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Rick Bricker09-May-2013 13:48
Hey Lee I noticed you haven't had an entry since last December.Just checking to see everything is OK with you.
I hope so.Miss your work.
Greg Burke04-Feb-2013 21:21
We miss you......
kervelli22-Dec-2012 12:19
nice work
artist30-Aug-2012 06:28
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
trance_mama05-Jul-2012 10:15
I do not have a ticket to BM this year so don't think I will be there :(
Emanuela 24-Jun-2012 02:35
Hello Dear,
My name is Emanuela i saw your profile today and became interested in you and i will want you to contact me back through my private email address here ( so that i can send you my pictures for you to know whom i am and remember that distance or color does not matter anything but what matters most in life is love,i am waiting for your reply soon.
Ron LaCroix24-Dec-2011 17:31
Lee, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed dropping in on your unconventional and sometimes kinky and never boring galleries. All the best in this Christmas season and in the coming year. I look forward to all the treats you will serve up.
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:37
Greetings Lee ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
Kari 19-Oct-2011 20:19
Lee, do you know where I can buy a "TIPS HERE" necklace like the ones you photographed at the Renfaire? Thanks.
trance_mama04-Oct-2011 22:26
Hey Lee,

Yes weather was perfect relative to its potential
Tickets go on sale soon!

Will purchase without a commitment. Who knows where I will be in August…
I might be in southern CA next month. Will keep U guys posted.
Laura Standley 21-Aug-2011 15:26
Hey Lee,
I had so much fun last night working with you at Woodstock 69' in Irvine Lake, CA. I hope to hear from you very soon. Fell free to email me at your earliest convience, I would love to work with you again or just talk photography. Please let me know (:
Thanks and have a great day!.
-Laura Standley
Greg Burke11-Jun-2011 16:39
Hi Lee, Thanks for the comments on my photos from Spain. Much appreciated. Your Photography continues to amuse and amaze me, especially your talent for people shots.... Feel free to look me up if you're ever in central Oregon, take care, Greg
Waleed18-Feb-2011 07:28
Thank you soo much for all your kind comments I'm in town I'll be back
Debbie B.24-Sep-2010 05:34
Hi Lee, Thank you for the nice comments! Good eye, the night shots are just south of Sand Harbor. Its one of my favorite places to shoot the lake.
Gilles Navet18-Aug-2010 09:48
I became a fan of CHAZ,
Really a lot of humor in your work,
of humor and intelligence
A worldview ??
Click Hamilton28-May-2010 21:45
I like your levity and light hearted sense of humor.
Are you LeeG, or Chaz?
christopheru17-Apr-2010 01:30
Thanks for dropping in on my galleries and leaving so many nice comments. Much appreciated. Your people galleries are quite unique, and very expressive. Nicely done.
Gary Coffman04-Feb-2010 23:17
Your galleries show that you have an excellent eye for subject matter. And excellent photography skills to boot. Thanks for visiting my galleries.
Jeff Real18-Jan-2010 18:21
Count me among your many fans. I am amazed by what you do and the quality with which you do it. A great inspiration to me. Thanks for the visits.
Debbie B.24-Nov-2009 05:54
Lee, Thank you so much for your kind comments. You are so nice! :-)
Greg Burke26-Oct-2009 14:01
Hi Lee, No Burning man '09' ?????
R Fenton 05-Oct-2009 00:59
Lee, What can i say? 'Great,luv them all'from the smallest dog to a supersize burningman as you know i love your work.Thanks for letting me use some of your images in my paintings.I have had some very good feedback on my work and your images.So please keep doing the things your doing as only good will come your way.Regards Robert
Patrick08-Sep-2009 17:55
Thanks for the awesome/insightful comments. I am a big fan of your work!
B Bryant13-Aug-2009 22:25
Lee,the 70's show made me stop and look at your work. When I need a little bright spot on a bad day I know where to go,LeeG PBase. Keep it up. As for me I am just getting started.
missy corrales05-Jul-2009 23:52
thanks soo much for the comments and for taking time to check my work out.
Guest 02-Jul-2009 07:11
you alwayzzzz ROCK!!!
chaosphotography18-Jun-2009 15:21
Thanks for the awesome comment on collage! All though I disagree, from looking at your work you are top notch! Keep it up as well! Thanks lee!
Greg Burke19-May-2009 22:01
Thanks for the kind comments Lee. Hope you're having a great Spring/Summer ..
chaosphotography18-May-2009 20:11
Hey! Just stopping by to check out any new stuff! If you get a moment please take a look at my new layout and give me your feedback! Thanks and best wishes
Jan Sĝgaard02-Apr-2009 13:12
You got my kind of humour and is a excellent photographer.
citylights27-Feb-2009 05:01
Your gallery is an inspiration! The people in your pictures having such fun, WOW!
Buba Jafarli14-Feb-2009 03:57
Your galleries are endless fun, Lee! Can't stop watching the images. And it is not only about Long Beach and surroundings where one can find all possible and impossible types of characters, but to a larger extent about your talent as a photographer! You rock!
Jerry Stolarczyk11-Feb-2009 20:40
All I want to know is... what is a Chaz and how do I get one? Can't we get a whole gallery dedicated to him??


Nice work. I enjoyed my visit.
Guest 31-Jan-2009 07:45
Thanks for all the comments I really do appreciate them. When I look at your southwest pictures it makes me a bit jealous ;-) . Compared to mine, I feel like I went on my roadtrip blind! lol. Very great point of views. I was wondering, now that you're kind of familiar with my work, is there any advice you would give me to improve my pictures? I'm still a newbie when it comes to photography(obviously):) . Btw, I still have 10 some more locations from my roadtrip.. taking me a bit time to go through the ones i want to post up.
chaosphotography29-Jan-2009 03:37
Amazing galleries! Wish I lived in SoCal! Someday... :)
fiery_angel02-Dec-2008 01:31
great galleries.
tons of sexy pics coupled with great photography.
i'll be back!
Ted Chappell17-Nov-2008 02:25
Gidday Lee
Thanks for dropping in and leaving comments in my gallery, most appreciated. I really enjoy all of your work and constantly return to see what is new.
Kyle Bryson 11-Nov-2008 18:27
Mr. G!

Long time no see.

Your work is amazing. You certainly have a keen eye in photography.

Keep it up, so I can continue to stalk your PBase. :P
guest 25-Oct-2008 16:22
Really great pictures! I feel like I am viewing a " Fellini" show with some "Woodstock" mixed in. Very interesting.
I hope you flossed after the storm!
Greg Burke22-Oct-2008 02:52
Thanks for dropping by Lee, I appreciate the positive feedback. I'm sure you would have a great time visiting eastern Oregon. I can tell you're a desert rat at heart.. Greg
Stepinsky04-Oct-2008 04:09
Good photography in alot of niiiccce places.. Keep em comin!!
Dave Beedon13-Sep-2008 07:04
Mark Fellows11-Sep-2008 03:42
Incredible body of work Lee!
T.DEE11-Aug-2008 18:50
Hey Lee, Great to see you enjoyed the pictures from our show already. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Aly Adair 04-Aug-2008 17:03
Lee- I am doing an article for Associated and would like to use your 2006 Death Valley pic of the guy straddled over two water tanks in the desert. I can post a link to the article once it is published and I will credit you and your gallery site for the permissioned photo. Can you please email me with your permission to use the photo? Thank you, Aly Adair
Sally Flowers28-Jun-2008 05:40
you have such an awesome eye for catching the unusual... and you can get anyone to pose!!!!
good job... keep em coming you are so my hero
Denise J. Johnson27-Jun-2008 04:42
I love your street shots! You have a wonderful talent! Keep 'em comin'! :)
Treas25-Jun-2008 16:37
LeeGGG, how was your trip? I went the week before you and hit some fierce thunderstorms.
Got stuck in the jeep, too slick for traction, nothing to drink but a 96'Pauillac which is actually great with beef jerky and BBQ P-chips. I'm sure the sage and flowers where still in their glory when you were there. I live in the mountains and probably always will, but the desert I can't describe how it makes me feel.
Getting too gushie, gotta go,
Guest 11-Jun-2008 16:31
Lee, thanks for the comments. You have done some great work here!
Scott "Genghis" Wong07-Jun-2008 09:20
Lee, thank you for your comment at my galleries. I've looked your photos over and really like 'em Come participate in my photography forum:
Treas18-Apr-2008 22:16
Greeting Lee,
Nice to hear from you. I was just thinking about you because on my last visit to your gallery somebody referred to you as "The Master of Moab". I am heading to Moab next month, as I usually do in spring. I thought I would let you know that I am the true Master of Moab, or maybe more appropriately Mistress Of Moab, (some how that does not sound quite right).
Treas :O}
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 12-Apr-2008 21:10
Great site

website :
Christian Lallier12-Apr-2008 18:35
great and funny
what else?
interesting view on the world
Guest 24-Feb-2008 02:03
Hi LeeG,
Ít's been a while, but i still want to thank you for a whole lot of nice comments in my galleries. Very kind...

And by the way, i've been enjoying yours as well. Those zombies... weird...
BK03-Dec-2007 01:44
That is some awesome candid photography, I love it...Great galleries.
Look like you're having way too much fun....
Happy clicking...
Treas03-Dec-2007 00:36
Hey Lee, long time no hear from. Glad you enjoyed the wine tour.
You have the most awsome wild galleries I really enjoy them, I just have one question.
Are you crazy?
trance_mama22-Nov-2007 04:07
hi Lee
Thanks for your positive words. maybe next year we will meet on laplaya?
by the way...I lost my camera a few weeks ago...
Happy Thanksgiving
De Trance Mama
Treas23-Oct-2007 05:57
Lee, thank you for the kind words. You are obviously a nature loving desert man.
Looking at your galleries was great fun. Loved the dogs, being a dog lover. I like your spontaneity. I need to do that.... Yep! I'm just gonna click the camera and see where it takes me.
Dave Hein04-Oct-2007 02:26
Hey, Lee! Thanks for the notes on my galleries from time to time. Always appreciate your sense of humor.

You certainly do take great advantage of what can only be called the "target rich environments" you put yourself into. It's always great fun going thru your stuff. We all look forward to much more in the future!

Maurice Allain22-Jul-2007 22:41
Hi Lee, Thanks for your kind comments. I enjoy browsing your galleries, keep up the good work!
foto61.net20-Jul-2007 06:04
Hi Lee,

thankls for your comments to my pics. I really love your 'walk my dog series'. One of the best I've seen so far. Obviously I am a fan of all kind of pics showing people. Street photography is a great thing and you do it stunningly good. You got the big advantage that in your country are much more people to shoot than over here in our little country. I believe I must visit the US again and go for some nice tattoo/people/street shots. Until than I will add your galleries to my favorites.

Lee, please keep on with it, I am sure there are hundreds of people on pbase who love your great work!

Have a good one ;)
T.DEE05-Jul-2007 16:36
Hey Lee,
Thanks for the comments. I see you have a love for bikes also. Not to mention good looking women, and photography. How on god's earth did you go past 1 million views??? People obviously like what they see. You can include me in that mix as well. Great stuff. Keep up the good work. Eddie
Cbird12-Jun-2007 16:19
These galleries are very special and a joy to watch. In my favorites forever. Thank you!
Andrija Kasom01-Jun-2007 07:30
Dear Lee,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Chris Holland06-May-2007 01:59
It looks like you really have fun with with your work! What great fun :)

And thanks for visiting my galleries. I appreciate it.
John Vass02-May-2007 09:22
What a weird and wonderful trip you’re on! What are you on anyway? I want some! Either way, I leave laughing, and somehow I end up leaving with a contact high! Great stuff!
Soenda27-Mar-2007 04:33
Hey, congratulations Lee! I didn't notice when you slipped past the million visits mark---but I see it now. That's quite an accomplishment in such a short time. Folks surely do like your wares. Well done!
Buteman14-Mar-2007 21:15
Thanks again for you comments thy are much appreciated, especially from someone with a gallery as professional as yours you have some amazing shots, Thanks again
villageidiot14-Mar-2007 16:01
These are the most innovative and entertaining galleries I have ever seen. Kind of makes me want to edit my master gallery and hit delete. You have put the fun back into photography. You need your own reality TV show... I would much rather watch wit and humour like this than some guys assembling yet another motorcycle. Great Stuff... go get yourself a manager.
liebermann06-Mar-2007 16:27
Dear Lee,

thanks for sharing...I don´t know how much californian tourist board pays you for this undercover publicity job...but one can love what you shoot.
great job...regards, Volker from Southern Europe
Steve Martin04-Mar-2007 20:30
Lee... Thanks for droppin' in! By the way, you have some eye catching, quirky and amusing shots in your galleries. To quote your governor - "I'll be back"!
flowsnow26-Feb-2007 02:48
Lee, Shame on me. I didn't sign your guestbook. I should be hung upside down! Let me say, you have a very unique way in seeing things and capturing events which other people don't normally see or shoot. Which all the more make yours `extra special'. Thanks for your support and ever so very kind encouragement on my work. Please continue to shoot those pictures. I will be here looking at them! Well done brother!
Buteman24-Jan-2007 08:57
you have some great pictures i like the mirror shot ........ keep up the good work
Carol23-Jan-2007 04:22
Thank your comment~

sherwood frazier13-Jan-2007 23:53
I just had loads of fun California Dreaming Lee. I went through all your galleries, what a lot of fun. Thank you for posting such a collection, you have a great feel for the candid. keep up the good work.
Richard Doody12-Jan-2007 04:23
Lee, great stuff, surrealism bording on dada, digital peyote that could only be inspired by the Mohave. Homeland Security will no doubt be keeping an on these galleries.
1moremile05-Jan-2007 22:08
Lee, you just keep crankin' out the great shots. Amazing.
Tambra Davis31-Dec-2006 15:08
Hello Lee,

Thank you for visiting my gallery, and giving me the opportunity to visit yours. I really enjoyed viewing southern California through your eyes. Your style shows great creativity and humor.
MarkThomasAllen06-Dec-2006 05:42
Enjoyed your galleries. Especially that 70s show. Thanks for sharing.
Hernan E. Enriquez06-Dec-2006 01:33
Soenda03-Dec-2006 22:01
I just saw your photo posted in the Show and Tell Forum's Solitutde thread: "85 miles from a phone...AAAhhhhh"

The image includes the breathtaking beauty of the remaining wilderness, along with environmentally gentle, yet exquisitely designed technology I would like to think our generation had a hand in. It is one of the most uplifting shots I've seen in a while. Thanks for sharing it there.
Robyco29-Nov-2006 16:03
You really shoots tings your way.
And the most are asome good.
I will be back for more.
hannut18-Nov-2006 12:52
Thanks for visiting my gallery_norway! I have always wanted to get the possibility to visit USA and the wonderful nature over there, but it´s a question of money and health. So now I visit USA with the help of your wonderful photos! And every august me and my wife travel to Norway because the distance from Stockholm is 800 km and not 8000.
Ralph17-Oct-2006 04:55
Thanks for visiting my galleries, I appreciate the comments. I live in the IE and I go to Long Beach every now and then (I'm currently in Boston), I never got to spend any real time by the port. But Slick Willie is a crook, so it doesn't suprise me that he sold the dry docks to the Chinese. Anywho, your pictures are great and I have added you to my favorite's list. Keep up the great work!
angelique raptakis06-Oct-2006 06:14
hi Lee, thanks for looking at my Renaissance Festival gallery. you've got a lot of great fun pictures that make me want to head out west. i'll be back to look some more :)
Craig Gillette06-Oct-2006 05:58
Thanks for visiting my Sierra gallery. Now that I've checked, I think I'm going to have to spend some time checking your galleries. You seeming to be having too much fun doing this. good idea!
Galina Stepanova06-Oct-2006 00:52
Your galleries are a lot of fun, had a good time browsing though with constant smile on my face :)
And thank you for visiting my Big Bend gallery!
Deborah Lewis26-Sep-2006 22:56
Congrats to your Packers win over the Lions! 20-Sep-2006 17:19
Very good site. Thank you!!!
1973LKWD 15-Aug-2006 21:35
Good fun and great memories Lee.
debscarbro15-Aug-2006 18:14
I saw your comment on my 1971 reunion photos. Did you know a Cheryl Archer who would have been in your class?
Gus Rosenfeld15-Aug-2006 02:23
Have you ever been in the mental health system? You look familiar ;-) These images are overflowing with good times and freedom. Your Death Valley captures are really well done and have a sense of color and dimension rarely captured in any depth. You also capture a certain sense of the evening hours that I appreciate when camping. Folks like you should always have a faster horse than the local shrink rides. Gud on ya' - Gus
1moremile12-Aug-2006 00:33
Thanks for your many comments, Lee. Love your photos. So many cool people.
GTE Bob 09-Aug-2006 17:45
These are too cool Lee. I need a couple more days to go thru all of these pictures. My eyes are sore already! Put some LBGP pictures on here.
Guest 09-Jul-2006 01:34
Lee ... thanks for stopping by My PaD and taking time to comment; I see you've a few guitar shots as well so I can see the appeal of that "almost PaD" of mine. :) In fact, you've quite an eclectic set of images and I enjoyed wandering around your place. Cheers.
1moremile07-Jul-2006 00:25
I just keep going back to the 70's gallery. It is so cool. It brings back so many memories of the styles, cars etc.
Craig Gillette29-Jun-2006 04:26
Thanks for commenting! I almost missed it - with it seemed like a dozen offers for water filters!
karen farmer 28-Jun-2006 19:49
Lee... LOVE the 70's show, Mike shared the site with me! What fun, thanks so much!
Pedro Esteban28-Jun-2006 06:16
Thanks for commenting.
Feel free to come back anytime you want.
I've just finished updloading that gallery!
Steve Albano25-Jun-2006 05:25
Thanks for visiting my Alabama Hills gallery. You asked how hot it gets there... well, it can get pretty hot. I was there last week at it was over 90. Today is was over 100. Fall is probably the best time to go. By the way, you've got some great stuff in your gallery's - especially with Death Valley!
Nigwel24-Jun-2006 00:22
Great Galleries and Photos...
Richard22-Jun-2006 23:56
Great do a great job of capturing LIFE! Keep it up!
Guest 20-Jun-2006 19:10
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! Hugs and kisses
Iris Maybloom (irislm)17-Jun-2006 21:13
Thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving a comment. Looks like you guys had a great time in DV...isn't it a special place? You got some great and unusual images.
Guest 17-Jun-2006 05:51
Thanks for looking at the Bodie and Carson City shots, I'm still trying to decide which toning "fits" best but decide it will depend on the image. Waiting for the rain to stop! Kind of a surprise after being so dry but nice. I'd planned a day in San Diego and next week am taking a church trip to Joshua Tree so maybe we'll get some flowers after all
Guest 17-Jun-2006 05:50
Thanks for looking at the Bodie and Carson City shots, I'm still trying to decide which toning "fits" best but decide it will depend on the image. Waiting for the rain to stop! Kind of a surprise after being so dry but nice. I'd planned a day in San Diego and next week am taking a church trip to Joshua Tree so maybe we'll get some flowers after all
Guest 16-Jun-2006 15:15
bum! reminding...(note to self...look at keyboard when typing. ;)
Guest 16-Jun-2006 15:14
Thanks for reminfing me to come back, you should've been in my favs ages ago.
Guest 11-Jun-2006 08:22
I see something very different for your particular set of pictures but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Guest 09-Jun-2006 07:53
I think your pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Keep it up!
Guest 07-Jun-2006 23:40
Hi Lee - thanks for your comments! You've got some very interesting pics on here as well - Death Valley in particular.
Sally Flowers28-May-2006 05:41
does gary have a pbase yet... ? and how is he doing with his enemy/trader camera??
Catherine_D24-May-2006 21:38
Hey Lee...
Thanks for stoping by and commenting!!Love your desert stuff!!!
Lion04-May-2006 17:29
Yes the RoughWheelers is a 4x4 club for all friendly rigs. You can check it out of my profile page .Thanks for the comments and keep looking at my flick 's !!!!!
Moments in Time- Photographs by Joan03-May-2006 02:12
Thanks for the nice comments about my pictures

Joan (jsitten)
Lion26-Apr-2006 20:25
Hello Lee,Sally Flowers past me a link to your galleries,and I already see I am going to enjoy your site as you have a amazing eye for playing with the Len's !!!
Bumsnooter 12-Apr-2006 18:20
Hey Mister! You have a way with that Canon to find the coolest items in your viewfinder. Your technique is exquisite.
Jetsum 28-Mar-2006 04:27
MISTA LEE, Cool Pictures. I Like That It's Not The Usual ChitChat Stuff! KeepThem Coming>
Guest 21-Mar-2006 03:53
Great photos!!! You too have an interesting gallery...Thank you for stopping by :-))
Guest 21-Mar-2006 02:32
Thanks for stopping by my gallery and leaving a comment. I'll be back to check out your images when I get a few moments.
Craig Gillette18-Mar-2006 02:24
Thanks for looking at the Bodie and Carson City shots, I'm still trying to decide which toning "fits" best but decide it will depend on the image. Waiting for the rain to stop! Kind of a surprise after being so dry but nice. I'd planned a day in San Diego and next week am taking a church trip to Joshua Tree so maybe we'll get some flowers after all..
Jim 16-Mar-2006 22:38
Hello Lee, thanks for the nice comments and taking the time to view my galleries. I see you have some nice images of Joshua Tree NP yourself, keep up the good work. Best Regards, Jim.
Iris Maybloom (irislm)16-Mar-2006 02:28
I'm new to pbase and am very appreciative of you encouraging comment on my DV gallery.
Looks like you're also a fan of Death Valley. Ain't it great? It's one of my very favorite places.
Martin Murphy14-Mar-2006 17:51
Lee, Thanks for taking time to check out my images.I loved your death vally gallery. Definatley a place I would love to check out for myself. Martin
Guest 13-Mar-2006 04:14
Thank you for visitng my gallery LLeG & thanks for you comment and kind words about my gallery .
you have very nice shoot in waves gallery . haamed
Honda Mike McSpleeb 09-Mar-2006 16:35
Hey there, LeeG. Them are some really coolio fotos you got there. Can't wait to see me in some of them there new DV pix after our next excursion.
Guest 07-Mar-2006 05:11
thanks for taking the time to make a comment in my galleries. I really like your JT images. Time to get back down there soon!

Titia Geertman07-Mar-2006 00:10
Thanks for your comment in my guestbook Lee. I really enjoyed roaming through your photos, they're just marvellous. Really enjoyed the surfing and camping galleries.

How on earth did you put in that very easy to handle comment box???? Or did it come with the background you choosed. I'm not that good at all such stuff.
Guest 04-Mar-2006 20:06
Thanks for your comment on my Sedona gallery. I love that part of the US and hope to get back often.
Debbie B.03-Mar-2006 15:31
Thank you so much for your kind words about my gallery. It is always appreciated. :-)
Irene Müller02-Mar-2006 21:16
Hi Lee,
I nearly didn't put the image you like on the "colour collision" gallery because it's anything but perfect. However, strangely enough, it's turned out to be one of the most popular.
You have some great images here. I love your "death valley" gallery.
Kind regards,
1moremile01-Mar-2006 21:31
Thanks for the comment on my family gallery. You have a lot of really interesting and nice photos. Looks like you all have a lot of fun.
Craig Christensen 28-Feb-2006 05:05
These are great pictures from someone starting out? Professional photographer very soon.
From the retired guy (IT) at verizon
Peter Chou25-Feb-2006 07:37
Hi LeeG,

Thank you for visitng my gallery and I love your desert photos! Fantastic landscape! Do keep your photos coming.