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Karen Moen26-Feb-2016 07:17
I see this was taken ten years ago, so I hope you are still together. Great expression begging for that ball! Voted.
Sam_C04-Jun-2014 08:54
This is the iconic photo of Murphy that I will never forget. Godspeed Murph...
Jim's Visions08-Feb-2014 01:28
Is Murphy the daddy?
longbachnguyen22-Dec-2012 08:19
very cute
Rob Legeland25-Nov-2012 12:27
Pleased to meet you! *bowing deeply*
John G Reed14-Sep-2012 23:54
Priceless. Best. J
PauloCGama19-Sep-2011 14:40
So cute .. Love it!!
Tom LeRoy25-Jul-2011 17:00
A wonderful shot of your cute dog! He has such lovely eyes!V!
Rick Bricker15-Mar-2011 06:24
Hey boy....c'mon....
Nice detail on this handsome dog's face.
marie28-Feb-2011 23:44

beautiful shot
(If you like it, it's yours Murph)

: )

Lee LaFontaine15-Jan-2011 09:38
Hi Murph!!; stop by some time. You too, Lee
James Clarke24-Dec-2010 03:33
So cute. BV
j>a>e>17 :):):)15-Oct-2010 07:04
just MUST stop bye & say hi hi hi HIGH to magicALLL~mysticALLL~muse!icALLL murphy AWE furrry kid o'lord leee o'gleee :):):):) 17+17+17+17 treats tooo :):):):)
zyziza25-Sep-2010 08:17
Of course my dear.
There are so many fine girls in this gallery - you`ll see!
Let`s go!!!
kerisue25-Sep-2010 03:56
Love this pic of lil' Murph~
an nguyen19-Jun-2010 22:42
Murphy, I can't resist your look.
Paula Krugerud24-May-2010 15:33
He's pretty dang adorable...what a cutie!
Richard Callan23-May-2010 07:47
I'll take this dog for a walk if he can lead me here
princess18-May-2010 00:04
Soooooo sweet...cute and beautiful...I have one...but I love to have him....too...
Great capture.BV
Santi Bravo Figueras22-Feb-2010 21:37
This is a perfect shot!
thepartaker06-Dec-2009 09:19
With a dog like this I can see why you get the results you do ;-)
Maarten Strack van Schijndel03-Oct-2009 16:30
This must be the dog
hotsytotsy21-Aug-2009 15:31
lucky dog..lucky owner-very cute. big hug! love them eyes.hxxx
Pawel14-Jun-2009 05:20
Hidden beast!
Rick Bricker13-Jun-2009 06:13
I was gonna put a comment here but I see you have so many already so I won't say what a cute shot this is....oh crap...guess I just did.
an nguyen19-May-2009 00:24
I will take you for a walk...cutie..
poochdad14-Mar-2009 21:24
Haha! Yeah I recognise this look
chaosphotography11-Mar-2009 02:38
Wow lee!!! That is a great capture! Beautiful coloring!
chaosphotography11-Mar-2009 02:38
Wow lee!!! That is a great capture! Beautiful coloring!
Dan the man10-Mar-2009 10:20
Beautiful! The eyes are realy talking to me... Bravo! V
carabias09-Mar-2009 22:52
Bellísima!! BV
Annie eR06-Mar-2009 20:16
Can we go for a walk Lee??? Mesmerizing :)))
Hernan E. Enriquez28-Feb-2009 00:23
Hey Murph,you are so cute you generate more comments than girls ' pictures!
j>a>e>17 :):):)07-Feb-2009 08:42
yep, i must say hey to magical~~~mystical~~~muse~ical murphy again cuz HE poppped UP & he's alwayzzz a bow wow WOW furrry kid wonder :):):)

HE rocks like his dadddy lord leee o'gleee :):):) 17 happpeee bonezzz for him from chitown :):):)
Jeff B.06-Feb-2009 02:15
Heartbreaker!!! V
Flo Hendry04-Jan-2009 03:12
Sweet face! Those eyes...can make you feel guilty...
j>a>e>17 :):):)15-Oct-2008 07:48
magical~~~mystical~~~muse~ical murphy IS always welcome with me :):):) meet you both at the ceeement pond in the full moon sky o'dreams NOW lord leee o'gleee & HOW :):):) AAAHHHOOO AAAHHHOOO AAAHHHOOO!!! YOU ROCK AGAIN & AGAIN, j>a>e>17 :):):) & YEPPPERRRSSS, always dream~~~dare~~~dive!!! :):):)
sumikos06-Aug-2008 01:59
What a cute doggie....
1moremile04-Mar-2008 21:39
Murph is very wise to know where all the babes hang out.
Kenneth Zimmerman25-Feb-2008 00:38
Golden's are the best people dogs! SHow them a little attention and their friends for life. NIce shot
Bill Warren18-Feb-2008 22:38
Well??? Let's go.
wildoat12-Feb-2008 22:01
Perhaps he should be fitted with "Murphy Cam"
it would be interesting.
great gallery.
1moremile11-Feb-2008 16:32
Murphy! Lee fell in the well again! Quick boy........
Jason Anderson08-Feb-2008 23:47
Still cute as a button. And a good cat chaser too. MeOW.
Kiriakos Korakis29-Jan-2008 21:21
I'll take the dog for a walk, only if it shows me where Lee hang out !-)
V !!!
Dave Hein18-Dec-2007 01:51
Murph, you got one great nose!
FrankB13-Dec-2007 03:25
absolutely unique look...don't have a clue how u do this...V
John Rogers02-Dec-2007 19:50
Soooo cute. How come I never see babes when I'm walking me hound?
Just as well I don't live here, my heart wouldn't stand up!
Nuno Boavida24-Nov-2007 22:34
Lucky dog! V
Walter O. Koenig14-Nov-2007 16:08
Great shot. The dog looks fazed because he has to look at all those girls.
Kaden Kratzer14-Nov-2007 03:56
Murphy, you lucky dog, you. V
Paradoxal Studio Classic13-Nov-2007 22:43
Raaaaah !
j>a>e>17 :):):)13-Nov-2007 00:42
magical murphy always is a treat of lyrical life :):):)
Kaden Kratzer11-Nov-2007 06:14
Cute Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! V
Martha Albuquerque04-Oct-2007 20:41
Phil McCrory25-Aug-2007 02:24
Murphy I love you!!! You have made this a better world!!
Sam_C21-Aug-2007 06:19
Excellent shot! This fella must be your favorite, he shows up on every gallery,
and don't think I haven't noticed, lol!! V :-)
Guest 24-Jul-2007 19:40
I have a black labrador that uses this sort of approach!
foto61.net23-Jul-2007 06:10
aaah... there he is ;-)
Mike Stobbs23-Jul-2007 03:22
I'm going to have to walk the dog more...great image Lee
Ann...18-Jul-2007 06:27
Oh! such a sweetie.
petem18-Jul-2007 03:09
Aha - now I see how you get all those great shots.
ArminB17-Jul-2007 20:21
yes, please, let's got for another beautiful encounter :)
Jason Anderson17-Jul-2007 16:42
Back on top -- right where he deserves to be!
Maurice Allain17-Jul-2007 14:59
nice!, so you really do have a dog!!
must have taken a long time to find a dog with the same interests as you!!
1moremile18-Jun-2007 21:27
By far the best looking person here.
Simon Chandler10-Jun-2007 00:16
Beautiful. Very sharp and colorful. v
Sam_C18-May-2007 01:36
Excellent capture, what a sweet looking puppy!! V :-)
Sue Roberts13-May-2007 17:44
what a sweetie pie!
Chris Holland06-May-2007 02:01
What a cute puppy. It made me say "awww"
Denise Dee04-May-2007 21:10
love dog and photo. was he just eating grass or is that a piece of is collar? denise
Kaden Kratzer03-May-2007 15:18
Now, that's just adorable!!!
Dan Chusid03-May-2007 05:50
An easy face to get along with.
j>a>e>17 :):):)03-May-2007 05:35
bow wow WOW face of furry gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):)
dan dunn03-May-2007 04:50
great shot!
Dave Beedon01-May-2007 22:20
Jason Anderson30-Apr-2007 22:46
Heehee. I can't stop looking. So cute.
Wei O'Connell25-Apr-2007 02:24
That eyes melt your heart. vote
Robin Reid21-Apr-2007 00:34
What a total charmer.
Jason Anderson18-Apr-2007 00:24
Awwwwwwww. He's so cute he could melt stone. Don't ever take him to Hoover Dam.
Yves Rubin18-Apr-2007 00:19
Irresistible dog!
Soenda17-Apr-2007 03:07
Man, oh man...How could you ever turn down a face like that? I'd still be walking if he'd asked me.
Sally Flowers14-Apr-2007 20:42
ahhhh murph---you're adorable
1moremile16-Jan-2007 17:32
What a cool photo of a cool doggie. Here, Murphy....
Tambra Davis31-Dec-2006 15:00
Waaay too cute. I'd take this guy home in a minute.
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