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lolcheese 16-Aug-2009 04:04
Hey! Great pics and I might be compiling a book cover...can I use some images, credited to you??? thx!
Psychscribe 07-Dec-2007 02:46
Hello, I would love to feature your images on my wordpress blog. My theme is inspiration, life, joy, pain, quotes, poetry and images. Would that be alright if I link the image to your site, as well as give proper attritbution?
P 06-Dec-2007 22:01
Hello, I would love to feature your images on my wordpress blog. My theme is inspiration, life, joy, pain, quotes, poetry and images. Would that be alright if I link the image to your site, as well as give proper attritbution?
SageCreek Images16-Nov-2007 23:28
Thanks for the nice comment on my Water Falls image...
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:00
Keep moving forward. I can see that you have a lot of potential.
Chad Ramsey05-Jun-2007 00:17
Wonderful galleries! I have admired your work for a while and really enjoy seeing your digital art! I only started my pbase account recently but when you are passionate about something, you just have to go with it! I have been viewing pbase for over 6 months now and think its a great way to share your photos and art with the world! I really enjoy taking pictures but I want to do what you do eventually! Really your work is fantastic but you don't need me to tell you that from the looks of your "views." Keep up the creativity, you are an inspiration to me!
Andrija Kasom19-Apr-2007 08:09
Dear Sunny,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:46
I love your work. Thanks for sharing.
Guest 20-Oct-2006 03:27
just brilliant. Your one in a million. Thanks for sharinf such wonderful works.
arwjekl sdzyvqch 05-Oct-2006 21:29
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Dylan Cowan24-Sep-2006 04:50
I love what your doing with digital art!!!
Brinn MacDougall16-Aug-2006 17:03
Thank you so much for both your great comments on my potd gallery!
Creative Terri31-Jul-2006 19:34
Your work is stunning...I have been trying to capture some interesting shots with my digital, but I find I am getting more and more drawn into digital that I have seen your work, it makes me want to get into digital art even more. My biggest problem is not having much time to sit at the computer and work on it, between working full-time and being a "newlywed" do you find the time...?

Best wishes...
alex stolis 31-May-2006 12:05

just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the photo for the cover of my chapbook "The Bullfighter Checks Her Make Up". It fits perfectly, thank you again

zaren11-May-2006 06:27
Hi Sunny, Thx for your comments on my APAD gallery. You have so many beautiful works here....very inspiring indeed! Oh yes, Zee is adorable!
Guest 15-Apr-2006 21:09
Just a wonderful work
Best regards from Spain
Michelle 14-Apr-2006 12:22
Nice site! | | | |
Terri Schindler 07-Apr-2006 00:31
Thank you Sooooo much for sharing your beautiful pieces of work! I want to also thank you for describing the mediums you used in the proces! Loved your Bio too! You are extremely talented. Keep your passion alive!
Guest 06-Apr-2006 20:01
Thanks Sunny for the nice comment on my ducks...
Guest 23-Mar-2006 18:28
Hi Sunny,
Well - yes I have Westie. now 9 years old. I love HER!!!! hahaha. They are so cute, aren't they. Yours seems to be very sweet too. Male or female? Greetings Thierry
Guest 22-Feb-2006 17:41
Hi Sunny. Nope. That was no rain. The person stands on the icy surface of a lake. It was quite cold. Ps. you have a great picture at your profile page. Cute :) Is that you with the long blond hair? Cheers Thierry
Vaughn Parry21-Feb-2006 21:28
What a great gallery, very creative stuff thanks for the comment.

Vaughn Parry
wert 10-Feb-2006 14:43
Nice, well done!
Guest 11-Jan-2006 22:29
Hi Sunny- Thank you so very much for commenting on my Monarch Butterfly picture. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. Comments from a professional of your caliber is truly heart warming.
Guest 05-Jan-2006 00:07
Hi Sunny - Thank you so very much for commenting on my staute of the two horses. I'm truly honored that you have commented on this picture. I have viewed your work and it is absolutely out of this world. I only wished I had 1/8 of your telent. You are truly a top professional and your work reflects this. Juding from the many PBase subscriber that comment on your work I know I'm right on target. Thank you again.
Muthukumar 27-Dec-2005 16:06
Dear Friend,

All your artworks are fantastic. I really loved everything. most of them uses concepts... I am in India..I am inviting you to india.. I hope india will give you nice pictures.. nice to see all your pics..
Guest 25-Dec-2005 11:54
Merry Christmas to you and your family and very good end of tha year .:-)
Sean M. Kelly 11-Dec-2005 21:15
Hi Sunny

I absolutely love your art work Sunny. My name is Sean M. Kelly and I'm a musician among other things - I've just relased a new album entitled Dare to Dream which is music and reflections to inspire people to follow their dreams. I'm creating a flash slide show using one of the track and some images to really help people connect - the piece of music is called "Be Still". I was wondering could I use some of your art work in the slide show. I will acknowledge your art work with thanks an weblink at the end. Is that ok with you?

Kind regards
Sean M. Kelly
Hodero15-Nov-2005 07:16
Hi Sunny,
Went through your latest Gallery.Mind blowing as always.You are at a level one can only dream of reaching at the age of 100,...or probably,..never.. I admire your fantasy,and the way you express it in your galleries.Thanks for sharing this....."H"
Naomi Sheaffer14-Nov-2005 18:18
Lovely galleries. I especially like the portraits.
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera04-Nov-2005 02:40
What beautiful you are...!!!
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera04-Nov-2005 02:40
What beautiful you are...!!!
Robert Socha30-Oct-2005 03:57
I have not the skills to create digital art, but I'm glad you do. Your work is beautiful, innovative and inspiring.
Derek 23-Oct-2005 20:46
I have only written a couple of times to indicate my please in reviewing individuals work.
Yours rates up at the top
Guest 13-Sep-2005 18:47
Hi Sunny,
wonderful works, full of a pure creativity and especial vision. I enjoyed very much this visit, I'll come back for more!
Best regards,
james200202-Sep-2005 14:11
I must say you have some of the BEST galleries I've seen on PBase! Your work is really top notch. I'm so glad we have a way to enjoy all your wonderful pictures.
Jose Canovas26-Aug-2005 22:17
Congratulations for your artwork. I render my admiration to your artistic talent.
shatterbug06-Aug-2005 00:18
Thanks Sunny, for visiting my PAD. I appreciate your kind comment. I read your profile page and can't wait to browse this gallery.
All the Best.
Guest 26-Jul-2005 18:58
thanks for time in my galleries
John Harvey Photography17-Jul-2005 06:53
Sunny, your work is amazing. I normally just comment on images and galleries, but you have created such a stunning collection of fabulous art that I thought a comment in your guestbook was appropriate. It just take a lot of time to produce such creative masterpieces. Keep up the good work!
Tim O'Donnell09-Jul-2005 03:58
Sunny, I started to list my favorite images from your galleries but the list got too long. You are truly a very creative artist and you have developed a distinctively unique and recognizable style of digital art. I think that one day I will enter a gallery our see your work in a prominent place and know immediately that I am seeing Sunny’s work.
Love it.

Tim O’Donnell
Guest 07-Jul-2005 07:50

I just visited your galleries and they are really great
keep up the good work

greetings from Belgium,
Tim O'Donnell07-Jul-2005 02:20
Sunny, Thank you for visiting my gallery’s and I appreciate your comments. I have looked through your gallery’s and I am very impressed with the style that you have created for your work, Keep up the good work.
Tim O’Donnell
Guest 30-Jun-2005 12:18
Wow, you've got some great photo galleries
keep up the good work
amy cappelli03-Jun-2005 12:15
Sunny, I don't even have words for how impressed I am by your work, your creativity.
I, too, use a Wacom Pen and Tablet and it has become an integral part of creating images.
A few months back, it wasn't working, for whatever reason, and I felt like someone chopped off my hands! :-)
You are truly in a class of your own. Your images are brillant and so refined. You've raised the bar, in my book.
Rene Hales19-May-2005 20:29
Sunny, thanks so much for dropping over to my galleries and leaving a kind comment about my older pics. I drop over to view your work frequently and I am always astounded by your creativity and the imagery here. Your passion for the work shines through.--Rene
Guest 11-Mar-2005 03:04
Hi Sunny,

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of my work & your kind encouragement. It means a lot. Every time I look at your work I am amazed at your ability to vizualize a concept and make it happen. There is so much complexity in your pictures that it is hard, at least for me, not to get wrapped up in the technical aspects and say, "How did she do this?". Which is really not the way to look at it. The real questions are the 'why did she do this' and 'what was she feling'. The real thing is to get in touch with what we feel inside and inevitably, the feelings - the true art - will come across in the photo. I have learned so much from looking at your work and am grateful for your sharing.

Johan Toll10-Mar-2005 21:07
Thanks for visiting and thank you for your comments. You have lovely galleries, I really enjoy looking in them. Take care!

Guest 10-Mar-2005 06:36
Lovely lovely lovely! THanks for sharing your work!
Rene Hales01-Mar-2005 16:58
Thanks for sharing your work! I really enjoyed your galleries and will be back often.--Rene
audra baecker28-Feb-2005 00:05
Hi Sunny, I am so inspired and impressed with your beautiful work. It really is beautiful, and so unique. I will visit your galleries often and thank you for sharing your lovely art. Kind Regards from San Diego, Audra
Susan, Lily Editor 23-Feb-2005 14:56
Dear Sunny,

I have been looking through your photos this morning and am enjoying them very much. I am the editor of Lily - a monthly online literary review. In addition to poetry and short fiction, I seek to publish the work of talented photographers. I'd love to use some of your photos in an upcoming issue. Please take a look at Lily at and let me know if you would be interested in this.
Thanks so much,
Susan, Lily Editor
Jacky Costi31-Jan-2005 19:00
Hi Sunny
Thanks for visiting my PaD today and leaving your comment.
At this occasion I went through your magnificent work and admired your great work and talent.
Gilles Navet22-Jan-2005 10:16
I discover your work, the best thing today for me
What a surprise
So technical and creative pic !!
You a great magician
chak-k17-Jan-2005 16:43
Thanks for visited my galleries.
markvm23-Dec-2004 18:19
Thanks for your comments Sunny and I hope you have a Merry Christmas! BTW, you have a really nice gallery!
Coleen Perilloux Landry19-Dec-2004 00:14
Thanks Sunny for commenting on my Christmas picture. I believe it was beginner's luck with the digital camera. I have always use 35mm in newspaper work and really am trying to get to know my digital. I have two technological geniuses in my family on PBase, Gayle and Etfitz so I am a little shy about all of it. Merry Christmas.
Coleen Perilloux Landry
WHISTLING BADGER24-Nov-2004 22:40
Excellent artwork Sunny I am very impressed
Thank you for your comments
Stan Richard05-Nov-2004 15:42
Sunny, thanks for nice comment on my Sacred Monolith image. Cheers. Stan
Guest 30-Oct-2004 17:11
Great to discover your work. Love it!!
Mark Elert29-Oct-2004 23:02
Thanks Sunny for looking in to my galleries. I took a peek into yours and it was really an amazing experience. I like it very much. You have made some really great pictures with a lot of imagination and originality (I wish I had a fraction of that). I don't now what it reminds me of, very dreamish sometimes, like Magritte and some times very new. Keep on!! Regards Mark
Guest 28-Oct-2004 19:18
Hey Sunnyyyyy!I joined so I could comment:)
These look even more amazing here.Like paintings!So awesome!
Nils (PhotoCat & BWonly) 28-Oct-2004 00:27
I'm without words, how can I write? my god .. it's so nice. Will come back to see more. Don't want to look to much at one's. not sure if you are woman or man .. but still ... kisses for your great work ;-)

PhotoCat, alias BW, alias Nils A.
artist 22-Oct-2004 16:30
I wanted to ask your permission to do a digital painting of your ballerina photos but couldn't find email addy.
Guest 16-Sep-2004 23:05
Always enjoy my ride through ur gallerys. Ur digital gallery shots are really mind blowing. You bring creative to a whole new level. Do u do these for a living? If not u should, i think u could be the next Van Gogh.
Hodero25-Aug-2004 20:20
Going through your galleries gives me so much inspiration.Thank you for posting these beautiful photo's."H"
Stan Richard17-Aug-2004 18:39
Sunny, thanks for the comments. You have done some beautiful work, very interesting. Cheers! Stan
Gary Winters07-Aug-2004 20:31

You commented on my PaD today and so I came over to see your galleries. I am almost speechless. I love digital art, and you have not just a few, but dozens of stunning images! I've put you as a favorite artist, and I'll be back to study your art. It's amazing...
john/21-Jul-2004 03:14
well, i finally found you over here! i just signed up for the 30-day trial, and i'm pretty sure i'll be joining for real soon. i just want a place where i can put my favorite shots and those photos that look so bad when uploaded on fotolog. the quality of the uploads here is great. i'll stay with f/l... i could never leave my 'virtual friends' over there. i'll be checking your work out here little by little as i move in. the best, john/
Anne Young20-Jul-2004 00:04
Sunny, you have got some amazing work here. Very creative! I enjoyed viewing your galleries. Thank you very much for visiting my PaD.
laine8213-Jun-2004 22:45
Sunny, thanks for leaving a comment on my PaD.. Ugly-1 has a friend yet to be posted that is equally as interesting :>) Congrats, your quite the artist I see, Laine.
Bernard Tse19-May-2004 15:21
What can I say? Your work is simply marvelous and I'm following every new picture you post. Keep on giving us more surprises.
Guest 28-Apr-2004 22:43
The way things are outside right now I wish the gods would move "Spring Forward" (love that inage)
oochappan28-Apr-2004 21:32
Pleasant to hear you like my dog ... I can learn a lot from your astonishing digital art!
Guest 24-Apr-2004 21:43
Love the most recent addition "Zee in Basket"
evans 23-Apr-2004 12:39
interesting work you have here. my favourite, of course, is zee. :)
Terry Rolon 19-Apr-2004 23:36
This stuff is so amazing. When do we get to see this in a book? I try to take pretty pictures of what there is out there to behold, and once in a while I get lucky. What you do though is some much more. You must be channeling an alternate universe. What must it be like to be inside your head? When I look at you work, the difference between art and craft is clear. I marvel.
Guest 10-Apr-2004 17:26
Thanks for aknowledging and reminding me the idea of GMT.As far as I know that all time is in all things.Good work!
Dan06-Apr-2004 22:48
Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my image. While looking at your images, I started to write down my favorites, but the list got to long, but I did note Attracted to Light, Paper Dream and Indigo. Again, thanks for your comment and very nice work.
gang06-Apr-2004 15:21
You are on my Favorite Artists list.
Barb04-Apr-2004 00:42
What beautiful and creative work you have.
Thanks for leaving comment in my POD and loved your story.
Miguel 17-Mar-2004 13:45
Dear Sunny: Your inspiration, imagination, and talent are simply amazing.I don't really know what else to say . Your work is simply mind-numbing. Thank you for sharing your work.
Beverly Brott13-Mar-2004 16:25
My goodness, what talent. These are wonderful to look at and I've had fun speculating on how you made these composites. Yes, I read your explanation of tools used on your profile page, but I stand in awe of the artistry with which you use those tools, and the final images you've created. Well done.
Cheryl H06-Mar-2004 21:54
Wow! Your work is beautiful and creative. I've enjoyed looking at your art and hope to more on return visits.
Sunny01-Mar-2004 20:36
I've had several inquiries as to what tools or programs I use
creating my artwork. I have placed an answer to some of the
questions (I hope) in my profile.

Again, thanks for all for your kind comments.
Sunny28-Feb-2004 00:43
Thanks to all for your kind and encouraging comments. I want
you all to know they are sincerely appreciated. :)
John Lasseter27-Feb-2004 22:46
Sunny, thank you for your kind, encouraging comments on my Digiart gallery! As I explore your work it makes me even more proud that someone with your talent noticed mine. One day I hope to become more creative with my vision and your art is an example of excellence, thanks for sharing!! J
Guest 27-Feb-2004 20:02
your digital artworks are amazing...


love it
Paul Middleton27-Feb-2004 19:25
Simply stunning. Congratulations
Gerry 25-Feb-2004 15:14
Hi Sunny,
I really enjoy your work! Some of it has a haunting, etherial quality that is almost impossible to put into words........but after viewing it, I feel like I have been changed a little or touched at a much deeper level than the surface flow. I would like to know some of the software programs and techniques that you use most often. Have you had formal art or graphics training? Thanks for sharing your work.
F García Robles22-Feb-2004 21:31
Preciosas fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Eres un gran creativo
Stéphane 21-Feb-2004 15:16
Wow ! Tout simplement fantastique !! Fantastic ! Wonderful !
Guest 19-Feb-2004 12:28
Dear sunny,
your photos are excellent, how can u make it?
keep on with your good work, u are really a very great photographer!
Sunny16-Feb-2004 17:47
Thanks to all for your kind comments. They are sincerely appreciated. :)
Lisa16-Feb-2004 15:51
Sunny, your imaginative style and brilliant execution has me in awe. Keep up the great work!........Lisa
Xsynergist 13-Feb-2004 10:52
Extraordinary! Keep at this technique. You are on the verge of unique style. One day I think we will all know who you are.
Guest 12-Feb-2004 04:44

Thank you for your comments on my pictures. Your work is beautiful.
Guest 08-Feb-2004 06:21
Thanks for visiting the garden gallery and commenting on my "mellow yellow" image. Keep shooting those nature images.

Bill Morgenstern
Squirrely Girly 08-Feb-2004 01:35
I am here but i see nadda.
Lisa06-Feb-2004 05:30
Sunny, thank you for the kind words you left at my gallery today. I like the work you have in your own gallery, especially "Songs of the Past" and look forward to seeing more.