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strongmanmike2002 | all galleries >> Starfire 152EDF Images (prior to May 2011) >> NGC 6744 The Pavo Galaxy >> Previous images of NGC 6744 > A fine Milky Way type spiral in Pavo NGC 6744 (small size)
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A fine Milky Way type spiral in Pavo NGC 6744 (small size)

A fine Milky Way type spiral in Pavo NGC 6744 (small size)

** Astronomy's Picture of the Day 14 Oct 2008 **

******* About this Image ************

NGC 6744 is one of the skies finest spiral galaxies and very similar to our own Milky Way galaxy!

Apart from the countless background galaxies visible across the frame, this image appears to be
covered in smoke...well..actually, it is! The slight smokyness is in fact a curtain of very faint
dust known as Galacitc Cirrus in our own Milky Way. This faint dust, shining at around 27mag/squ
arc sec, can be faintly seen throughout the image particularly in the upper left region. To see the
Galactic Cirrus dust more clearly, see the enhanced luminance version - link below.

See a 100% size, full res, full frame image here (13.5meg):

See a 70% size image here (5meg):

See a detailed close-up crop of the main galaxy here (3meg):

See an even closer crop of the galaxy:

See a Luminance only (slight crop) here (2.3meg):

See an enhanced Luminance to show the Galactic Cirrus dust (1meg):

See an amplified UK Schmidt photo by David Malin:

AP152 F7.5 Starfire APO refractor with 4" field flattener
FLI ProLine11002 CCD & CFW-2-7
LRGB = 220 60 60 60min (all bin 1X1) Astronomik filters
-35C chip temp, darks and flats (AstroHandy LightRing used for flats)
12MPPS download speed = 1.5sec/full frame download at bin 1X1.
FOV = 1.8deg X 1.2deg at 1.6"/pix
Guide Camera: Starlightxpress SXVH9

Taken from Wiruna, the dark sky site of the Astronomical Society of NSW in very
windy conditions and poor seeing, see set-up at Wiruna here:

Some links to equipment used to take this image:

Finger Lakes Instrumentation CCD cameras:

Astro-Elecronic FS2 scope GOTO controller:

Gerd Neumann/Astronomik filters:

MSB Software & Astroart 4

STAR Atlas:PRO planetarium software:

AstroHandy Accessories Security and Surveillance Equipment

other sizes: small medium large original
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