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peter switzerland 11-May-2009 08:19
hi steve
it is me again. please contact me:

have fun
Peter Switzerland 11-May-2009 08:11
Hi Steve and Bibi
.....your galleries are fantastic...! my notebook has been stolen, with all my emailadresses....also yours...I would like to contact you! I am wondering how you are!

regards Peter
Guest 18-Mar-2009 04:30
Outstanding work in Pakistan. Your pictures really help to understand the life there especially in the SWAT Valley where the Pak army has now withdrawn.
ilan shtinberg02-Feb-2009 16:59
it's the bigest experience to watch your work.
you are a very gifted artist !
Francis Gebus 01-Feb-2009 16:37
Steve, I really enjoyed your pictures.
I went to many of these places and you really captured the atmosphere the real way !!!
Willybol06-Dec-2008 18:01
Steve you have a great collections of beautifull work here, I am really impressed by it! Thank you for leaving some nice comments, else I would never have seen your inspiring work.
Marc Demoulin30-Jul-2008 16:05
Steve, I think I can hardly find in your porfolio a gallery I didn't comment or vote. Time to write my overall admiration for what you do and specially the human dimension of your work. Keep up the good work around the world and hope to meet you one day.
GeneWard10-May-2008 02:00
I spent some time in your galleries and I am so impressed. The photos tell interesting stories and they are just so well done.
LynnH09-May-2008 16:50
I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed looking through your galleries. You have a true talent for capturing the soul in addition to the countenance. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.
Guest 11-Apr-2008 18:32
HI Steve

Going by your profile pic you dont look a day over 50! he hee
Just been browsing through your "the project" gallery and totally blown away..just my cuppa tea. I will be back to view more (you have so many will take time).


Franco Pacelli15-Mar-2008 18:05
Thank you for your comments that made me discover your fantastic galleries, really some of the best pictures I've ever seen!
Dan the man11-Mar-2008 17:02
Incredible galleries!!! You sure exite my imagination...Thank you for sharing these memories with us... VV
PauloCGama29-Feb-2008 23:24
Your work is fabulous, Steve! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
palmatoria 27-Feb-2008 21:17
kimene S15-Jan-2008 04:45
Such beautiful work! Ever truly inspired steve!
Hochi Abaya09-Jan-2008 11:42
great travel gallery!
Mr Shooter & Killer J07-Jan-2008 11:58
I am surprised with your nice photos and the number of Asian places you have visited.....I want to visit Tibet with my husband in near future too. Thx for sharing......
William Von Gonten21-Dec-2007 07:22
Incredible work!
Milos Markovic24-Sep-2007 23:02
Halo Steve,
just a glimpse at Your galleries was enough to bookmark you as one of my favorite artists.
You have presented some stunning and inspirational work.
Great eye and talent!
I'll be seeing You much more from now on...
Best regards,
Clyne20-Sep-2007 11:36
Steve, thanks so much for your kind comments. It's an honour coming from you - I'm a big fan of your work. You have some very memorable, instantly recognizable shots.
Aloha Diao Lavina16-Sep-2007 11:09
Dear Steve,

It was astonishing that you would write to me the kind words you did in my guestbook. I am honored that you see how I see and think my work has merit.

I have followed your work from late '06 and am fascinated by your honest and evocative images of India. Your vision is both tranquil and powerful, in that it allows us to accept our world and to find strength in the humanity we all share. Thank you and all the best,
Nick Clayton15-Sep-2007 17:26
This is a beautiful gallery Steve, well done
Corina Ali 01-Sep-2007 09:43
Hi there,

I came across your photos after longing to see images of Peshawar, where I just returned to Canada from after marrying a Pathan. I appreciate that you had the opportunity to take so many photos as being a woman, I know that it can create and uncomfortable atmosphere sometimes when everyone knows that you're the tourist.

I applaud the way you captured images of daily life and people at work. What really struck me is the children in photos - particularily child workers and how you captured the innocence of their faces and at the same time you see their hands dirty from work. The candid children of Peshawar and all of the world often portray more than a photo of a landscape.

It is refreshing to see pictures of the Swat Valley, a beautiful area of Pakistan that most people would never expect the country to look like. I didn't take many photos while I lived in Pakistan for 3 months because foreigners were being kidnapped & there were bomb blasts daily. I am referring to friends and family to your site to experience the enchantment of Peshawar through your photos. Thank you.
Jorge Pereira26-Aug-2007 12:56
Vos galleries sont magnifiques...
Kal Khogali12-Aug-2007 21:14
Great images Steve, a pleasure to have discovered you. By the way you just joined my favourites, but mainly for you B&W work (film especially) of which I am a fan ;-))K
Andrys Basten10-Aug-2007 21:37
Just saw your photos at S&T. You have a Wonderful eye and, from what I see, heart.
I'll be back to see more.
Steve Jones20-Jul-2007 16:33
Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the positive comments. Love your photography. You have many strings to your bow when it comes to images. May see you in Kolkata later this year as I have a few extra days in that amazing city now.

Kind regards
natisunber07-Jul-2007 09:53
Hey Steve!

thanks a lot for your comment. I'm glad to find your galleries by this way.. they are so much great&beautiful works in here.
Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
Best Regards
Jofoto01-Jul-2007 10:59
Fantastic work all round
Tracy Howell25-Jun-2007 18:55
Hi Steve,
You have some truly amazing work in your galleries, So many interesting places you have traveled to & captured their very essence. Well done & keep up the good work.
Regards Tracy.
Guest 23-Jun-2007 05:06
I think you're on a whole different level than a lot other people.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 19:37
Wonderful photos ! I like particulary the "framed" gallery, outstanding portraits !!
Thank you for your comment on my gallery. :))

Guest 13-Jun-2007 17:38
Steve, thank you so much for taking the time to visit
my galleries and comment on many of my photos. I really
appreciate the kind comments coming from as fine a
photographer such as you. I have you tagged as one of
my favorites and return often to see your latest work.
I am very interested in travel photography. I wish I had
3-months each year to travel. Also, I wish I could get
my wife to agree to a trip to India. Your images of this
country (as well as all oters) are very inspiring. If your
travel ever lead you to Portland Oregon, look me up.

Thanks again, and look forward to seeing more of your
fantastic work.

Ives Vanweddingen09-May-2007 14:59
Hey Steve,
Ik heb je gallerijen gevonden via populaire galleries.
Je hebt werkelijk prachige foto's.
Het is een plezier om naar te kijken.
Technisch heel knap, heel mooie kleuren.
F García Robles08-May-2007 16:39
Eres un fenómeno
Vaya colecciones tienes..........
A ver si aprendemos los demás
saludos desde España
Didier Vanderperre07-May-2007 01:15
I like your style; very efficient and original.
Always a pleasure to look at good photography.
Thanks for stopping to look at my galleries.
tomr-photos05-May-2007 04:18
Hello Steve. Thanks for visiting and commenting. You have outstanding images.
Vince13-Apr-2007 15:28
Incedible powerfull portraits with a lot of 'feel' in them.
And thx for your comments in my galleries Steve!
Andrija Kasom04-Apr-2007 10:30
Dear Steve,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Tom Alisier29-Mar-2007 19:49
Hi Steve,
i just discover your work trough the gallery from Pakistan,
and i really appreciate the quality and sensitivety of your pictures.
i 'll come back for sure ! V

Guest 24-Mar-2007 12:17
Hi Steve,

You are very lucky to have the opportunity to travel as much as you have. I notice you've not been to Japan yet! Is that next on your list?

Great photos, especially of Burma and the monks.

Guest 08-Mar-2007 11:09
When I saw your pictures, a special feeling swept over me. Not sure what it is but wow...
Denny Walldén06-Mar-2007 17:22
Hi Steve!
Thanks for the comments you give me! You make me realy happy.
Regards Denny
Robyco26-Feb-2007 13:15
just saw some pictures of you and really great how you compose things. Also the way you see things is very good. I will be back to learn more from you.
Guest 25-Feb-2007 19:38
Hi Steve,
Your photos are absolutely outsanding. I tried to select a few photos, among all to drop some comments but couldn't. I really like all of them. I have visited most of the countries you have gone to and I am really impressed by your ability to picture the people, the atmosphere, etc. while finding very original angles.
ecliffordsmith23-Feb-2007 08:02

Thanks for looking at my Antwerp gallery. I am glad you like the images. Coming from you that is high praise indeed. You have some of the most impressive images I have seen in a long time.


Guest 23-Feb-2007 03:43
Hi. What kind of camera for the "framed' gallery?
Christine P. Newman13-Feb-2007 22:00
Welcome to pbase, Steve
lovebobo131405-Feb-2007 06:08
Great photos.
I enjoy the black & white photos which go with and enhancing the mood of the counties and people.
ratluk27-Jan-2007 18:10
Steve, great photography! I enjoyed surfing through your galleries. the colours are amazing!

olivier bruning22-Jan-2007 12:59
you have great and inspiring work! each gallery is a treat to the eye! congrats ! regards, Olivier
david procter15-Jan-2007 13:04
Favourites material.
Eike Sadowski13-Jan-2007 15:59
What an amazing collection of photography! Each of your pictures tells its own story from your trips, very interesting.
Thanks for sharing them, I'm looking forward to see more in the future ;-)
Ricardo Patron12-Jan-2007 00:33
Thanks for your comments... love your country! you have wonderful pictures
Kerry Mitchell09-Jan-2007 07:39
Thanks for visiting my gallerys. It brought me here to you. Some amazing adventures you must have had, getting your photos.
Salah El-Sadek31-Dec-2006 13:20
Hi Steve,
Happy New year, and well come to Pbase.. I came to your galleries by mere chance, but I am glad to discover such a talented photographer and nice life pictures, well done and I am looking forward to enjoy more of your work..
Salah El-Sadek
Sandrine Fresneau d'Aboville26-Dec-2006 16:10
I really love your work !!!