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Exhibition Hits

Updated: Fri Oct 22 13:42:15 2004 GMT
1st Place
by MFC
35252392.DSC06176p2.jpg 112
2nd Place
Come a Little Bit Closer
34907594.ComeaLittleBitCloser.jpg 154
3rd Place
The Deer Fly
by Pete W
34828566.800eye.jpg 246
4th Place
Collecting Wood
by Dani
34818825.ch79_2.jpg 149
5th Place
Z Man
34842273.ZMan.jpg 62
=6th Place
35258163.RoIsuala6270453sas.jpg 39
=6th Place
by Yuri Pautov
34913855.x8683bw.jpg 47
=7th Place
Dahlia - 2
by Bev Brink
34902338.resizedDahlia2.jpg 73
=7th Place
For the First Time
by Mike Ezell
34812318.sabrina_oct1_6.jpg 103
=7th Place
Lid & Light
by mlynn
35191196.lidlightcrpsm.jpg 57
=8th Place
The Iris and the Rose
by Fremiet
34832168.TheIrisandtheRose.jpg 68
=8th Place
Up close with a beautiful creation
35131503.CH79_02_300DLeopard.jpg 49
9th Place
Buckeye Moth at Twilight
34840524.DSCF5809buceyeatnightcopy2.jpg 89
=10th Place
A walk in the park
35228184.fallcolors15.jpg 38
=10th Place
Dusted with Pollen
34804419.Dandruff.jpg 165
Up Close Flower (not for voting)34798595.DSC_0994copy.jpg 50
Stainless Steel34801171.SaltShaker.jpg 109
by Keith T.*
34802558.8069036L.jpg 129
Sparkling Intimacy *34808030.petra_hugo1xtra.jpg 69
Ana'sEye*34809183.AnaErsatz.jpg 129
Claudio'sMoustache*34809204.SchnauzErsatz.jpg 125
Raul'sTeeth*34809276.Rau769lsTeeth.jpg 108
First meal
by Moti
34810990.meal.jpg 204
by Moti
34810992.flower054s.jpg 90
Best Friend
by Moti
34811022.zen.jpg 93
Classic Feeling Close-up
by Mike Ezell
34812267.sabrina_close.jpg 71
Forbidden Fruit.
*by Penelope
34812409.forbiddenfruit.jpg 115
Erika and Elaine
by Dan Koyanagi
34814236.Erika3STF.jpg 69
Water Snake
by Pete W
34814304.800watersnakecopy.jpg 123
by Pete W
34814306.800dragoncopy.jpg 123
The Meal
by Dani
34818811.ch79_1.jpg 108
Halloween Catepillar
by Dani
34818830.ch79_3.jpg 75
Growing Flower34820468.01.Growing_flower.jpg 47
Freshness34820496.02.Freshness.jpg 61
Puffballs34820758.fungi012editstf.jpg 66
Lost Sailor
by Norbert
34876182.LostSailorIIw.jpg 130
The most delicious lunch ever34878189.Themostdeliciouslunchever.jpg 122
Tip Toe
by Linda L
34822977.800x.jpg 149
by Linda L
34823502.dsc0343800x.jpg 168
African Violet
by Linda L
34824066.DSC02975Af800.jpg 78
Yellow and Purple34827461.YellowandPurple.jpg 62
Hen and Chicks34827768.HenandChicks.jpg 71
Up Close to a Lioness34831515.CRW_1899_RJ.jpg 84
Face Mask34839036.2004DavidcheckerboardGrays640.jpg 77
After bath time34840787.DSC03636.jpg 55

Up Close And Personal At F2

34840840.2004MarksDaisySuperMacroDOF640.jpg 73
by Bev Brink
34840996.resizedbzzzzz.jpg 65
Dad's Nikon*
by Dan Koyanagi
34841216.NikonSTF.jpg 79
I am girlchild hear me ROAR34842340.RoarBW_smallest.jpg 48
Headlamps34843600.Headlights.jpg 67
a dahlia, darlin'
by Bev Brink
34881307.resizeddahlia.jpg 44
The Lovely Lady
by Bobbie414
34891891.LadybugForSTF.jpg 51
Blowing In The Wind
by Bobbie414
34892077.DandelionForSTF.jpg 38
Running Birds
by golfers2424
34906555.new2.jpg 46
Maternal Love34907717.MaternalLove.jpg 57
by George Mitakides
34921844.olives.jpg 38
Pumpkin Heads *34930667.PumpkinHeadsSTF2.jpg 50
Curiosity Child34932873.curiosity.jpg 47
Tired Child34933313.ctired.jpg 32
Workerbee34937270.workerbeeU.jpg 39
Heading for Glory
by Phil J
34949998.HeadingforGlory.jpg 53
The Great Pumpkin
by Phil J
34950187.PumpkinCloseup.jpg 28
Unlucky Crab
by Phil J
34950248.UnluckyCrab.jpg 42
The Dragon FLY34952983.DragonFLY.jpg 40
Mr. Hopper34953011.Mr.Hooper.jpg 51
Bee Teeth?34953020.BeeTeeth.jpg 50
Dad's Nikon (2)
by Dan Koyanagi
34958749.Nikon2STF.jpg 29
by Michael Puff
34958881.DSC01875esm.jpg 30
peek-a-boo!34975137.wccora101104frame.jpg 62
The Eyes Have It!
by Terry Straehley
34980649.Challenge79_001.jpg 46
by Terry Straehley
34980657.Challenge79_002.jpg 39
Thirsty34988728.Dsc00412beerhodie2copy.jpg 42
Yearning34988830.Dsc00358yellowwaterlily1copy.jpg 29
Dog, Meet Mouth!
by Keith T.
34995025.dogmeetmouth800.jpg 43
Gorilla34996434.gorilla.jpg.jpg 78
Stay Away From The Milk35001102.Cats2.jpg 96
Hippo by redfive35008844.Hippo.jpg 72
Lion by redfive35008890.Lion.jpg 68
Take it personally? You bet!35014532.28745768.CRW_2652after.jpg 58
Swirls and Bubbles*35019636.DSC00151PSP9.jpg 71
Webmaster *35019878.Spider011merged.jpg 50
Fairy in the morning by Mexiwolf35020636.shroomfinal.jpg 57
subtle details35021178.gazaniabw.jpg 63
The Screen of a Teen
35025285.TheScreenofaTeen.jpg 31
Posted: Keep Out
by Bernie Lofaso
35029088.UnfriendlyCactus.jpg 40
Sleeping On Socks
by Bernie Lofaso
35029171.NapTimeOnSocks.jpg 39
Kissing a Drambuie *35062446.RolandkissingaDrambuie.jpg 33
Millie*35086451.Millie.jpg 24
by Marcus
35140611.close1.jpg 36
by Marcus
35140647.close2.jpg 42
Botanical Gardens35148562.DSC00656copy.jpg 25
Shroom Curves.jpg35163704.ShroomCurves.jpg 24
Red Eft35163706.RedEft.jpg 23
Peacock Feather35180386.PeacockFeather.jpg 22
Personal Grooming
by mlynn
35193826.DSC02048copycrpsm.jpg 19
Portrait in high contrast35200783.00151.jpg 66
I wish, I wish, I were a fish35210036.20041009120706717DSC08035.jpg 39
Too personal in close-up *35226153.ValenciaLonja300504b83co.jpg 33
The Eye *35228723.AmetlladeMar92004e114sco.jpg 43
Alexadra's first note35229887.Alexadrasfirstnote.jpg 28
by Michealj
35238060.TheFly.jpg 27
Pink Rose
by Michealj
35238304.DSC033515x5.jpg 28
Water Drops
by Michealj
35238436.IMG_2696crop2.jpg 25
Puppy Love
by MFC
35252361.3263884.DSC02344Alt11a.jpg 56
I'm All Shook Up35255481.DSCN2345marbling_web.jpg 26
swimmin' with the fishes35256660.IMG_2957.jpg 35
Beans *
by mlynn
35180656.DSC04800copycrp2sm3.jpg 70
My noisy friend
by Ruth Jackson
35269834.Rcicada.jpg 17
Challenge 79 is over!35271090.ENTRIESHAVECLOSED.jpg 4
Exhibition hits19-Oct at 15:00 GMT
Exhibition hits
19-Oct at 15:00 GMT