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I decided to go to the tracks and take some pictures with my new 30D. I have been waiting for 2 weeks to see what new features awaite me beyond my 20D. I shoot mostly portraits and sports but thought something different might be a good way to relax and be a little creative with colors. My intention was to take some pictures of the tracks and trains to test sharpness, color and contrast in the new camera. A train came by on the other side of the tracks and I decided to try and catch the engine... As the engine went by, I saw graffiti on the cars. I started snapping as fast as I could as the cars flew by. The colors & artistry intrigued me. So after the train was gone I roamed around the yard looking at the cars for more. This is what I was able to capture from the passing train and the trainyard.A wide angle lens would have been helpful, but my Sigma 24-70 EX faired well. The 30D is a keeper! ~tberry

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t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73682924.ibB3PJNO.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73689666.LhTiO9b6.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644815.CLIz7DP6.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644910.3NwmfG1t.jpg
t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644897.lJK8vKrn.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644929.ADQ7bVlB.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644931.nUI2uZv3.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644903.Rl63HnP0.jpg
t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644905.cknI9Ery.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644933.D9PHATf4.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73644852.NlaUS1Oq.jpg t6%2f40%2f615040%2f4%2f73691201.eIhvaGGI.jpg
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