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RC hobby

RC hobby

Flying Lawn Mower
You may saw radio control (R/C) airplane, or Helicopter flying.
You may saw a R/C car jump 10 feet high.
But I don't think you ever saw a Lawn Mower fly!
This kits really fly in Rosemed Park of LA.

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Robert Ballard30-May-2011 04:05
They're ready for the tall grass.
Brandon Mardon04-May-2010 10:21
Damn! Dig this shot..."Sunset Hunter"
Bolton Perry07-Feb-2007 17:55
how in the hell did you get that thing to fly??
Scott Schmitt09-Jan-2007 23:14
Very cool shot! There is no passing this shot up without investigating what is going on here.
Jane22-Nov-2006 19:47
Very cool!
Guest 19-Nov-2006 20:13
hahahaha, it's awesome! i'm personally an R/C fan, so... voted. :)
R. Schmuck24-Aug-2006 16:54
Cindy Powell08-Jul-2006 12:36
ROFL!!! This is just too cool.
Cindi Smith25-Jun-2006 17:14
LOL BIG TIME! What a cool idea. Bet the neighbors will dodge you when you go out to mow!
Sam X16-Jun-2006 03:20
i'm seeing thinks?!?!?!?thats it time to go to bed... flying lawnmover...
TAB Photographic27-Apr-2006 16:00
LMAO! I won't ask... LOL
Yves Rubin13-Apr-2006 20:16
Funny, funny! I thought you were kidding at first...
Lynne Duquette Perera23-Feb-2006 15:50
The first thing I thought was WHAT? HOW? HUH? but then I read and looked closer, great capture! I voted!!!!
FohD7k12-Feb-2006 17:50
excellent ! voted
Guest 04-Feb-2006 10:04
i love it.
Barri Olson27-Jan-2006 18:07
Well this woke me up :-)
Todd Walker22-Jan-2006 06:38
Hey just last night I saw a piece on the Science Channel about the guys who build these. It was pretty cool -- they also had a doghouse one and a witch on a broom. Very cool stuff.
Vilone19-Jan-2006 01:23
Guest 15-Nov-2005 09:08
KimKong01-Oct-2005 21:41
Great and hilarious! Also amizing!
Sean Carpenter06-Sep-2005 12:04
Very funny shot! Love it. Voted.
Guest 15-Jul-2005 18:56
Funny picture!..quite unusual!
Guest 27-Jun-2005 08:51
très drôle
Tine Verheyden21-Jun-2005 22:48
hahaha fabulous!
Charles Lasnier05-May-2005 07:53
Hilarious! Look out, the machines are taking over and they have air cover!
viljamix30-Apr-2005 17:27
I've seen a flying saucer (not a UFO), but i've never seen a flying lawn mower. This picture alone justifies me joining Pbase.
See Why See21-Apr-2005 00:25
JLphotos20-Apr-2005 03:12
This is amazing ! I've never seen anything like this !
btw, thanks for commenting on my photo. I see you have many excellent galleries !
Guest 04-Apr-2005 15:53
this is hilarious!
lorin niculae04-Apr-2005 11:55
Splendid ideea! neat photo!
fotabug03-Apr-2005 23:37
This is great, Tom. I never would have believed that a lawn mower could fly. But now I know. :)
Dave Wyman02-Apr-2005 09:48
Crazy wild.
Dan Chusid28-Mar-2005 07:05
Toro! Toro! Toro!!! Duck and cover!
Ian Morehouse08-Mar-2005 08:42
Very funny.

There used to be a light plane(sort of) in Australia powered by a Victa lawnmower engine.
don nieman08-Mar-2005 02:14
I just noticed this picture. Very neat.
Lou Giroud27-Jan-2005 19:37
Funny shot, in my youth and in my country, a guy once left a shit house seat fly around in the same way.
Gilles Navet20-Jan-2005 08:42
Fun and well capture
Danny Barton17-Jan-2005 13:15
Wow, I have never let my grass grow tall enough to need one of these.
John Buffin08-Jan-2005 22:50
Cool shot. Thought I was gonna see a rebel flag on top and a big 01 on the side. =)
Sunny08-Jan-2005 04:15
This is great!!!
Guest 08-Jan-2005 03:10
Just Me 08-Jan-2005 02:30
Louise Elliott08-Jan-2005 02:00
What a great picture - who ever thought of making a flying lawnmower?!
Si Kirk08-Jan-2005 01:20
WTF, damm you must have long grass! cool photo
Dawn08-Jan-2005 01:08
thought it was an airborne toy race car from the thumb.. lawnmower?.. okay, you'll have me doing double takes now!
Graham Whitehead08-Jan-2005 00:51
I have to say, I HAVE seen a lawnmower fly ! There is one that turns up to our local model aircraft rally every year. This is a great shot, because I know they fly quite quickly. Well done.
Kimberly08-Jan-2005 00:49
I couldn't pass by a thumbnail of a flying lawnmower :) Quite a sight!