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USS New Jersey BB-62

The USS New Jersey is America's most decorated battleship. As one of four mighty Iowa class battleships, her career started in 1943 at the Pacific war of World War 2. From shelling Japanese defenses to protecting carriers from Kamikazes, she helped bring victory to Allied Forces during the grueling years of the Pacific War. She was decomisioned at the end of the conflict only to serve again less than ten years later in the Korean War. When the Vietnam war broke out, she was the only battleship sent over to assist US Marines by shelling NVA defenses. While most ships would be either sold for scrap or used for target practice at a great age, the New Jersey remained operational even in the 1980s. She was modernized to meet the demands of the time. Most of her World War 2 anti aircraft guns were removed and she recieved a new radar, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Tomohawk missiles and phalanx "gatling" guns. In early 1984, she responded to the conflict in Lebonon, attacking hostile forces there. After doing so much for her country, she now rests in Camden, New Jersey near the Philadelphia Ship Yard where she was born. This photo gallery contains photographs of the USS New Jersey (BB62) taken after her berth in Camden, New Jersey.

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