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coffre fort23-May-2015 18:04
More beautiful photos like that please:)
perte cheveux17-May-2015 12:02
nice pictures
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:49
Je ne peux qu'être en admiration devant votre gallerie
ugodeste23-Mar-2015 15:05
Wonderful pictures, wonderful lady
rodelmetals06-Jan-2014 15:36
Have enjoyed your galleries through the years. 2014 looks like the start of a wonderful and enjoyable year. Keep up the great photography and the wonderful posing and best of all, thanks for sharing it with us all.
Jeanette28-Dec-2013 17:43
Thanks for sharing! Have a great new year! Cheers
tombob24-Oct-2013 19:20
Great photos, Cathy is a stunning lady !
Phantasee Photo14-Oct-2013 22:18
Beautiful model and quality work from loving husband. Well done both.
WVBelle12-Oct-2013 16:50
Your last photos of your trip to the Mediterranean were FANTASTIC ....great shots and what a trip of a life time. Thanks for sharing! Cathy is as lovely as ever!
Zacaro21-Aug-2013 11:35
Fantastic images! Well done, classy and such an amazing subject. Your love and trust of one another comes out in your photos. Bravo!
Bob Floyd16-Aug-2012 19:13
Such a lovely and obliging model you have. You are a lucky man indeed. I very much enjoy browsing your work. Thanks for sharing.
Mongy08-Apr-2012 22:02
Steve, Cathy is a great model, your photography is fantastic. Thanks for sharing,

bcoxscox18-Jan-2012 23:23
beautiful as always!
Schwarz NoŽl04-Nov-2011 23:03
Realy a Great Work ! The Model is simply a : Beautiful Elegant Lady .
They photos have a high level of quality .
Very goog posing in so many diferent composition ...
And we can feel Love of many photos !

Pour la Beauté de l' Art et de la Femme
Jas29-Sep-2011 13:13
Great pics Steve cathy is the perfect model for you
zzzzmmmm28-Sep-2011 04:11
Wonderfull photos,beautiful wife
jacknicky24-Sep-2011 23:38
Oh Cathy,

I could take photos of you all day long. Such a lovely and sexy woman.

Bartosz Kotulski06-Sep-2011 14:42
Happy to find this galleries. Great work and fantastic gift for such a wonderful and beautiful woman like she is:)
thanks for sharing
Ed G08-Aug-2011 19:49
Hi Steve. I just bought 25 acres in the Catskills in NY. Now that I have the property to use as an outdoor studio, all I need is your talent and then I'll be able to take photos like you!
kermudgen4416-May-2011 20:19
Terry Olsen15-Mar-2011 23:26
Wonderful images of your beautiful wife and model. Thanks for sharing!
goldwadd15-Feb-2011 16:26
Still one of the better galleries on pbase! Great!
mkcsr10-Feb-2011 17:05
Great photo galleries, she seems to get prettier each year.
lou06-Feb-2011 02:18
You both are excellant in your respective talents. Steve has a great eye thru the lens & Cathy, you are the most photogenic lady from head to toe. I never get enough of seeing your pictures.
jay01-Feb-2011 00:34
you guys should have more photo's of you as a couple. beautiful people
Guest 01-Jan-2011 21:52
Happy New Years! Glad you are still posting lovely photos. We never tire of Cathy, especially in those Wicked Weasels. Hope you have a healthy 2011. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
sailordiver02-Dec-2010 10:42
Very nice photos! Cathy is a very lovely lady!
niceguy11-Oct-2010 09:59
Very Naughty;Sexy,Beautifull and very nice Kathy! :-)
ac496726-Sep-2010 20:36
Most lovely lady and terrific photos. Congratulations
jeanttesome17-Sep-2010 14:38
Simply incredible galleries, thank you for sharing and really, a very yummy lady too!
Liz13-Sep-2010 09:54
Cathy is gorgeous
Love to see more of her
Liz & John
moravcik10019-Aug-2010 13:25
Great galleries, she gets better with age
muckmuck08-Jun-2010 21:55
I love this Lady
Guest 05-Jun-2010 04:06
Hope summer brings a new crop of bikinis! :) Love your posing on the beach the best. Always did.
Guest 20-May-2010 03:27
Is there a 10 acre lot next do we could watch Cathy's posing from! Great new shots. You have a super model and a nice photographic set up.
litek02-Jan-2010 00:11
Have a Happy New Year' your work, is a big fan..
lemi16-Nov-2009 01:03
Your wife has got a gorgeous body and i love her sultry brown eyes. She's the finest, sexy and the magnificent woman I've ever seen. I love your photographs. I am always waiting for the next gallery. Thank you very much.
wcraigs09-Nov-2009 03:02
Enjoy the subtleness of the poses...posturing is good.
karinandjan08-Nov-2009 17:18
We very much enjoy your great work, beautiful glamorous photos. Cathy you are wonderful model and Steve you are a talented photographer.

Looking forward seeing you in Jamaica in a couple of days.
topdoc30-Sep-2009 18:38
Cathy is absolutely gorgeous,Your photography is topnotch......but hey be real with Cathy as your subject it't hard to miss. Thank you for your album. Topdoc
Guest 11-Sep-2009 21:24
I want to thank you and the Mrs. for sharing your wonderful photos. They are fantastic and I always get ideas from you on shooting portraits. Thanks again...
computer05-Sep-2009 14:10
it is always a great pleasure to look your album.
mbgolfpro28-Aug-2009 14:55
You two are a beautiful Couple!! I love all of the photos! I wish my wife could be as confident as yours. She is a very beautiful woman, but somewhat reserved. I would love to see more of you guys!
feederboy24-Aug-2009 11:24
feederboy24-Aug-2009 11:23
fantastic work i just love it!
Miguel A. G.29-Jul-2009 20:53
You magnify a beautiful woman's pictures
paul26-Jul-2009 07:16
cathy always perfect thanks for the many great pics ,,perfect subject have fun always
Miguel A. G.23-May-2009 13:44
Magnificent pictures but it is still better the model's beauty
Dan Times20-May-2009 20:55
I like your latest set
lordmurata01-May-2009 21:58
I'm impressed how you may reveal the beauty of your wife, congratulation!
Miguel A. G.29-Apr-2009 20:39
Magnificent pictures and beautiful woman.
Seaward11-Apr-2009 18:21
Glad to see you are putting up new galleries regularly, I look forward to more excellent photos.

gull55505-Apr-2009 23:31
thanks for sharing your photographs of your beautiful wife Cathy. and I think you are an excellent photographer Steve.
Rick Hale02-Apr-2009 23:52
Your wife is very pretty. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of my wife in outfits similar to the one's that your wife is wearing.

jsymac29-Mar-2009 19:00
What can I say but WOW, I've not been online for a while and you've posted so many pictures.
It's great seeing the pictures over the years.
luigui22-Mar-2009 22:58
Cada Vez Mas Bella
oldenough11-Mar-2009 21:46
For an amateur (I mean this in the best way) photographer your use of lighting and backdrops are quite exceptional. Your wife is beautiful and exudes a confidence that is unusual on these page
denverandtanja08-Mar-2009 12:36
oh, what should we say... all things are said... you are the best what a wonderfull way and great photographer!
Miguel A. G.02-Mar-2009 16:57
Magnificent pictures but it is still better the model's beauty
Seaward18-Feb-2009 19:29
Brilliant photos, thank you for sharing!
vsgtx301-Feb-2009 14:19
Nice galleries
goldwadd26-Jan-2009 20:35
Hi Steve,

You continue to have the best photos on this site! You gave me some advice that I'm looking forward to implementing.....once I can hold a camera again. Busted my left arm and wrist. Ouch! Can type at least now. -Ed
licesad23-Jan-2009 16:57
First of all, thanks a lot for sharing the beauty of your amazing wife.
She's the finest, sexy and elegant woman I've ever seen.
Second, you are an authentic craftsman in the art of photography.
I will waiting for the next updates.
Bare22-Jan-2009 02:22
Well after visiting your gallery so many times, I decided to add a comment in your guestbook. Once again, you are a true master of photography with your beautiful wife. Thanks again for sharing
richard20-Jan-2009 01:29
Some time ago I saw one of your wedding photos. It's hard to believe the two of you have grown so very much over so many years! Every thing you do and share is making you icons!! Thank you so much for sharing with me the incredible journey. Love your passion for life and art!
luigui05-Jan-2009 20:54
felix year
luigui05-Jan-2009 20:54
luigui05-Jan-2009 20:53
hermosa esposa
duval838301-Jan-2009 13:16
Very nice pictures. We and the misses need to get out more often.
vsgtx329-Dec-2008 18:23
Amazing pictures of an amazing woman. great photos, and a great model. Thanks
ad verhoeven28-Dec-2008 23:25
Nice fhotos, i have now seen all your galleries and hope there will be a new one soon. Or if the gallery that is closed also for our eyes i will see that one also if is posseble.

Greeting Ad en Jolanda
carla776424-Dec-2008 13:37
Wonderfull photos,beautiful wife,Amazing pictures of an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing.
NJbunny1208-Nov-2008 01:22
Like many, I came across your pictures and in amazement of how beautiful woman & photos are. I spent majority of my Friday at work browsing the galleries. I am stunned. A female co-worker once told be that "A woman needs to feel sexy about herself - nothing a man says can substitue" The pictures show a woman who has the best of all worlds. She is confident in her sexiness and has a husband who adores, worships and admires. We all can learn something from such a beautiful relationship. Absolutely inspiring !!
goldwadd06-Nov-2008 16:49

I'm a recent pbase user and I stumbled on your gallery. I have vowed to get back into photography again and promised myself a camera upgrade once I feel I deserve it. Your gallery has inspired me to travel more and bring the camera along! Your photos are very tasteful and well composed. Quick question: what size lens do you prefer for portraits? Thanks and best regards. Ed
Kevin Cox05-Nov-2008 06:16
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Cathy. I've enjoyed your galleries for quite some time now. You and photography are obviously Steve's 2 passions and it's nice to see you support his effort to blend them together.
rugby6104-Nov-2008 22:52
I think the falling leaves themes are some the sexiest photos especially with Cathy's blonder hair.I am always waiting for the next gallery.
Guest 04-Nov-2008 10:45
your photos are stunning and your wife is so beautiful.
Michael04-Nov-2008 04:47
Hi Cathy,
Thanks for taking the time to stop by my galleries - not once but twice! I was very pleasantly surprised to be visited by a real life celebrity and honored by your return.
Take good care and carry on enjoying life so much and making it more enjoyable for all of us too! :-)
All the best,
amedeo modi31-Oct-2008 17:40
I Steve, congratulation for your works
A great Artist and a great Model, a fantastic couple.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife30-Oct-2008 17:33
We landed here from flickr.
Fantastic work over time, we will sure be back daily to view all images over time.
Arno & Louise
kal3aty19-Oct-2008 07:42
Every day I visit your page For every new.
You are wonderful Couple and You reflect (love,Beauty,Technical graphic,Harmony,Simplicity).
Please,Kept the same approach.
Pete G.06-Oct-2008 15:42
Cathy & Steve: Continued inspiring work. Such class, such beauty (in the photo context and of course the model). Keep up the terrifice work.
Pete & K
Guest 05-Oct-2008 19:04
I really enjoyed your gallary and how you have grown over the past few years. Two thumbs up.
fulvio venturi05-Oct-2008 16:30
I am a great fan of your pages and pics... great shots, great model, great lady... all class, nothing vulgar, thanks... all my best, Tirreno
Johan01-Oct-2008 16:03
Very good work. Your model (wife) is really lovely.
Thanks for sharing.
Brian Wood22-Sep-2008 03:25
Been following your photos for the last 8 or 9 years. Initially saw you on another site back then and have really enjoyed your photos ever since. Such a great transgression in the photos over the time. Hopefully one day, our photos will become equally as good. Will have to definitely work on getting better equipment! Keep on posting!
Guest 23-Jul-2008 01:51
I love your photographs. And you have the most beautiful model ever.
pinupphotography20-Jul-2008 14:37
Your eye for beauty is amazing, your subject helps you in that quest. Your trips to the exotic puts your viewers there with you. Your style is remarkable. Keep up the Art.
Barry17-Jul-2008 20:27
Your work just keeps getting better and better over time. Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest 14-Jul-2008 05:38
One lucky photographer and husband!
Rick Hale01-Jul-2008 23:26
Very good pictures! Your wife is lovely!
John Miller20-May-2008 17:06
Just outstanding photography and an exceptional subject. Chec evryday for updates
joe willie07-Apr-2008 17:25
like a good wine, getting better as time goes on
Paul Moore17-Feb-2008 17:11
A true pleasure to browse through some very tasteful images of a beautiful woman in the prime of her life. would love to see more of your superb shots.
Jerry Dupree07-Feb-2008 06:54
Very beautiful photos in glamorous settings. You have a very beautiful model.

Guest 29-Jan-2008 16:54
Fantastic galleries and a perfect model :) I too have my wife pose for my photos as i am a rank amateur, eventually with continued patience I will master the lighting techniques that i see in your albums!
Guest 08-Jan-2008 22:40
Steve my photography mentor and friend...Incredible photography, you have a great eye.
Thanks for getting me addicted to photography and all the advice you have given me.

Cathy my friend, you get more beautiful with each passing day.
I'm so honored to be your friend and know your every bit as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. " Keep Smiling "

Randy Pond02-Jan-2008 20:43
love the wishes to u in 2008. :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful images.
Karsten Askeland16-Dec-2007 13:54
An incredibly beautiful set of photos. My compliments to you and your absolutely gorgeous model (wife). Thanks for sharing and inspiring others. ~ Karsten
Pedro Vicente10-Dec-2007 01:38
A beautiful wife
Guest 21-Oct-2007 16:39
Great photography and a great model! Thanks for sharing your love with us and hope to see much more of you for years to come.
Guest 12-Oct-2007 22:50
A worthy exponent of the beauty of the woman matures and very finely(subtly) achieved.
The improvement has been obvious in the photographer across the years.

Continue forward

Luis and viviana
Guest 06-Oct-2007 03:10
Very good pictures, she's a real pretty woman. Thank you for sharing!
Guest 25-Sep-2007 01:09
sweet pictures I would love to see you in more blue outfits
Guest 31-Jul-2007 19:04
Cathy and Steve, I've been a long time admirer of you both. Steve, from an "amateur" photographer, you have an eye for the shot that I envy. Cathy is a beautiful model and she never ceases to amaze me with her class and poses. She is the penultimate sexxy lady. Thank you both for giving this guy some of the most wonderful 'eyecandy' I've ever seen. If you ever get my way, drinks (first round anyway) are on me!
Steve S.30-Jul-2007 19:08
Proof positive that a grand mother can be so sexy. Nice jog.
Rob22-Jul-2007 13:55
Thank you for sharing you photos. You have a face of an Angel and the body of a Goddess.
Camella and Rob
Guest 04-Jul-2007 14:53
Steve, thanx for having Cathy wear Red for our Canada day! She has made it special for both of us!!!!
Guest 26-Jun-2007 02:25
what agreat taste!
Guest 19-Jun-2007 19:20
i like yours pics....
are perfects
cinci19-Jun-2007 01:11
Cathy and Steve

I'm glad that you have added some pictures from previous years. Cathy you have been spectacular throughout and Steve your pictures capture her personality so well. I love the variety and of course the model.
Guest 16-Jun-2007 23:41
I really like your photography. Wonderful work with a wonderful model.
Guest 14-Jun-2007 11:40
Thank you for sharing some more of your earlier work. I especially like the photo of Cathy on horseback. Have you done a shoot with her with long flowing sheer lace on a horse?

The quality of your work, Steve, is outstanding and it looks like you have always had a gift for it. But who could resist. Cathy is such a lovely subject.
Guest 14-Jun-2007 04:33
You're an artist in its own realm.
Ian Paterson Photography29-May-2007 09:30
fab model and superb photography!
Guest 29-May-2007 00:38
Excellent images. Your a lucky man to have such a beautiful model/wife.

Henry Taitano26-May-2007 05:28
How do you find these lovely places
to do your work? Are they private places
or just secluded areas? Do you normally
have plenty of time at these places to
do you photos?
I am stunned by such nice photos, b
eautiful locations and lovely, opened minded
wife. You are blessed with her and of
course you talent!

Excellent Galleries!

Henry Taitano25-May-2007 20:50
You both do splendid work! Thanks for sharing.
I'd love to see you special gallery some day. :)
johnambrose24-May-2007 21:53
Love the latest galleries. Keep those panty shots coming. They are both beautiful as well as erotic.
Guest 22-May-2007 09:45
Good work! professional, attractive, simple and spontaneous:)
Guest 19-May-2007 14:05
great photos, and a great model.
Guest 18-May-2007 19:58
Loved your photos very much! What a photogenic model. I thank you
mnmstl18-May-2007 19:03
Just now read through your comments regarding the posting of semi or nude photos. It never ceases to amaze me, how we as Americans can be continue to have such puritan views towards the humand body and sexuality, while at the same time being totally complacient regarding violance within our society.

Keep posting, as you have many fans!

joe willie18-May-2007 04:50
I am her greatest fan, great photography
Bill Shotton18-May-2007 01:18
Love your photography and it is clear that the two of you have a very special relationship. I have added you to my favorites and look forward to more great pictures in the future.
Guest 18-May-2007 00:38
I'm not sure why your galleries would have been banned. The images here are no worse than the nudes in other galleries. I enjoying seeing your images. It gives me inspiration for nude or semi-nude photography.
Jack Stoned17-May-2007 20:40
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Beautiful pictures. Very well done thanks for sharing.
Gary Higgins15-May-2007 23:51
Excellent use of light to flatter your subject.

Best Wishes,

Gary Higgins
barliqalow_150108-May-2007 13:27
It is amazing how creative you can be starting from very common subjects and transforming it in a very sensual history.

I think you are one of the very few sites on PBase that put some meaning in your pictures.

You have my vote to every new gallery you post here.


glassmender07-May-2007 06:57
I love the new photos Cathy especially the pink shoes
Lovely photo's by a master photographer, and a beautiful model
Guest 04-May-2007 23:36

You guys are the photographer and model of the site. boy if you had started 20 years ago, you would have a time storing em. :)
Guest 03-May-2007 14:08
Just love your way of photographing.

Rake and Hoe
mnmstl02-May-2007 18:27
She is a beautiful model!
Guest 01-May-2007 06:53
David D.
Finally a site which fulfils my requirements. Well done.
Guest 27-Apr-2007 15:44
Very beautiful shooting, some much more than others.
Randy 25-Apr-2007 20:13
Appreciate all the effort and work you both have put into these galleris
Thanks for the creative ideas...
alexander_louis_0424-Apr-2007 14:11
Very beautiful model and very nice pictures, some much more than others! ;O)
Guest 24-Apr-2007 12:21
I would just like to compliment on the absolute breathtaking photos you and hubby take. Your confidence and beauty show in each and every shot. I hope you two never tire of taking new pictures of all the places you go to and have fun at! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty that is in each person; some much more than others! ;O)
cinci23-Apr-2007 11:35
There is a synergy between the talent of the photographer and the sensuous beauty of the model that makes each picture come alive. A remarkable collection that draws us in and makes us yearn for more. Much more.

Guest 23-Apr-2007 01:49
george251122-Apr-2007 22:41
Wonderfull photos,beautiful wife
John Lumb19-Apr-2007 14:41
Great pics love the satin ones (we all like a goodlooking lady in satin eh) great lighting and use of surroundings keep them coming
Guest 18-Apr-2007 10:01
very nice
Guest 18-Apr-2007 07:40
I love your tasteful photos and would like to see some tasteful nudes as well.
sarah_and_al18-Apr-2007 05:49
All these comments are true. We love your site. S & A
cinci17-Apr-2007 09:03
Once again the combination of the perfect model and a great photographer create memorable moments. have loved the shots for many years now. Cinci
diverd13-Apr-2007 15:41
GREAT photography!!! You have a lovely wife who is a stunning model. Would love to see some artistic nudes.
Keep up the great work!
Randy Pond13-Apr-2007 12:40
Amazing body of work, love seeing the beauty over the my opinion your wife has gotten even more beautiful every year. The photos have got better too, the skill just keeps going up every gallery I looked at. Nice work to you both. :)
Guest 12-Apr-2007 05:22
Your wife has taken great care of her beautiful body and you have done an artisic job of photographing her. Would like to see you two take the next step and do fine art nudes. She has a beautiful body, just as well show the rest of her body in an artisic way!!!
Keep up the great work.
Guest 06-Apr-2007 23:29
Outstanding photos,could not choose a favorite as all are stunning. Thanks again for sharing.
Guest 21-Mar-2007 02:28
Thank you for sharing some very nice photos. You have a very attractive and charming wife. The photos were done in such a sensuous and tastefull way. I can tell you enjoy photographying your lady and that she enjoys posing for you. Thank you again for sharing your photos and I hope we see more.
Guest 13-Mar-2007 21:03
WOW....Fantastic gallaries..! 10 out of 10...UK guy here who appreciates good photography and an attractive woman....well done both of you
woodlandshunter12-Mar-2007 21:01
Hi - just stumbled across your photo's. Loved them! I just added you to my favorites and will be checking back often. Your wife is stunning!
wildoat07-Mar-2007 09:21
You have some excellent galleries here. You also have a charming and lovely wife for a model, lucky you. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you both.
Regards Tony.
wildoat07-Mar-2007 09:20
Wonderful work. You have a very charming lady for a wife and a model. Really enjoyed the galleries. Best wishes to you both.
Regards Tony.
cinci04-Mar-2007 14:46
While the photos are beautiful, they could never totally capture the heart and spirit of this very special woman. She is an inspiration and I know the photographer must be a rock of strength.

The years of sensational shots are remarkable and cleary the photographer and the model just get better and better.

Both very special.
Guest 02-Mar-2007 13:38
Your photos are stunning and your wife is so beautiful. I would love to see you do a fashion shoot for every item of lingerie that she owns.
Guest 01-Mar-2007 00:16
Love the latest galleries,photo's and wife as beautiful as ever.
Guest 26-Feb-2007 16:46
Wonderful photos, I like the lighting style you have for all of you photos, warm and soft.
I am new to photography, and hope to learn more from your gallery. If possible, would you please post some configuration of your favorite photos, so we can learn more from them. thanks!
Guest 21-Feb-2007 21:59
I love the photos of your wife, she is so gorgeous and sexy. It is great to see such beautiful photos of a beautiful women wearing such fantastic lingerie can we possibly have more of your wife wearing silk or satin lingerie that she owns. once again thank you for sharing these photos with us. Your wife has got a gorgeous body and i love her sultry brown eyes. Thank you very much.
johnambrose21-Feb-2007 15:56
I check your galleries every day, first thing. I cannot live without them. Many thanks to the two of you. And keep up the awesome work, especially the pinup and fantasy photos.
Guest 18-Feb-2007 14:29
Very nice pictures on a beatiful women. You are very lucky. Thanks for sharing you pictures. I am locking forward to se more.
Henry Taitano17-Feb-2007 21:29
Awesome Photography! Cant wait to
see more. Your wife is truly beautiful!
tallmemphisman16-Feb-2007 23:03
Great photos of a beautiful lady. Checking your page out is the high point of my day.
Thomas James15-Feb-2007 21:30
Photos are excellant, and your wife is Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.
John13-Feb-2007 16:23
Utterly stunning model and beautiful photography. Stays in the mind and heart forever.
Guest 13-Feb-2007 14:39
Great photo's,beautiful lady.
Bryan J09-Feb-2007 00:35
Outstanding Work. Great photographer and beautiful model.

Guest 05-Feb-2007 05:57
Fantastic photos and gorgeous wife/model!
Bealind02-Feb-2007 15:08
Your wife is so sexy and beautiful. Great work !! I love your Gallerys.
Bealind31-Jan-2007 16:44
This Pictures are realy gorgeous ! Great work.
WVBelle29-Jan-2007 18:45
Very, very nice.Professionally done with a sexy lady. Looks like your having fun with a willing and exciting model.
Guest 20-Jan-2007 15:49
I love your photo of your wife,My wife is my model and I have alot to learn from your photo sesions, Keep up the great work. Gene
Guest 16-Oct-2006 05:58
I love the photos of your wife, she is so gorgeous and sexy. It is great to see such beautiful photos of a beautiful women wearing such fantastic lingerie can we possibly have more of your wife wearing silk or satin lingerie that she owns. once again thank you for sharing these photos with us. Your wife has got a gorgeous body and i love her sultry brown eyes. Thank you very much.
Guest 01-Oct-2006 14:44
hi gorgeous, love your of the sexiest mature models around.please keep posting your excellent work.
Guest 30-Sep-2006 02:31
Wow1 Good Job God. My signnificant other is pretty good looking, but I have to say this could be the sexiest woman that I have ever laid eyes on. She looks like she could teach a class on being gorgeous!
Jim McKinlock21-Jul-2006 23:47
Nice galleries, very sexy lady.
Dave 24-Mar-2006 04:29
Wow,I have again come accross your albums. You are taking lovely pics of a beautiful woman. I'm afraid I will like to see more of this lovely one. Thanks for posting. Your pics are too good to have just started so are there any others you may be willing to share?
Matt 13-Mar-2006 21:29
Amazing pictures of an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing.
Guest 15-Feb-2006 16:54
Hi. These are excellent galleries. Your work is very tasteful and complimentary to your lovely model. I have shown the images to my friend Caroline who models for me and she thought them "very nice" (high praise indeed!). I look forward to seeing more from you. Best regards - Nic Kersov.
Guest 14-Feb-2006 02:49
dayum, nice stuff, keep up the good work