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Technical tweaking by jude mc :)

Olympus E-1 ,Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 Digital
1/50s f/8.0 at 28.0mm iso400 with Flash full exif

other sizes: small medium large original
Roe..06-Jan-2006 04:59
I bet you had a webcam on..I love your helper..this is one of my favs..
Andrea Aschedamini14-Nov-2005 20:48
inside the MATRIX...
Guest 25-Jul-2005 21:39
dude use satellite!!!!
a wow shot!
jude21-Jul-2005 20:13
you technical genius, you...
Kokomo Photography16-Jun-2005 00:05
I know the feeling.
Niall O'Shea25-May-2005 14:22
Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. :O
Guest 25-May-2005 14:11
And now for a TRUE story to complement the fictional post.

In 1977 during my senior year at high school we had the opportunity to visit various science departments at the local Saint Mary's University.Our physics teacher Mr. "D" was our chaparone.That was my first lunch at McDonalds with the rest of the kids.The displays at the university that afternoon were amusing for our geeky spectacled crowd.The computer science program was in its infancy back then. And they had various demonstrations of simple blinking logic computers which were made by the first year students.

The most memorable lab from that day was in the neuroscience research division.Our giggling lanky crowd trickled in behind the glass door of a cramped cubicle.Beside our packed sweating sardine bodies loomed a huge computer complex that occupied one entire wall.

Directly, a lab technician slithered in between us.She was draped in morbid black with a heavy European bloc accent.As she pointed to a small window at the heart of the complex,we all gasped.Sucking in what air was left in the crowded room, as if we were locked in a vacuum.

Two by two our eyes peered inside the shadow glass box.Shocked to view a rat standing, seemingly half asleep,yet poised with weary determination in front of a metal bar.A medusa of spaghetti electrodes spawned from it's cranium.Then among the wire and winks of circuitry we stared.As the rat pressed down upon the bar we heard an affirming click.Upon which the animal's head and upper torso writhed in orgasmic shudder.

"He likes it" blandly remarked the supervising technician.The electrodes were implanted at the pleasure center in his brain.And every time the bar declined, he would get off.Apparently the animal had preferred electrical masturbation to food (or anything else) after brief experience.The demonstration was concluded with a series of colored rat brain sections mounted on slides.

Has computerized society gone too far with " the animal preferring electrical..."
Guest 25-May-2005 10:34
"C'mon baby,c'mon it...oh Honey!" droned the disembodied slut slurring dangled promises from the end of a twisted serpentine receiver cord.Cyber Eve had laid another man comatose.

We had warned him again and again about Dollface.But he just scoffed at our pleas. And now the game had ended tragically.Having done himself in with a C-section.Another carpet beggar.With nothing left but a floor to die prostrate on.

About a century ago Kurilian photography had demonstrated imperceptibly weak electric field interaction between living things.By amplifying natural human electric fields and harnessing these vibrations,medical applications were possible.Essentially, it was potent biofeed between a donor and patient to mend neural damage.

Recently,narcotic substances have been replaced by electrically simulated endorphins.

The combination of channeled biological impulses laced with subliminal cyber endorphins has become a lucrative illegal enterprise.The pervasive influence of the sexdoll interface, colloquially termed dollface has been unbelievable.

The high priced sexfeed is unstoppable.Users can patch a USB directly to their retinal nerve with minor backstreet surgery.You can also do dollface aurally by phone or fax.Other cables to various erogenous areas can be attached as well.The addictive nature of cyber sextion is a bonafide mental opiate.The user experiences successive plateaus of non- response.Craving more input to obtain a fix.Unfortunately, simultaneous maximum biofeed through a maze of cables comonly leads to neural overdose.
Jude Marion18-May-2005 06:23
Niall, this is WONDERFUL!
I'm lovin' the bondage thing ( tied to the technology!!)
and the RED!!!
Dan Chusid17-May-2005 01:47
A clue must be in the message on the laptop...
JeremyGood17-May-2005 01:02
Looks like the start of a really good C.S.I. episode. Techno cellophane foot fetishest goes on photographer killing spree.
dazedgonebye17-May-2005 00:25
Here's where we need to discuss the difference between loving technology and "loving" technology.
Ray :)17-May-2005 00:20
I can see why you had the phone off the hook...
Cheryl Hawkins17-May-2005 00:14
The RCA cables definitely say "jacked in" to me.
jude17-May-2005 00:03
Whoa.. talk about two technical geeks...LOL
Nice.. very very nice.. from futuristic to mad orange technical bondage..
Very creative SP, Niall
Niall O'Shea16-May-2005 23:24
You know, I could have used optical and coaxial cables but they don't have the old skool feel of RCA analogue! Sentimental foo that I am...:)
Antonio Pierre De Almeida16-May-2005 23:20
You had to be wired with RCA audio wires !!! LOL !!! and yet you use a wireless router hummm... nice angle !