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This is the highest i have climbed. (Just short of 9000ft) Got to the South top because the ice and snow made the ridge too tricky to try and get to the proper top. Only 100ft short!
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Lenk Lenk
Albristhorn Albristhorn
View from Tierberg View from Tierberg View from Tierberg Tierberg
Albristhorn and Gsur
 Altels  -  Tschingellochtighorn Summit (with fresh snow)
Route up Route up
2729m 8954 ft
IMG_5697all.JPG IMG_5698all.JPG IMG_5699all.JPG IMG_5701all.JPG
IMG_5702all.JPG IMG_5703all.JPG IMG_5705all.JPG IMG_5707all.JPG
IMG_5708all.JPG IMG_5709all.JPG IMG_5710all.JPG IMG_5711all.JPG
IMG_5712all.JPG IMG_5713all.JPG IMG_5714all.JPG IMG_5715all.JPG
IMG_5716all.JPG IMG_5717all.JPG IMG_5719all.JPG IMG_5720all.JPG
IMG_5721all.JPG IMG_5722all.JPG IMG_5723all.JPG IMG_5724all.JPG
IMG_5725all.JPG IMG_5726all.JPG IMG_5728all.JPG IMG_5730all.JPG
IMG_5732all.JPG IMG_5733all.JPG IMG_5734all.JPG IMG_5735all.JPG
IMG_5737all.JPG IMG_5738all.JPG IMG_5739all.JPG IMG_5740all.JPG
IMG_5741all.JPG IMG_5742all.JPG IMG_5743all.JPG IMG_5744all.JPG
IMG_5745all.JPG IMG_5746all.JPG IMG_5747all.JPG IMG_5748all.JPG
IMG_5749all.JPG IMG_5750all.JPG IMG_5751all.JPG IMG_5753all.JPG
IMG_5754all.JPG IMG_5755all.JPG IMG_5756all.JPG IMG_5757all.JPG
Gsur Gsur
IMG_5765all.JPG IMG_5767all.JPG
Eiger IMG_5769all.JPG IMG_5770all.JPG IMG_5771all.JPG
IMG_5773all.JPG IMG_5774all.JPG IMG_5775all.JPG IMG_5776all.JPG
IMG_5777all.JPG IMG_5778all.JPG IMG_5779all.JPG IMG_5780all.JPG
IMG_5781all.JPG IMG_5782all.JPG IMG_5783all.JPG IMG_5784all.JPG
IMG_5785all.JPG IMG_5786all.JPG IMG_5787all.JPG IMG_5788all.JPG
IMG_5789all.JPG IMG_5790all.JPG IMG_5791all.JPG IMG_5792all.JPG
IMG_5793all.JPG IMG_5794all.JPG IMG_5795all.JPG IMG_5796all.JPG
IMG_5797all.JPG IMG_5799all.JPG IMG_5732allg3.JPG IMG_5817allg3.JPG
IMG_5818allg3.JPG IMG_5828allg3.JPG IMG_5832allg3.JPG IMG_5835allg3.JPG
IMG_5842allg3.JPG IMG_5853allg3.JPG IMG_5862allg3.JPG IMG_5877allg3.JPG
IMG_5882allg3.JPG IMG_5887allg3.JPG IMG_5888allg3.JPG
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