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01/05/2018 2nd Alarm Rockland MA

01/05/2018 - ROCKLAND, MASSACHUSETTS (PLYMOUTH COUNTY) - Around 1315 hours on the frigid afternoon of Friday, January 5, 2018 the Rockland Fire Department received a commercial fire alarm for 333 Union Street. Engine-3 and Engine-1 responded. Shortly thereafter, Engine-2 was requested for an outside odor of smoke. Companies found smoke of floor-2 and struck Box-33. Crews found a fire in an apartment on the second floor of the mixed use property. Companies advanced a pre-connected hand line to the second floor from Engine-1, Engine-2 was tasked with grabbing a hydrant. A working fire was requested by Chief Scott Duffey, with a request for Abington Tower-1 to the scene as Rockland's Ladder-1 is out of service. Whitman and Hanover engine's responded to the scene and a Hingham engine covered the station on the working fire. Crews found a malfunctioning gas fire place in an apartment on floor-2. Companies asked for the gas to be shut off as soon as possible. A backup line was requested as crews worked to extinguish the fire. A second alarm was requested bringing additional engines to from Hingham, Weymouth, a ladder from Norwell and a Pemrboke ambulance to the scene, with a Hanson engine for coverage. Soon after the second alarm was requested, interior companies reported the heavy fire was knocked down. Incoming companies were put to work in the building for overhaul, as the Weymouth engine acted as the RIT team. This fire came a day after a blizzard dropped over a foot of snow on the area. Frigid temperatures in the teens, coupled with gusting winds had a wind chill factor of between -10F and -25F degrees. The hydrant closest to the fire appeared to be shoveled out prior to the fire breaking out. Primary and secondary searches in the building proved negative. The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. The Red Cross was requested for displaced occupants. No injuries were reported.

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