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Hundhäng I Hallstavik

Här kommer lite bilder från våra hundpromenader, nästan varje vecka har det blivit.
Mellan 2 och 13 hundar har det varit med.
Bra social träning, inga slagsmål än!

Photos from our (almost) weekly doggie-meetups, most times a long walk around the golfcourse.
Usually 5-10 dogs attending. Nice training in social skills for the dogs.
Otti Otti Otti, the english bulldog Otti likes a nice scratching
Mmm, nice! Ella catching snowflakes on her tongue. Maybe ;o) Otti, the snowplough Otti
Ella, half kangoroo Otti, posing for portrait Otti Otti, the english bulldog
Ella, the terrier Ella, the terrier My Bonnie in the new snow from last night Ella, the terrier
Ozzie, the goofball! Ozzie found a PET-bottle. Best toy ever! Groupshot from Doggiewalk 24/11 Niva found a yammy stick.
Sausage! Mmmm!!! Ozzie & Tozzi Zimba, a new dog in town. Ozzie, wild and crazy! 24/11 A happy mitten-thief
Nice and sunny doggiegang-walk today 16/11 All colour-coordinated. Sören, the frenchie, got a bit wild. Ozzie wanted to join! Dogwalk November 2, 2013.
Ossi och Totta i Furuviksparken Fanny Eveningwalk with the Doggie Walk-gang tonight Benji
Fanny 18/5 2013 Väddö kanal 18/5 2013  Väddö kanal Dogge
Stoj Nellie, 15 weeks old roughcoated Jack Russell terrier. Groupshot from Doggie-meetup February 12, 2012 Disa, working on stay-command
Whooper swan by the dam, people are feeding the ducks there in the winter. Groupshot from Doggie-meetup February 11, 2012 Janne Fun. fun. fun in the snow
Bonnie and Alde racing Alde Alva, Australian Shepherd Alva, Australian Shepherd
Lexus, German Shepherd Sol, French Bulldog Sookie, French Bulldog Holly, Bullterrier puppy
Frida in full speed Bonnie and the boys, Gizmo and Lexus Everybody chasing Frida. She likes to be the chasee :o) Groupshot from todays doggiewalk/obedience class.
Nellie, rough-coated Jack Russell terrier, 12 weeks old. Frida enjoying the snow Groupshot from dogwalk today. A snowy one! Groupshot from a mini-meetup in Herräng
18/1 2012 Little rain don´t stop dogwalks 9173 120109 900.jpg 9247 120109 700.jpg 9259 120109 700.jpg
9234 120109 700.jpg 9182 120109 700.jpg 9158 120109 700.jpg 9308 120109 750.jpg
8/1 Molly, leonberger Shortcut through the wildboar-fence. Stella, a working dachshound. This IS a smile ;o)
6/1 Ralf aka Raffe from todays doggie meetup. Groupshot from Doggie-meetup January 6 Rika, sharpei Molly wants treats
Aslan, springerspaniel And then we were beamed up by an UFO. Or maybe not ;o) Jago, chasing girls Oh dear! Bonnie and Rika don´t get along very well off leash.
Happy Holidays! Wishes all Sundays Doggie Walkers! 4/12 Groupshot from Doggie-meetup December 4 Baloo, Berger Blanc Suisse Jago, Italian Mastiff (Cane Corso)
Bonnie sandwich Bonnie, exercising the pups! Otti spotted the camera Philosofical Otti, contemplating life, universe and everything...
Sören, handsome fellow. Hey, there´s some hard stuff on my drinking bowl! Nom, nom, nom!!! Hare-poop... Kiss! Cuddly Otti
Whohoo!! Runtastic doggie-meetup today Young ones having fun The three musketeers Heading for the golfcourse
2/12 Bonnie and Ozzie having fun Bonnie showing her nice teeth for Ozzie Now I know why my bed is full of sand... The three musketeers
Ozzie and mom 3215 111202 700.jpg 3212 111202 700.jpg Are you coming?
Tina Bonnie likes people with Nikons! Clever dog... Tina, springer spaniel 3209 111202 750.jpg
Groupshot December 2 Are you ok, Ozzie? Ozzie, that´s rude! Linus, the chihuahua puppy in his limo, an old shoulderbag with his blankie.
Hebba and ferns My, bearded collie I knew it! Bearded collies do have eyes under all that fur ;o) 21/11 Groupshot from todays dog-walk.
Nice dogs! Sören, Bonnie & My The young ones, Linus and Seved 21/11 Proud dogowner & tiny Linus in his limo Linus, 11 weeks, stretching his legs a bit.
Well, Linus is as big  as a  ladies sneaker, size 37 or 38 maybe? 3055 111121 700.jpg Hebba Bouncy Bonnie. It´s her 9th birthday on Friday.
Hebba and Bonnie 3033 111121 700.jpg 3025 111121 700.jpg 3021 111121 700.jpg
Frida Hey, you folks... Wait for us! 20/11 Groupshot from todays Doggie-meetup The almost groupshot, everybody checking out the Otti-chase
Frida and Bonnie having a nice run in the meadow What are they discussing? Headless fun! Zippo, poser-boy
Ozzie, baby of the gang. So far! Långsjön Easy to beg with those huge eyes Are you really going to eat the whole meatball-sandwich?
Cheese-sandwich? You know, I just happen to love cheese-sandwiches Hi Bonnie, what´s up? Otti being friendly Viggo, Chinese Crested Powderpuff 13/11 Groupshot from Doggie-meetup November 13
Albin fell in love Double up of the dogwalkers. Aren´ t you coming? Nalle, Borzoi
9/11 Run, Lilly, run!!! Lilly, Australian terrier Sniff sniff, very interesting scents... Running is fun.
Lilly, the Australian terrier. 8/11 Oops! Naughty Bonnie playing ball with Lilly. Using Lilly as ball... More Otti! Elastic Otti 1
Elastic Otti 2 It´s difficult to fetch a Frenchie! Bonnie & Sören romping around. Jihaa!!!
Stella is a wonderful lady, ask Sören or Zippo or Raffe... Zippo <3 Stella. Fiona, the Ogre Ottis mom calls her. Mudbaths are healthy! Nice style, Sören!
Alde, the newcomer, was a bit overwhelmed by all the dogs. Groupshot November 5 Groupshot November 3 Liisa, temporary doglady!
Lilly and Loka Lilly and Svea Watchout Buddies, Lilly and Älla
Dancing for treats 3/11 Bonnie catching leaves! Group-shot October 22 5285 111022 700.jpg
Shaking Disa Otti Stella No complaints about the weather today!
Curious bystander. Luckily the dogs didn´t  spot him! Hundhäng-wannabee 1 Hundhäng-wannabee 2 Sunday, October 9, groupshot. Kind of ;o)
Groupshot October 8 Kira and Raffe posing Kira likes water Kira and Älla greeting. Svea looks a bit suspicious ;o)
Svea looking at the bouncy duo, Kira and Bonnie Nice weather, no golfers at the course! Kira Raffe
Fun, fun, fun! Kira thought Bonnie was a bit scary first. Running like crazy... Gruppfoto 2/10
Otti spanar efter matte. Älla och Svea väntar på matte Ozzie tar en sväng i hästhagen Ozzie
Ozzie <3 Bonnie 22/8 No Alba, Sören isn´t a giant toad. Or has rabies... 3690 110918 700.jpg 3802 110918 900.jpg
3775 110918 900.jpg 3765 110918 750.jpg 3758 110918 750.jpg 3704 110918 750.jpg
3729 110918 750.jpg 3677 110918 700.jpg 3756 110918 750.jpg 3828 110918 750.jpg
3638 110918 900.jpg 3745 110918 900.jpg 3741 110918 750.jpg 3682 110918 750.jpg
Lilly, australisk terrier. Disa, så lydig och snäll. Gruppfoto 18/9 Groupshot September 18 3660 110918 900.jpg