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John09-Jul-2005 12:46
He's compensating for something???
Carmen09-Jul-2005 05:17
Geez -- with lenses that big you think he wouldn't be wearing that "are these big enough?!?" look. He looks a little pained.
jude09-Jul-2005 02:20
wait.. he has 2 long lenses. never mind.. LOL
jude09-Jul-2005 02:19
Try a long lens - although not QUITE that big - on one camera and a regular lens on another SLR... just to make sure you get the right kinds of pics. At the sports events my neck hurts so bad. I'm considering hiring someone to be my lacky .. preferably someone who knows their way around long.. er.. lenses.. :P
Guest 07-Jul-2005 09:38
Photografer is very heavy job ...
Mr. Universe!
Guest 06-Jul-2005 21:50
Pfffttt a pain to carry two of those machines with long zooms, I recognize that as I walk around sometimes with almost the same configuration, but my second camera is the S3. I hate it after more then an hour and even more when the weather is hot. Glad to see that I'm not the only one walking around like that.
Niall O'Shea06-Jul-2005 19:39
Someone got told off...;)
JeremyGood06-Jul-2005 17:23
(sorry, "HER" comment, not his)
JeremyGood06-Jul-2005 15:47
Hina Shimomura absolutely NAILED this photo with his comment.
He's like, "What am I doing with these cameras? Where am I? Why is he taking my picture? Is that God over there?"
Guest 06-Jul-2005 15:29
What a ridiculous amount of gear to walk around with! No wonder he looks worried/ in serious neck pain... also hope hes insured. Is that a 200mm f2 or 300mm 2.8 he cradling!?!
Guest 06-Jul-2005 07:03
he is stoned!
Ann LT06-Jul-2005 03:47
Wonder what else he keeps in that backpack?
My back and neck hurts just looking at Bubba.
Chris03-Jul-2005 22:36
Homeboy is not f'n around.
jude03-Jul-2005 15:19
My god.. I only have one long lens (and not this long) and when I walk around with that around my neck and my Rebel with a short lens it KILLS.. very heavy.. Bubba must be very strong.. :P