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january 7: for jude mc

january 7: for jude mc

When I first saw this jumper it was love at first sight. I don't know if it was requited but since when is that an impediment to pursuit? All I know is I was heard to utter "Oh yes, it SHALL be mine. It SHALL - be mine." Everyone needs a jumper they can wrap up in and feel good, don't you agree?

For unwittingly encouraging me to have a bash at the odd SP and for being an inspiration, generally,
big thanks to jude mc

Canon EOS 10D ,Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
1/60s f/2.8 at 50.0mm iso100 with Flash full exif

other sizes: small medium large
ruthemily08-May-2006 02:37
well, i'd like to say that i agree with the comments made previously, but i'm not quite sure i've followed the convo all that well (am i the only one?!). but anyway. yes. a brilliant self-portrait. enigmatic eyes that really draw you in.
suse29-Jul-2005 02:23
Very nice SP. You do look like a male model. Just ditch the jumper tho;...Heathcliff did not make it big-time wearing baggy jumpers.... .. ;))
Guest 04-Jul-2005 17:26
Ahh the rare Irish eagle brooding pensively yet with cozy authority from his lofty nest.The sooty brows and deathly empty eyes focus a formidable command from the hushed softness.That vote button is on auto repeat.
jude19-Jan-2005 15:11
Gayle P. Clement13-Jan-2005 00:40
Goodness, Niall, your eyes and sw...uh jumper caused all THAT!
Niall O'Shea09-Jan-2005 14:05
jude, Carmen? As a red-blooded man, for once, I'm glad to be out of my depth here...
Carmen09-Jan-2005 08:07
Tut, tut. I know this one... There'll be SUN... umm,

When I'm stuck with a day, that's gra (e?) y...
...and RA-I-Iny!...

...I forget the rest.

(umm...NOT. But carry as you like... IN TUNE this time, please)
jude09-Jan-2005 05:12
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Carmen09-Jan-2005 01:42
SHHHH! everyone... Niall's communing with his jumper again. It's telling him to take ODD self portraits, which to me is a little strange but what do I know? I'm just trying to decipher what dictionary meaning to assign to what word. Still not sure about the 'jumper' bit, actually. I thought it was someone who walked out onto a bridge to ponder the meaning of life and came to the wrong conclusion.
What's that NOISE? Is someone singing ?
♫ THE sun'll come out, TO-morrow... ♫
Wm. Bates09-Jan-2005 00:58
Have I ever confessed here on Pbase that I LOVE dark eyes? Well I do! And this picture is fantastic! Even though the sweater, OOPS, I mean "jumper" is in the foreground, those eyes just MAKE the picture! Excellent job in My humble, non-photographer opinion.

jude08-Jan-2005 23:10
I'm singing and tapping my foot impatiently.. wondering when it will be about ME again.. hence the "to jude mc" feel of the whole photo thingie.. :B
Niall O'Shea08-Jan-2005 22:49
Who's doing what now??? :B
jude08-Jan-2005 20:58
Wait.. I thought this was about me?
Carmen08-Jan-2005 20:15
Niall, forgive me, but speaking of buttinskis, I believe I was addressing Jude...not you? I mean, you're acting like this is your gallery or something(!). But as you feel the need to resort to semantics to explain your "odd" comment, I just thought I would heave out the old dictionary. Ahem. bzzz-bz-bzzz (I'm not a bee; I'm just reading) bzz-bzzz-bz... Here it is -- second degree of the third definition...all right. I suppose a scholar of the obscure would find that a perfectly acceptable explanation.
In which case I guess I should take back my comment about your SP not being odd (as you take very occasional SP's) and say that it is indeed a VERY odd SP. Still nice, but odd.
Niall O'Shea08-Jan-2005 14:29
OMG Carmen you are SUCH a Buttinski. Like WTF is that? Yeah, I know...No, for the sake of semantic clarity, I meant 'odd' in the sense of 'occasional', in so far as I take the occasional SP, taking inspiration from jude's which, are, shall we say, 'less' occasional? (and not 'odd' in the sense of 'strange'). Sheesh! ;-D
Carmen08-Jan-2005 04:12
Oh, yeah. Carol Kane. That scene's a hoot. (Liar-Liarr-Lii-aaa-rrrrrrr!)
Jude, not to be a buttinski, but did Niall just said you take an odd SP?!?
(BTW very nice SP, Niall. Not at all odd.)
jude07-Jan-2005 17:30
LIAH! LIAH! (did you ever see The Princess Bride?)..
Niall O'Shea07-Jan-2005 17:25
Yes, I invented the system myself. Learnt it while on military manouevres during the Burma campaign. Beastly business, don't you know...(twirling moustachios)
jude07-Jan-2005 17:19
Excellent link, Mr O'Shea...
whiskey0107-Jan-2005 05:48
Nice shot, and nice conversion Niall
Gilles Navet07-Jan-2005 01:43
A great B&W portrait Niall, no saturation here, just dark on the face and two impressive eyes
Really creative feeling,
Stu07-Jan-2005 00:45
I used to have one just like it... all big, baggy and soft. Very moody shot, Niall, I like the b&w
Cheryl Hawkins06-Jan-2005 23:45
Everyone needs to feel cuddled and cosy!
jude06-Jan-2005 21:36
ohhh I love this! I really like how the sweater is detailed and focused.. and your face is dark and mysterious.. Wrapped up nice and warm.. I can see why you loved it. Yay!
Such an excellent SP .. and not even on a friday..
Over here jumpers are sleeveless dresses that are worn over blouses or turtlenecks - but I won't tease you too much ..