) IMG_9036 (early rehearsal).jpg IMG_9214.jpg (Curious Rabbit) DSCF9456.jpg Bassist
Pelin (DSCF9501.jpg) Watching the door (IMG_0126.jpg) Squirting fire (IMG_0361.jpg) Ryan at the movies (IMG_0604.jpg) IMG_0889-resized.jpg
Multicolor hallway (IMG_1047 PS.jpg) Green room dance party (IMG_2043.jpg) Colorful trees at sunset (CRW_2201_RJ PS.jpg)  Sole Survivors/Cross in Cornfield (CRW_2241_RJ)  Fiesta dance party (IMG_2403.jpg)
Grass in Puddle (CRW_2545_RJ PS.jpg) Meadowbrook at sunset in winter (CRW_2550_RJ.jpg) David + Sax (IMG_3281.jpg) Stop Bush (IMG_3847.jpg) Chicago under the L (CRW_4017 BW.jpg)
Chicago art museum and cars (CRW_4108 PS.jpg) Chicago, White SUV, Black buildings (CRW_4124 BW.jpg) S of flowers (CRW_4150.jpg) Carle park, Upside down (CRW_4690.jpg) Couple at Crystal Lake park (CRW_5580.jpg)
(ILLINI.CRW_5671.jpg) Fan on Traffic light pole (ILLINI.CRW_5679.jpg) Cover story (ILLINI.CRW_5684.jpg) Fan with two birds (ILLINI.CRW_5693.jpg) Fan on Alma Mater (ILLINI.CRW_5756.jpg)
Illini break-dancing action  (ILLINI.CRW_5797.jpg) House theater belly dancer (IMG_6172.jpg)  IMG_6193.jpg Arron at Boneyard (IMG_6467.jpg) Chris at Mcdonald's (IMG_7157.jpg)
Ozeki and Chris (IMG_7215.jpg) Black Tulips (CRW_7487.jpg) The Hall at night (CRW_7553.jpg) Candid Can-Can dancer (IMG_7734.jpg) Marion Lazen (DSCF0899.jpg)
Laurel is sworn in (IMG_8630.jpg) Cope in bar (IMG_8706.jpg) Danielle in bar (IMG_8715.jpg) Thomas and Melissa dancing (IMG_8788 PS.jpg) Becky and ___ posing (IMG_8812 BW.jpg)
Adam + Guitar (IMG_8947 BW.jpg) Priya (IMG_9072 PS.jpg) IMG_9083 BW.jpg DSCF0608.jpg DSCF0691.jpg
DSCF0728.jpg DSCF0873.jpg Back-lit dancers (DSCF0966.jpg) Under Daisy (CRW_9975.jpg) AA flowers (CRW_9999 BW.jpg)
CRW_0005.jpg CRW_1093.jpg CRW_1095.jpg Cornfield on Race at sunset CRW_1260.jpg Solstice Moonrise (CRW_1658.jpg)
Horse and train (CRW_1905.jpg) CRW_2190.jpg CRW_6261.jpg CRW_6553.jpg CRW_6700 (Butterfly).jpg
CRW_6745.jpg CRW_6872.jpg CRW_6957 PS.jpg CRW_6987.jpg CRW_6991.jpg
CRW_7424.jpg CRW_7429.jpg CRW_7436.jpg CRW_7600.jpg IMG_7606.JPG
IMG_7622.JPG CRW_7714.jpg CRW_7965.jpg CRW_8022.jpg CRW_8037.jpg
CRW_8075.jpg CRW_8087.jpg CRW_8144.jpg CRW_8153.jpg CRW_0564 CS.jpg
CRW_1852 CS.jpg CRW_1304 CS BW.jpg CRW_9976 web.jpg CRW_4626 PS.jpg CRW_4413 PS.jpg
CRW_3570 PS.jpg CRW_3475 PS 2.jpg CRW_3148 PS.jpg CRW_3109 PS.jpg CRW_3073 PS.jpg
CRW_9470 PS.jpg CRW_0853 CS.jpg CRW_5184 PS.jpg CRW_5161 PS.jpg CRW_5102 PS 2.jpg
CRW_5016 PS 1.jpg CRW_5429 PS.jpg CRW_5409 PS.jpg CRW_5230 PS.jpg CRW_5212 PS.jpg
CRW_4061 PS.jpg CRW_4013 PS.jpg CRW_3965 PS.jpg CRW_4228 PS.jpg CRW_3889 PS.jpg
CRW_4869 PS.jpg CRW_4751 PS.jpg CRW_4734 PS 1.jpg CRW_4709 PS 3.jpg CRW_8361 PS 2.jpg
CRW_8276 PS.jpg CRW_2182.jpg CRW_0686 CS BW.jpg Self portrait.jpg CRW_1142 PS.jpg
CRW_1137 CS.jpg CRW_9964 web.jpg CRW_2927 PS.jpg CRW_7751 PS.jpg CRW_7113 PS.jpg
CRW_6232 PS.jpg CRW_0462.jpg CRW_2558 PS.jpg CRW_0811 CS.jpg CRW_0776 CS Unique in a sea of similarity
CRW_0773 CS.jpg CRW_9981 web.jpg CRW_1634 CS.jpg CRW_0159-01 BW.jpg CRW_1675 CS.jpg
CRW_6812 PS.jpg CRW_6948 PS.jpg CRW_6817 PS.jpg IMG_5539 PS 2.jpg IMG_5032 Best seat in the House
CRW_3405 PS.jpg CRW_2784 PS 2.jpg IMG_0125 PS.jpg CRW_6390 PS.jpg IMG_0124 PS.jpg
CRW_0540 PS 2.jpg CRW_0552 PS.jpg CRW_0574 PS.jpg