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Mexico -- Guanajuato and San Miguel (2007)

These photos are from a one week visit in July 2007 to the city of Guanajuato and the town of San Miguel de Allende in the highlands of central Mexico. Both were established in the 1500s by the Spanish and were once very prosperous from the silver mining industry. They also played an important role in the struggle for Mexican independence.

Cameras: Canon 30D (Canon 17-40L, 50 1.8, and Tamron 18-250 lenses) and the Sony H-5.

Overview of Guanajuato Overview of Guanajuato #2 t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889687.M2jSzkyY.jpg Children at play #1 Children at play #2 t3%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889690.nIxhRDX4.jpg
The Kiss t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889693.hOuD5RfX.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889694.KI6nFfus.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889695.D1vAWobV.jpg Walls of San Miguel Walls of San Miguel
t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889696.DqVlSIot.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889697.cVFiVz6j.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82889699.1Pte36Li.jpg Children at play #3 t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890105.8lASEoGS.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890106.cVY5STFL.jpg
t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890107.vWjTb1oB.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890108.ZXDiwDM8.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890109.YBbyUKWk.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890110.CSxtCzWk.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890111.n6bOOq9h.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890112.vKl9P3cy.jpg
t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890113.UiNjCZ2d.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890115.jCTmknfP.jpg t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82890356.wX8IIlPz.jpg Children at play #4 t6%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f82893727.qqkMxC5X.jpg Evening entertainment
Nervously waiting to perform Nighttime activities Sunset over the town from our inn, 'House on the Hill Sunrise over the town from our inn One view of the town GTO35-dsc07888_std.jpg
Kids at play #5 GTO37-dsc07902_std.jpg GTO38-dsc07917_std.jpg GTO39-dsc08034_std.jpg Kids at play #6 Kids at play #7
GTO42-dsc08054_std.jpg Funeral caskets for sale -- with many for small children GTO44-img_4649_std.jpg Waiting for his wife to go into church GTO46-img_4680_std.jpg GTO47-img_4727_std.jpg
A tip of the hat to Our Lady GTO49-img_4763_std.jpg GTO50-img_4776-8x10print_std.jpg GTO51-img_4780-8x10print_std.jpg GTO52-img_4810_std.jpg GTO53-img_4816_std.jpg
GTO54-img_4839_std.jpg GTO55-img_4841_std.jpg GTO56-img_4886_std.jpg GTO57-img_4901_std.jpg GTO58-img_4902-8x10print_std.jpg GTO59-img_4960_std.jpg
GTO60-img_5171_std.jpg GTO61-dsc08038_std.jpg GTO62-img_5016_std.jpg Selling prickly pear cactus leaves (spines removed) and fruit in the market Kids at play #8 GTO65-img_5158_std.jpg
GTO66-img_5164_std.jpg GTO67-img_5192_std.jpg GTO68-img_5002-bw_std.jpg GTO69-img_5144_std.jpg GTO70-img_5215_std.jpg GTO71-img_5603-b_std.jpg
Kids at play #9 Kids at play #10 Kids at play #11 San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market' San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market' San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market'
San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market' San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market' San Miguel's massive 'Tuesday market' - you can buy almost anything Tuesday market -- just too many choices San Miguel de Allende cemetery GTO87-img_5376_std.jpg
GTO88-img_5386_std.jpg GTO89-img_5481_std.jpg GTO91-img_5422_std.jpg GTO92-img_5423_std.jpg GTO93-img_5431_std.jpg GTO94-img_5436_std.jpg
GTO95-img_5443_std.jpg GTO96-img_5452_std.jpg GTO97-img_5454_std.jpg